Sunday, September 26, 2010

Taxes - The Difference Between Right and WRONG

The big news this week is the fact that the Democrats have in all effects RAISED taxes on everyone in the entire country by not addressing what everyone is calling "The Bush Tax Cuts" set to expire at the end of 2010. Let's see if we can get to the bottom of this stupidity.

Watch the argument from the Leftist MORONS. Try not to laugh, I am being CEREAL!!!:

Please ignore the fact that this dude has NO FREAKING CLUE what he is talking about, that is EXACTLY the same thing as ALL Democrats. (And did that gross mother fucker almost eat something he dug outta his ear?!?!?!)

Now, the tax RATES that are IN PLACE NOW are ALREADY in place NOW. There is NO TAX CUT being contemplated. There is a H-U-G-E tax INCREASE that is going to happen unless the Democrats make a move to keep RATES where they are NOW.

Does this make sense to normal people? Simplified, you are paying X NOW. In January, you are going to be paying X+MORE. If the Democrats keep things as they are NOW, you will still being paying X in January.


This is very easy to understand for someone with just marginal intelligence, but Democrats do not qualify to be included in that subset of people.

Now, the Two Dogs Philosophy™.

To tax ANYONE at a greater rate than anyone else is immoral. To ALLOW poor people to pay less than their equal share is immoral. To FORCE rich people to pay more than their equal share is immoral. Everyone in this country should pay the same RATE.

Another thing, ObamaCare is about to institute INCOME taxes on the job-provided medical insurance and that is perfectly okay with me. That is certainly INCOME. BUT! To NOT tax the subsidized housing, food stamps, free schooling, free medical services, free utilities, and what not of deadbeats is IMMORAL. You cannot UP the amount of penalties paid by working people to further subsidize the free shit that deadbeats and freeloaders get.

To do so makes you EVIL.

And on to the Two Dogs Plan to Correct the Inequality in the Country Regarding INCOME and WEALTH™. (Yeah, I know that I need to tighten that policy name up a bit. Whatever.)

  1. Minimum wage must be eventually abolished. This shall INSTANTANEOUSLY make everyone more wealthy. The only people that experience break even status when minimum wage is increased, are the ones making minimum wage. Everyone else is penalized in direct proportion to the percentage to the minimum wage increase. This is easy to understand if you have ever had a BASIC MATH course.
  2. Taxes should be paid at the same rate by everyone. To permit losers from paying their fair share is to allow everyone to drag those losers along in the cart while those losers sup at the trough of deadbeatdom.
  3. Benefits of everyone should be taxable. That means EVERYONE. Food stamps (or government subsidized housing) and employer provided medical insurance are BOTH income. Granted, there is a monumental difference in the two because one of them is EARNED.
  4. No one is exempt. No one. That includes the person that was born with no arms or legs and cannot read or write. Just because that person does not possess the same awesomatic faculties as others, does not mean that person is absolved of their personal responsibility.
  5. Criminal behavior needs to be punished. Employers cannot hire someone that is in this country illegally. If the potential employee's name is Paco, check out his papers. If Paco has no papers, call the FREAKING LAWDOGS. This is NOT racism, this is FOLLOWING THE LAW. It is being a fine, upstanding citizen.

I realize completely that these opinions are not politically correct, but I do not give shit. They are COMMON SENSE.

Of course, you are never going to hear the Barrystream Media talking about the record tax increases that the Democrats have installed just by doing NOTHING to address the sun-setting of the current tax RATES. At some point, the Democrats shall come out and say something to the effect that they have tried to pass tax cuts for the middle class, but the Republicans would not let them.

Um, the Democrats currently have the House majority, 252-173, a difference of 79 seats, and the Senate majority, 57-41 with two "independents" that caucus with the Democrats, so 59-41.

If the Democrats wanted to pass ANY legislation, they could, but luckily they are NOT so stupid that they do not recognize that their ideology is HUGELY unpopular with the people that actually pay their salaries. Granted, the folks that vote for Democrats will always vote Democrat because they are too stupid to fucking breathe, but there are relatively few of them that actually work or pay taxes.

Get the tar and feathers ready, folks, this bloodbath is going to make the Democrats get ugly during the lame-duck session.

By the way, check out the Zemanta links, below. I chose them for evidence of how stupid the "Progressives" are. I think that those posts prove my point.

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Anonymous said...

I think I agree with all of what you've said here, although in this moment it's a bit difficult to know without a doubt because after I watched that video link I became more stupid and my recovery from that sort of thing has slowed in the 10 years thus far this century.
Sometimes I wonder why God asked for 10% and the government asks for 42% (+/-) on average here. Now I don't actually know anyone that gives that 10%, but I do know from certain family members that it's a great sin to not pay the government its due for all the great things it does for me. (no, serious, I come from a family of government workers, all but one of whom think I'm the insane one).

marc in calgary

Steve B said...

That hurt my brain cells just to watch.

So, in review, not raising taxes is a "tax cut." Reducing taxes anywhere counts as "spending" to the governmnet actuaries. And raising taxes on nasty rich people is "social justice," i.e.- a moral obligation.

Think about it. That's really what these people are saying: that raising taxes on people making more that $250k is a moral obligation in a just society.

Cuz, you know, it's just not fair that the CEO of a successful business, whose worked 20+ years to make it successful, with an MBA, shouldn't be allowed to make that much more than the guy who dropped out of high school and works and Quik-Mart to make enough for his next dime bag.


Skunkfeathers said...

Libtards didn't create 'dumbed down education' for nuthin: you're supposed to believe that no tax increase IS a cut, and that it really ISN'T your money if you EARN it, but you're ENTITLED TO SOMEONE ELSE'S MONEY, if they're rich (and conservative), and you're poor (and libtard).

There's no degree of abject stupidity from libtards that you can display here that surprises me. They keep setting the bar lower and lower.

Paul Mitchell said...

Texas Shooter, it has to be crack or meth.

Marc, there is no explanation why Democrats think that government deserves more of our income than we do. Oddly, none of them pay their taxes. WTF?

Steve, you know how they are. Eating stuff they picked from their ears and the people who work hard for their 250k are evil to them.

Skunkfeathers, words mean what the Democrats say they mean. The dictionary? Oh, screw that.

Staci said...

Once he dug around in his ear, I was done. Gag!

Moogie P said...

And none of them ever gets the $200K for individuals, $250K for couples filing jointly distinction. It's a difference with true distinction -- a burdensome marriage penalty.

The failure to re-up the Bush tax cuts plus the failure to re-up the Estate tax ememptions are gonna smash small business (especially in agriculture) so bad that this economy isn't gonna know what smacked it to the floor again and put a boot on its throat.

Oblivious cretins. Worse -- lame-duck oblivious cretins with chips on their shoulders.

But, serously, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who honed in on the ear booger and conscious decision not to scarf it down. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Paul Mitchell said...

Staci and Moogie, that is a liberal for you. I almost posted that Australian MP that did the same thing but FINISHED on television.

Moogie, it is going to be okay, now. Obama signed a 30 BILLION dollar jobs bill for small businesses today, everything is perfect now.

Full Metal Patriot said...

That video is proof positive that we need some sort of IQ test (or at least a brief quiz on the issues) before allowing anyone access to the voting booth.

Great post, Paul!