Friday, October 01, 2010

Daily Links and an Update!

I know that y'all are all sitting on the edge of y'all's seats wondering why I did not post yesterday. It is because I had too many posts in my THREE feed readers. Seriously, I just did not have the danged time.

You see, unlike most other people on the planet, I obviously read blogs for a living. No, it doesn't pay much, but judging by what all I read, it is steady work.

All that said, I have had to make a couple of adjustments in my reading and that means that I am not going to maintain my stellar reading percentage. I have embarked on a new business venture that is eating up much of my time.

If you check out my business blog, I have not posted there in over a month. That has to change, money is actually getting somewhat tight in Dogsland and I have to up the income level to the past GINORMOUS level. (While you are checking my business blog out, why don't you go ahead and join the mailing list? Don't worry, I ain't no spammer, yo.)

I also have upped the output on the Paul Mitchell Design Tumblr site to attempt to establish more business ties and so far the response has been marginal. If'n you like you some unique buildings, you should add that one to YOUR reader. If you like the photo, simply click the image and it shall take you to the article about said building. If'n you don't like the building, DON'T CLICK THE PHOTO!!!

I have started a business account on Teh Twitter, you should add that, too. Not only that, but I now have a "LIKE" page on the FAILbook. Aw, what the Hell, add that, too, even though it is mainly just the Tumblr feed right now. Recall, I said earlier in this post that I have to start jacking up the income? Yeah, I am going to start hanging out at that FAILbook page a little more regularly than not. Gotta get some leads for some worky-work, y'all.

As it stands now, I am also building an online empire that includes an affiliate blog and an actual website is soon to follow. I think that mainly I am going to push information products about architecture. YES! I am going to publish those myself. Ever since my buddy, Harrison McCampbell, published his roofing detail book, way back when, I have wanted to do something along those lines. You can check out what I have so far on that site, HERE. Well, as long as you are in the joining sites mood, you might as well subscribe to that one, too.

My whole damned day cannot be consumed with blogging about Larissa Riquelme NUDE, you know?

On to the BLOGSHOW!!!

The H-U-G-E thing that caught my eye on the multiple readers this morning was that Principal Financial Group, my former insurer, has decided to bail from the medical insurance market. At the end of October 2009, Principal declined to renew my policy. Folks, we knew this was coming from the jump. I argued against ObamaCare because I KNEW that the policies contained within would make it LITERALLY impossible to make a profit in the medical insurance business. This was just common sense.

Here is my post from January 2008, where I first broached the topic. At the time, John "I Hump MEN!" Edwards was out in front of the debacle that is the Democrat Party Presidential Primaries. Hillary was second in case you do not remember. Notice that I make the argument against federally controlled medical services on the grounds that it is just too damned expensive and is really bad ideology because it adds monumental numbers of people to the deadbeat rolls.

Less than a year ago, even before ObamaCare was even passed, the insurance companies were trying to get some cash on hand to help thwart the huge costs that they were about to take on. Read this one.

Here I point out that government-run medical services are SEXIST!!!

And finally, exactly what I predicted back in July of 2009 has begun with Principal starting the stampede. Not to limit this action to only the medical insurance field, the reason why ZERO businesses are branching out in this country is because they have no clue what stupidity the Democrats will pass next.

Oh, and you know that McDonalds fast food joint? They are going to dump their PART-TIME employees' medical insurance plan, too. Wonder how much that is going to cost the working family?

The artist formerly known as Rightwing Sparkle has even more on ObamaCare.

Did you know that since January 2007, more businesses and corporations have fled this country than at any other time in the past? Do you recognize WHY?

Look, the "Progressive" ideology is a LOSER. Even if you do not have the mental prowess to see that, just understand that no one that opposes your ideology thinks that you are EVIL because you want to "HELP PEOPLE." It is simply that we are much smarter than you could ever be and we know that your ideology is just flat-out dumb.

Not only that, but your ideology is simply flat-out unconstitutional. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that, but it does take someone with a greater than 35 IQ to see it. Seriously, Liberals, I am terribly sorry that y'all are so stupid, but do not attempt to make us intelligent folks live in your fascist environment. We won't stand for it.

And if you force our hand, we WILL stop paying the bills, move your jobs out of the country (you eight liberals that actually work), and we will use the very loopholes your Democrat leaders created to protect their wealth to keep you from getting ours, too. We are not like YOUR leaders, the John Kerrys, Bill Clintons, and the John Murthas of the world, we are simply hard-working folks that want to keep what BELONGS TO US. Stuff that WE worked to get.

Learn the value of work, the importance of goals, and the gravity of the feeling of a job well done and you too can abandon the Democrat Party. We'll welcome you to the front of the cart and you can start pulling the deadbeats along, too. Then you will have the experience of seeing both sides of the debate and you can join us in looking upon those in the Democrat Party with pity.


"Progressives" HATE HATE HATE the Constitution of the United States of America. (It's actually in the Prog Bylaws.)

The second biggest corporation on Earth is kinda financially unstable right now.

What is it with politicians from Chicago having to be lying crooks?

If you need even more evidence about the Obama Administration being bad at math, how about underestimating the Gulf oil spill by a mere 98% and change?

Just so you know, Obama HAS to lie about the deficit
. He has no choice.

Not ALL Muslims are terrorists. Just the LIVING ones.

Luckily, those Muslim terrorists are visiting the Barry White House regularly, that way the Secret Service can keep an eye on them and their buddy, Barry.

Jesse Jackson Jr is a crook, too?!?!?! DAMMIT Chicago!!!

Obama's Environmental Protection Agency is getting ready to FUNemployment about one million HUMANS.

Democrat Party Chairman, Karl Marx, discusses the Party Platform.

But, if the only thing this dude has lost is HOPE, he is among the lucky.

If you owned a bunch of gold before the Democrats and the Obamessiah took office, you are especially LUCKY.

The Democrat-controlled Media is running wild trying to make Cali governator candidate, Meg Whitman, into a MONSTAH!!! I think that Democrats only attack women because they are scared to attack men. What thinks you?

House Democrats tell Michelle Obama to shut her stupid mouth and sit her two-ton wide-load ass down.

A HUGE racist calls Laura Ingraham's radio show, too. SUCH HATE!!!

Quote of the day, "The only way we'll get uneducated Americans to pick tomatoes is to stop their welfare checks."

Please take the time to comment.


Anonymous said...


Your insurer declined you because they didn't want to pay 85% of premiums back to patient other words the executives wanted to spend more money on their salaries rather than helping people. What is price in the "free" market for kindness? respect? or even patriotism?....$0. I dont like the Obamacare but I do like the rule that stipulates how much is paid out in patient care in relation to collected premiums.

Regarding the constitution: Is is constitution to order the assassination of a US citizen outside of US borders if that citizen is accused of participating in terrorist acts agianst the US?

It isn't but guess what, the gov't is doing just that. In fact Bush did this very thing a few years ago, drone attack in Yemen. See the constitutions is one of two things: It is either a suicide compact or a piece of paper. I think Lincoln already illustrated what the constitution is.

Paul, your gov't can legally assassinate you if you outside US borders and accused of being a terrorist. Yet you believe in the constitution, the constitution says what the gov't/supreme courts says it says.


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, the profit margin of the typical medical insurance policy is 3.3%. I don't blame insurers at all for getting out because this Democrat Congress just decided to start taxing the shit out of everyone.

Anonymous said...

Uh Paul,

Profit is what is left over after expenses....expenses like executive salaries and bonuses. So yeah I believe that 3.3% figure, after the execs get their cut I am very sure only 3.3% is left over.


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, last Summer when the Democrats were making such a big deal of the CEOs pay, the highest paid one was with Aetna and he made just over 3 million a year. So, your argument is kinda not valid.

(Dead)Tommy5 said...

We don't want to hear your stupid excuses as to why you didn't post.

What is your prediction for We Suck vs. Alcorn State? Yes, I grew up in MS and yes I had to Google Alcorn State

Moogie P said...

Just as tuition doesn't keep institutions of higher education afloat, neither do premiums make profit for insurance companies. Econ 101.

I've had it just about up to here of healthcare analysis and bleeding hearts for this week. I'm with DT-5: bring on the football!

Paul Mitchell said...

Y'all, (Dead) Tommy 5 just sent me the most obnoxious Flarda fan trash talking video ever. And at the end had the Prothro ankle break. Eeeew.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Paul, I'm honored to have provided the quote of the day. Thanks.

Pat Joubert (who is not signed in on this computer.)

Paul Mitchell said...

Pat, that was just awesome. Harsh and true, somewhat Chris Christie-esque.

Anonymous said...


What about my point of assassinating US citizens outside our borders without a trial?


Skunkfeathers said...

What about it? I'm more concerned with the libtard assassination of my meager income via taxation with libtard representation. Soon to go up across the board, 'cuz the libtards want the Bush tax cuts to expire, and are trying the most ridiculous, ham-handed effort to lay the blame for letting them lapse on the minority party that can't stop squat; it's THEIR OWN PARTY that is proving the stumbling block.

But dishonesty and libtards go foot in mouth.

Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, yes, if a US citizen takes up arms against the US, he is a dead man. I have no problem with that. Of course, I do not trust Obama as far as I can throw him, so my first inclination is to object to anything he does. He has proven himself an enemy to this country in no uncertain terms.

Skunkfeathers, that is the truth. If the Democrats would bring that to a vote, almost half of their own party would vote to extend them, but that floor vote ain't gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

A dead man for taking on the US.

You mean like the confederacy? I don't remember the wholesale slaughter of citizens of the confederacy.

You and Skunkfeathers don't get it, once the threshold has been crossed (denying citizens their rights) the next step is inevitable. Remember these are SUSPECTED terrorists, remember that something called evidence and due process....oh that's right, the gov't has "secret" evidence that it cannot show because to show the evidence the security of the Nation will be at risk...oh yeah of course, that makes perfect sense since we know we can trust our gov't.

The country is rotting, killing citizens outside the law. Why can't Obama order the firing of a hellfire missile from a reaper drone at your house? Your not a terrorist right? Doesn't matter, if the gov't says you are than as you say your a dead man.

Killing citizens without due process (showing evidence in an open forum) is not Constitutional and that your so flip with that fact then how can you say the constitution is more than a piece of paper.If the gov't doesn't respect "their rights" then why should it respect "your rights."


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, since you brought it up, Obama has done a pretty good job in starting another civil war. But, that is not what we are talking about.

Awlaki has made VIDEOS encouraging attacks against our country. While freedom of speech might be guaranteed, to go to Yemen and start recruiting terrorists to attack this country is not SPEECH. He crossed the line and the only reason that we even know about it is that the Democrat administration and the media are one and the same.

And they are unable to keep state secrets.

bernie said...

Regarding all Muslims are not terrorists, thanks for the link, it's appreciated.

Paul Mitchell said...

Bernie, great post. Everyone should read that.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...


What about my point of assassinating US citizens outside our borders without a trial?


paul mitchell said...

Pat, that was just awesome. Harsh and true, somewhat Chris Christie-esque.