Sunday, October 03, 2010

Droid X Update, Because the iPhone SUCKS

Well, we have had the X for about a month now and I gotta fill you in on how it performs so far.

I am pleased with everything now, EXCEPT the fact that Verizon has not rolled out the Android 2.2 update for it, yet. Dude, I am dying to try out the new G-Mail app. Not that G-Mail doesn't work swimmingly already, but there are some other features, JUST LOOK!!! Dammit, Verizon, hurry the Hell up.

By the way, the last update on this phone I gave y'all, I said that text messaging was slow. Something happened and it is no longer slow. I have no clue if Lexington actually got electricity or something, but it ain't no problem, NO MO'.

By the way, if you are ready to get rid of your little iPhone, here is the description of the Android/Teh Google Phone Gallery. And if you do not want to LEARN about the gallery first, here is the damned gallery, you no reading so and so.

Here are some of the cool thingies that the Android can do in your car. If you are a dumbass, please do not use your phone while you are driving.

Teh Google has also bought out BlindType to make the keyboard get more awesome. Really, I have no idea why this is necessary, I never type on my Droid anyway. The voice thingy works very well.

I think that Teh Google Mobile Ads are gonna be the way to go in the future, all you business types. Check out the Hyperlocal Ad Feature.

As an aside, if you Tweet or FAILbook from your phone, you should use a client to do that. Try Seesmic Mobile, it is what I use and it's FREE!!!

Last, but certainly not least, when I bought my Droid X, the salesman told me that I needed to get a cover or the screen protector. I opted for the screen protector for a mere fourteen bucks. I found it HERE for FIVE bucks, and they even have five percent (5%) off of that, too. I got ripped off. Yeah, they even have fanny packs for your iPhone, too.

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Anonymous said...

2.2 is out for the Droid X... Just go to Settings->About Phone->System Updates to manually start the download

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks Anon, it was not there for me on Friday!!!

Anonymous said...

commenting only on your "if you're a dumb-ass..."
In our local newspaper today, was some garbage regarding what our provincial government was planning on doing if we don't get the message regarding talking/texting while driving. After they mentioned demerit points being added to our insurance information, the article went on to quote a recent survey done here in Alberta Canada that indicated that 70% of people ADMITTED drinking coffee or other (legal) beverages and / or adjusting the radio, while driving. So I'm guessing that is next on the agenda. Smoking and driving in a car with children was outlawed awhile ago in some areas...

The march into your business in unrelenting. (although I never cel-talk and drive).
marc in calgary

Paul Mitchell said...

Marc, I do talk on the phone and drive. But, I have never had an accident doing it, either. Of course, I am not a dumbass either. I do not however fiddle with the radio while I am driving, that distracts me too much and I do not feel safe doing it. Of course, in my defense of my driving and talking, I do not do it while driving downtown in traffic, either.

The thing that is more distracting to me than anything is the damned GPS. That is simply beyond my comprehension to use while driving.