Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday PM/Sunday AM - College Gameday Wrap-up.

Just so y'all know, we had a pretty impressive showing on the major Search Engines today for our College Gameday thingy. On Teh Google, we actually came in sixth for "College Gameday Week 9." On Bing, we were second. We have not been off the first page on either search engine for "College Gameday (plus the week)" this year. Y'all are doing AWESOME!!!

Check the image. The search results delivered from Bing for "college game day october 30 2010" actually led to the post from two weeks ago, though. BING FAIL. However, I outranked The Four Letter, Wiki, and Brad Carroll. BAM! In yo' mouf'.

On my picks, dude, I kept the streak alive, I SUCK!!!

Andy, on the other hand, picked Cornhuskers by 14. Did it on the nose. Picked Auburn by 30. Won by 20, but the spread was six and a half. Oregon by 10. Won by 21. Picked Iowa by 2. Won by 31. Picked K-State by 6. They lost. And picked Baylor over Tejas. Won again. Andy went 5-1. Not bad, and I cannot wait to see Sunday Morning Quarterback.

Here's what I did. Picked Vols with the points, won, but lost the under. Picked The Barn. Won. Picked the Razorhawgs. Won. Picked State to win, but not cover on spread or O/U. Split. I did not pick the UGA-Flarda game ACCIDENTALLY, but I tell you, I would have lost on both counts there.

By the way, I think that the last time Mississippi State won six in a row, it was 1999 and no one had ever heard of that moron, Barry Obama. Ah, good times.

Dude, I cannot wait for Week 10, when is Saturday at?

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Skunkfeathers said...

*Noted not to pick winners/losers agin' Andy*

Moogie P said...

Yep! It was a day!

Andy said...

I got LUCKY! REAL lucky. I just throw out the suck, and hope for that.

I didn't pick the Flarda/UGA game, either. But not on accident. It just didn't interest me.

I'll tell you one thing, though. Auburn is in trouble. I look for them to outrun 'Bama, and run the table. But, giving up that many points to The Klan...well, their defense sucks.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Speed is Speed. And, if they face Oregon in the BSCS Final, they're likely to give up 45. It will be a track meet like we've never seen in the big 'un...and we just might lose to an otherwise inferior conference.

Thomas Ferdousi said...

Nice job! Those google hits are stellar

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks, Thomas, you need to go take a rest. Your weekend was swamped, man.