Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Sunday Funnies - The Obamessiah Edition

If you want to watch a post develop and then just simply peter off to nothing, read on...

Image was stolen from Reaganite Republican.

No, I do not find any humor in Obama's actions that are decidedly anti-freedom, anti-individuality, and PRO-FAILURE.

On Sunday, October 31, 2010, here's where we are, two days away from a monumentally huge election with still around forty percent (40%) of the population HOPING on this current government. Lemme break it down.

I think that pretty much everyone wants the same stuff for their family that I want. Exclude Muslims from that mix because they want everyone DEAD. So do some "Progressives" but for the most part, everyone wants everyone else to be happy, healthy, and wealthy. Do we agree on that point? Good.

There exists a philosophy that DEMANDS for everyone to fund that philosophical group's pet causes of the day. I refuse to do that. I want to fund the stuff that interests me and is important to me. And I want to do that with my OWN MONEY. Furthermore, I want all other people to fund their OWN CAUSES with their OWN MONEY. This CUH-RAZEE thought-y process is called "individuality." I want people to leave me alone to my wants, needs, and desires, and in return, I shall do the same for them.

Personally, I do not think that is too much to ask. I have plenty of friends that do not understand what I mean by saying that conservatism allows everyone to do as they please. When someone says that they are fiscally conservative or socially conservative, I think that they simply have not taken the time required to sort through their thoughts.

What "Conservatism" means to me is simply "To conserve the tenets of individual freedom." If we follow those ideas and concepts, EVERYONE is afforded the same liberties as everyone else, which was kinda why a bunch of old, white dudes risked their lives, families, and property. Of course, we shall never get back to that point until the currently self-described "liberal" ideology is DESTROYED. Yes, destroyed, completely, totally, and with such terrible malice that it never returns.

For someone to identify with a "liberal" ideology these days means that they are supportive of an overwhelmingly oppressive big government that takes earned wealth (PROPERTY) from one person and gives it to another. Taking these steps does NOTHING that is positive. First, it PUNISHES the man that earns more than he consumes. Second, it REWARDS the man that doesn't provide for himself. On other words, the regulation is BY DESIGN, reducing production and savings, while at the same time, increasing idleness and sloth. Call this what it is, EVIL.

Let me tell you how to solve these problems simply and effectively. Give to me the Social Security numbers of the two people that I am fully supporting with my federal income tax "contributions" yearly so I can claim them on my returns. If you take the damned time necessary to actually LOOK at the damned money that we are shelling out in income tax, you shall see that it is NOT one person, but two extra folks that you are carrying.

How is it possible that in the most free country on Planet Earth, we have an entire segment of the population that refuses to work, refuses to attempt to learn a trade, and nothing ever changes? Because of liberalism.

I had a FAILbook friend suggest a few topics upon which they are "socially liberal." Among these are "gay rights," education for all who want it, stem cell research, low-controlled cost healthcare and insurance reform.

Since FAILbook is really not a good place to go all Two Dogs on someone, you know, because they are my friend, I thought I would drop that here.

To quickly recap, RIGHTS in the United States of America are acknowledged in the first ten amendments to the Constitution. I covered that Bill of Rights in great detail at this here blarq. Here is my Bill of Rights label, remember, you have to start at the beginning, which is the bottom, and read up. (Like Muslims.)

In case you do not get it, the Bill of Rights applies to everyone equally, however, since government got all up in everyone's business, there is now a LEGALIZED, government sanctioned marriage. The fact that any citizen allowed that bullshit to happen is beyond me, but nowhere is MARRIAGE even considered as a RIGHT by the Constitution. Get rid of ALL marriages sanctioned by government. If you want to give your stuff to your boyfriend Kevn when you die, write a freaking note and say, "I give all my shit to Kevn." Simple. Oh, but what about if you are in a car wreck and wind up in the hospital. Simple there, too. On your paperwork, place, "In case of emergency, call Kevn." Geez, why the Hell would the queers want to pay EXTRA taxes just so they could be Kevn and Sage Throckmorton? Change your damned name, yo'.

Currently, anyone can go to any school that they get admitted to. Done. You cool with that? If you want to go to doctoring school, my suggestion would be BE SMART as Hell, study all the time, make straight As, and apply to all the schools you can. If you do not have the cash to go, get a job at McDonalds to pay your way through school. Problem solved.

Stem cell research. She thought that EMBRYONIC stem cell research was restricted. It is not. Government funding is not available for unlimited ESC research. I wish this was because everyone knew that ESC research has produced one success, the ability to grow SUPER TUMORS at starling rates. Other than that, nothing. When you couple that with the fact that real scientists, meaning those not funded by government, have already used adult stem cells that can replicate into any type of cell. That was why scientists were trying to use ESCs in the first place. Now that they can do the same thing with adult cells, why even think about using the ESCs that cause super tumors?

Low or controlled cost "healthcare" and insurance. This is probably the most difficult of these issues to address because medical services costs have only skyrocketed in the last thirty years. Not only that, but currently fully forty-seven percent of Americans pay ZERO for medical services, we are already halfway to the point that we are taxed an exorbitant rate to filter our medical services dollars through the insanely inefficient federal government.

The HUGE elephant on the pool table is the fact that any time government regulations are made more rigid, costs escalate and availability is reduced. Point in case, the John Edwards BILLIONS-MAKING lawsuits that made Cesarean Sections much more likely. Edwards imagined that Cerebral Palsy was caused by a problem with longer labor times before delivery. From Classical Values:
Edwards specifically has made much of his fortune suing doctors for not performing C-sections, arguing that they help prevent cerebral palsy in children. In 1970, six percent of all births were C-sections; in 2003, that number had climbed all the way up to 28 percent. However, as John Stossel reports, there had not been a decrease in prevalence of cerebral palsy during that time. Hence, although Edwards' lawsuits have not, apparently, prevented any cases of cerebral palsy, they have, at least in part, yielded a great increase in the occurrence of C-sections. Now doctors do C-sections "just to be safe," meaning safe from lawsuits, though the procedure is not so safe for mothers. While C-sections are not overly dangerous, women are four times more likely to die during a C-section than during vaginal birth; this is not an insignificant risk.

What this does is immediately increase medical services by minimally twenty percent because a huge medical cost is child birthing and the complications afterward. So, in order to alleviate the costs of lawsuits and take a hit on claims, insurance companies had to SHARPLY increase the costs of malpractice insurance for doctors. This is a direct overhead cost that is passed along to the consumer.

Even men have to pay that added cost because ALL malpractice insurance costs have skyrocketed because of LIBERALS like John Edwards. Oh, and also those lawsuits were not even based on SCIENCE, either.

In addition, Teddy Kennedy made it his lifelong crusade to bring about single payer medical coverage. From Teddy's speech about his HMO Act of 1973, "As the author of the first HMO bill ever to pass the Senate, I find this spreading support for HMOs truly gratifying. Just a few years ago, proponents of health maintenance organizations faced bitter opposition from organized medicine. And just a few years ago, congressional advocates of HMOs faced an administration which was long on HMO rhetoric, but very short on action."

Of course, the reason that BIG MEDICINE opposed Teddy's bill is because they knew that costs were about to go through the roof. THEY WERE RIGHT, TEDDY WAS WRONG.

In ObamaCare, there is ZERO chance for insurance companies to even stay in business. Witness the FACT that already medical insurance companies are raising premiums and cutting services to shift money to covering the ridiculous amounts of paperwork required by the law. Administrative costs are NOT doctoring, folks. Filling out "Form 10-289*" does not cure the common cold, it takes the doctor away from curing the common cold.

Also, ObamaCare is going to remove the tax shelter of having your medical insurance be BEFORE tax money. Personally, I am all for that because that is definitely income. There are plenty of other folks that do not agree with me on that, though, because they are getting huge money that is nontaxable.

What are the solutions here? Cut out all withholding taxes. Everyone cuts a check quarterly. That is the ONLY way that everyone will come to understand how much of their salary they are losing to wasteful government spending. Then, when everyone is good and pissed off about the amount of money robbed from them, propose a flat tax.

As an aside, abolish the damned minimum wage. If you do not think that inflation is exploding, you are not paying attention. Do yourself a favor and check commodities pricing over the last ten years or so. Yeppers, pricing has DOUBLED.

Please take the time to comment.

*Directive 10-289 is from Atlas Shrugged. Check it, it is all too telling.


Andy said...

Good post, TD. Excellent, really. I thought it was linked on Failbook, but when I went back to drop a comment, it was not there. So, it must not be yet.

Read from the bottom up (like Muslims)...big time snort!

Skunkfeathers said...

Libtard logic: have libtard lawyers create a new malady or mandate a costly procedure, so that they can sue to force an outcome; then they can demand control of hellthscare because costs are out of control...costs that the libtard lawyers mandated and got rich on the out-of-control result.

Libtard logic = fiscal, intellectual and moral bankruptcy.

Moogie P said...

Excellent post.

It's been a hundred years since I read Atlas Shrugged, so I had to check out Directive 10-289. Damn. That's about all I can say is, Damn.

And I can also say Vote tomorrow, as often as possible. We have an 80% chance of rain here tomorrow, so my husband and I hope that will keep the Dems at home, or at least melt them before they get to the polls.

And, that John Edwards thing -- definitely not based on reality. As a woman who delivered 2 children naturally and who also underwent abdominal hysterectomy, let me tell you how much more pleasant overall the natural delivery and recovery are. And that first labor was 27 hours. I stand 5 feet flat and managed to deliver an 8lb+ baby who did not sustain Cerebral palsy even though she got stuck for awhile. WAAAAAAy too many C-sections are done today, including 2/3 of my grandchildren. The second spent a week in NICU because he aspirated fluid during the Section. How much more expense do you suppose that added to the general welfare? A boatload, I can tell you.

The subtle effects of Obamacare that start creeping into our lives next year will send this nation to hell on an express train if we can't start chipping awaqy at them.

Andy said...

Gonna rain here, too. The Dims won't stand a chance. It's a proven fact that they lose big in bad weather.

Boogie said...

Great, great post. Just really nailed it.

Since you're away, let me give you a Mississippi recap: we're going to hold the Third District, because, well, it's the Third District. We're going to the the First, because, well, Travis is a weasel, and people have this thing about being lied to. We MAY take the Fourth; TheGirlfriend is from down that way, and when I was listening to the radio a week and a half ago when I visited, Gene Taylor had back to back to back ads on the classic country station. He's scared. Both Childers and Taylor: blue dogs my ass.

The only way we'd beat Bennie in the Second is to find him in bed with a live boy or a dead girl...UNLESS they have absolutely no turnout in the Dems. Maybe this'll happy.

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks y'all, I suggest that everyone crack out Atlas Shrugged about once every five years or so. It gets even more relevant with every passing year.

paul mitchell said...

Thanks y'all, I suggest that everyone crack out Atlas Shrugged about once every five years or so. It gets even more relevant with every passing year.