Monday, November 01, 2010

Pre-Bloodletting Monday - Democrats are Wilding!!!

Every time that I near a deadline, I begin to panic because what if I forgot something. When I am moving a piece of furniture or something of value from one place to the next, that last five hundred yards is so tedious, I almost chew my fingernails down to the elbow.

The anticipation for tomorrow is the same thing. What if the Democrats do actually get the illegals to the polls? What happens when those extra registered voters show up? What happens if SEIU is successful in corrupting all of the data from the vote counter machine thingies? All of those things run through my mind. At least I am still able to shut it down when bedtime rolls around. Dammit, why are all Democrats so freaking corrupt and filled with hatred toward their fellow man? Why did that party not die out when slavery was finally defeated?

This is who the Democrats are. Click through to Heritage to watch the whole video.

Anyhoo, on to the BLOGSHOW!!!

The Obama Administration wishes Iran Dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a Happy Birthday. NOT KIDDING.

Bill Whittle on what is more important than the Constitution.

Pundit Press has been blowing up my Reader with last minute polling. Seriously, this a HUGE effort, go check it out. I would say that there must be about 435 posts there in the last three days. Actually it only shows 421, but that cannot be right.

Al Franken, NOT the craziest politician in Minnesota.

The Barrystream Media is trying to throw an election in Alaska. Typical. Yeah, there is proof.

Sarah Palin responds to the corruption in the media.

John Nolte defends Keith Olbermann's style of talkiness.

The media hails one of the most corrupt politicians in history as a HERO. Actually, since it is a chick, it should be heroine. You see, men and women are actually DIFFERENT, so matter what the morons on the left tell you.

Barbara Boxer buys off another corrupt Democrat imbecile to help Boxer keep the corruption alive in DC.

Do you know how much it costs to buy a Democrat vote? One slice of pizza. of course, the rewards are MUCH MUCH greater than that for the deadbeats in the long run. The costs are much greater, too, but Democrats pay for that with YOUR money.

So far, quite a few places have instances of Democrat voter fraud. as a quick rule of thumb, wherever there are Democrats, there is a crime being committed.

Paul Krugman opens his cakehole yet again, so someone can play Whack a Mole.

Swamp Thang.

And Red dedicates a post to ME.

Please remember, you have but one task tomorrow and that is to save the money, effort, and VERY LIVES of our unborn grandchildren. Do it.

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CaptiousNut said...

I don't think I've voted since 2004!

Every time I moved I dragged my feet on changing my driver's license.

Paul Mitchell said...

I hope you do tomorrow! Dumbassachusetts, here we come!

Disgruntled said...

Why for you show so much lurve for my state? :)
Dumbassachusetts? We are Massholes, thank you very much. Get it right.
Between Bwany Fwank and the other corrupt assclowns it's a wonder shit gets done at all.

Paul Mitchell said...

Disgruntled, I know the people are Massholes, but y'all live in Dumbassachusetts. And dude, I feel for ya', I really do. There must be some place you can go buy some tar and feathers, though.

Anonymous said...

Slavery may have been defeated in that form. However, as I've written, the Democratic party has modernized it.

Keeping people dependent upon them and their programs and ensuring that they remain stuffed fat with misinformation about alternative means is a form of modernized slavery.

They haven't done away with slavery, they've institutionalized it and it is still in full force. They simply realized that allowing them to vote was smarter...keep minorities and illegals on these programs and tell them it'll all up and disappear if they don't vote for them is subjugation and slavery in the 21st century.

I've written about it...hint hint. :)

Disgruntled said...

Cow Hampshire is a 25 min. drive to the land of sales tax free products including booze. I only stay in the state to cut my drive to work. When it's rush hour the drive is 2 hours. So I'm kind of stuck. If Scott Brown is any clue, perhaps we can dig out slowly of the Epic Failboat that is Dumbassachusetts. Thanks for the condolences. :)

Skunkfeathers said...

*Crossin fangers h'yar that Colorado is back to a red state by mornin'.

Moogie P said...

I'll drop ship some tar and feathers to Dumbassachusetts if you want it!

Disgruntled said...

Moogie P said...
I'll drop ship some tar and feathers to Dumbassachusetts if you want it!

Nov 2, 2010 5:56:00 PM

Where they will be promptly taxed at 6.25% The assclowns here are so slimy nothing will stick to them. We have a Boston City Councilor, Chuck Turner, taking a $1000 bribe on video get convicted and he is STILL running unopposed and wants probation instead of the 20 to 30 years he can get, so he can still 'represent his people' It will not end until we outlaw liberals and Democrats.

Paul Mitchell said...

Disgruntled, when you outlaw Democrats, only outlaws will be Democrats. Wait a minute...

Anonymous said...

Does your wireless internet connection work in the basement with all those pillows piled on top of you?

Anonymous said...


Disgruntled said...

paul mitchell said...
Disgruntled, when you outlaw Democrats, only outlaws will be Democrats. Wait a minute...

Nov 2, 2010 7:22:00 PM


Anonymous said...

Sad MA resident today but a happy national citizen.

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