Saturday, November 06, 2010

Betting, Raping, What's the Difference?

The Number Three NUDE Blog in the entire Bloggy-s-fear, according to Bing, had a pretty good day at the Sports Book. We came outta the blocks SMOKING!

Let's run 'em down. My picks in BOLD.

Flarda (-14, O46) v. Vandy. Flarda 55-14. WINS!

UGA (-44.5, O55.5) v. I-DA-HO State. UGA 55-7. WINS!

UK (-47.5, U64) v. Charleston Southern. UK 49-21. LOSERS!

The Barn (-40.5, O74.5) v. Chattanooga. The Barn 62-24. Split! (Really, The Barn, couldn't y'all have kicked a damned field goal to freaking COVER?)

Bammer (-6.5, O44) v. Geaux Tigers. Geaux Tigers 24-21. LOSERS! (Um, this does not bode well for We Suck next weekend.)

Klan Bears (-20, U63.5) v. La-La. Klan Bears 43-21. Split! (Really, over by 0.5!)

Hawgs (+3, O59) v. 'Cocks. Hawgs 41-20. WINS! (Outright, too.)

Rocky Top (-19.5, O52) v. Somalia. Vols 50-14. WINS! (I bet they burned Memphis down, tonight.)

So, we went four wins, two losses, and two splits. If I had bet the farm, I would have gotten a nice cow and a young, hot speed milker from the Wisconsin 4-H Club to go with it.

In other real sports news, the Big 12 South went NUTZ today. I cannot find any news about any other conferences because I. DON'T. CARE.

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Anonymous said...


Earlier you side stepped my question regarding Cam's father getting the money to fix his church.

You pointed how usCC cheated, but are you not concerned that if Auburn if found deficient this whole SEC season will be a wash? Auburn is the only ticket in the SEC that can be declared national champions?


Andy said...

Pretty good, TD. Not bad at all. I must now change my prediction that State beats Nick.

Ah, it was sweet...sweet.

Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, your curiosity is not peaked at all? Wonder why, all of the sudden, in the middle of a Heisman year where it is his to lose, this crap comes up? Geez, skepticism is your friend.

And, if Auburn wins the West and then goes on to win in Atlanta, they are the national champions. True, they have to play in Silly Season, but we all know that the National Championship Game is payed every year in Atlanta.

Paul Mitchell said...

Yeah, Andy, you gotta think that The Sabear ain't gonna lose two in a row.