Saturday, November 06, 2010

College Gameday - Week 10 - November 6, 2010

Here we are in Week 10 of College Gameday and The Four Letter's Saturday Cartoon Show by the Same Name has decided to skip yet another weekend of College Gameday. You would think that Kirker Kirkerherb Street and his pantaloons buddies would want to be near a college town, but I guess not. I mean how bad do you have to hate college footbaw to be anywhere other than the Bammeroids v. Geaux Tigers this weekend. Or 'Cocks v. Hawgs? Or maybe even check in on the NUMBER ONE The Barn as they play Chattanooga? Okay, I can understand missing that one, but seriously, The College Gameday squad heads out to Salt Lake City to watch a FREAKING MOUNTAIN WEST GAME?!?!?!?! Oh! I see, they are both undefeated. Um, yeah, neither of them have played a single team that doesn't suck bad enough to be stuck in the PAC-10. Good Lord, why are these two teams ranked?



Boy, we have got some suck-filled-shit-suck-nasty-wouldn't-want-to-see-'em games this weekend. Must be Homecoming?

Flarda kicks the weekend off at Vandy. Max line is Flarda laying 17, but average line is 14. O/U is 46. Take Flarda and the over.

Idaho State at UGA. Only one book, 5Dimes, has got numbers up and it is UGA -44.5 and O/U is 55.5. I think that is funny since Idaho State just moved up from the PAC-10 to the Big Sky Conference. They are no longer a team that is not playing any competition week in and week out like the PAC-10 or the Mountain West. Take UGA and the over.

Charleston Southern at UK. 5Dimes is the only book taking this one, too. UK -47.5, O/U 64. I mean, damn! You would think that UK was playing Oregon or uSCCC on someone with numbers like that!!! UK and the UNDER.

5Dimes must be trying to boost earnings or something. They are again the only numbers I can find on the Chattanooga v. The Barn game. Auburn -40.5, O/U 74.5. Honestly, I have no clue about Chattanooga at all. What the Hell is their mascot? Oh, it is the African American Bears or the Buccaneers. The Barn. The Over.

La-La at Klansingtonville African American Bears. Kneegrow Bears -20, O/U 63.5. One book I saw at the Klan at -32. Yeah, let's not go there. The Klan Bears and the under.

Hawgs at 'Cocks. This is the second best game on the board this weekend. 'Cocks are either favored by 3 or by 5, weird. O/U is around 59. I'm taking the Hawgs and the over. I gots meself a feeling.

Rocky Top v. Somalia or Memphis. The Vols are about a 19.5 favorite and O/U is about 52. Seriously, this looks like an upset special right here. Somalia is always bad, but is Rocky Top good enough to pull down those numbers? Yeah, let's do this. Vols and the over.

Bammeroids at Geaux Tigers, the game of the week. Geaux Tigers are a 6.5 dawg and the O/U is 44. Boy, this one is tough. Both teams have one loss, but the Corndogs loss is a better one, a one touchdown loss to the NUMBER ONE The Barn. They also have wins over three ranked teams. Man, the PAC-10 and the Big 10(11)(12) never have to worry about that happening, huh? Bammeroids lost to 'Cocks by 14, but they have wins over two Top Tens and JoePa at 18. Gimme Bammeroids and the OVER. Look for Les Miles to try something crazy and go all Donovan McNabb with the clock. The Sabear's gonna bring it.

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In case you did not know it, we don't be no Croomin' this weekend. We Suck is OFF to get ready for Bammeroids next weekend. I think that We Suck will beat Bammer.

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MUD said...

Kansas Plays Iowa to see who can not have the worst record in the BIG Xii (For the last Year). The only gamew worth watching is Baylor and OK-State. At least those teams know how to win games, not lose them.

Paul Mitchell said...

MUD, Kansas has Colorado at home today. The Buffs are a ten point favorite, too. Should be a snoozefest. Get out and throw Taco the stick, instead. He'll appreciate that.

Andy said...

Dude, your last statement is interesting. I say that State beats 'Bama, too.

I can't argue with you on any of this, except I don't look for Les to screw the pooch with the clock. He will certainly say some really stupid junk, and play the wrong qb at the wrong time. But, I think they hired him a tutor.

Moogie P said...

Can you believe that I have to go to a wedding tonight! We're skipping out of the reception in time to catch the end of Whoo Pig Sooiieee roots out Yardbirds.

Tough game in Baton Rouge.

Anonymous said...

Hey where did Cam Newton's father get the money to fix the repairs at his church?

His father isn't talking about it.

I knew the SEC was dirty...tick, tick, tick..when is the bomb going to o off. So much for the national title.


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, uSCCC just had a BCS title stripped and a Heisman returned for cheating.

Anonymous said...

Hey where did Cam Newton's father get the money to fix the repairs at his church?

His father isn't talking about it.

I knew the SEC was dirty...tick, tick, tick..when is the bomb going to o off. So much for the national title.