Thursday, November 18, 2010

Envy - The Foundation of the Democrat Platform

We pull no punches around these parts on the stupidity of everything Democrat, but they seem to be exponentially ramping up the stupidity in recent weeks. It is Sooper Skeery to me when people that are in charge of the country decide to double down on failure.

When Barry Obama got elected, because stupid people out number smart people almost two to one, I was concerned that we were in for a really slow collapse into Oligarchy. The recent elections give me hope that there still exist enough people that want to keep what they earn and we will in time climb out of the hole that Michelle Obama wants to keep on digging. Yes, it is hard to argue that Michelle is not the typical Obama moron type.

Let's go the video of the Speaker the House with lowest IQ in history!!! Did y'all know that there was once a room that housed eight three-toed overland sloths that had a collective IQ that quadrupled the IQ of the entire Democrat Party? True story. Did y'all know that in the mid-1990s, someone placed a jar with one million dollars of counterfeit money in it at the DNC and the whole party starved to death because they could not get their hand out of the jar once they grabbed the money? True story.

Did y'all know that Chris Dodd tweeted some really weird stuff that had to be retracted? It is all over the web today, but the Tweet to the left is the one that really, really had everyone up in arms. True story.

The one thing that Democrats do try to do is preserve their own political rape through the countryside. We saw that with Democrats actively running against Barry Obama in an attempt to keep their cushy jobs where they are never expected to perform any task of value. Not only that, the Democrats want Obama to take a MORE active role in crafting their stupid policy. Does anyone else feel like this an attempt to force the Knee-grows to the back of the bus again? Really, they are throwing Obama UNDER the bus with this move. Of course, Barry is dumb enough to think that the other Democrats are not just using him as a fall guy. I am pretty sure that the RAAAAACIST Clintons are behind this maneuver because you KNOW KNOW KNOW that Hillary is going to run for President in 2012 against the dude that has punked her out for the past two years.

As a sidebar, I really do not think that Democrats are smart enough to ditch Barry Obama in 2012. The Republicans will probably run someone against Obama that makes Bob Dole and The McCainiac look like awesome candidates, too. Who is the most boring Republican that comes to mind that has no chance of ever winning an election? You guessed it, Mitt FUCKING Romney. he did not even win against The McCainiac in the last Presidential election, you know for a fact that it is going to be Romney. See?

By the way, who was the girl that The McCainiac picked for his running mate who almost singlehandedly brought the Republicans back into the campaign despite the fact that everyone, Republicans included, said that she was retarded? What is she up to these days? I thought she as hot. And she was a breeder, too, how SEXI is that?

Anyhoo, President Douchedummy is still endangering our lives with the appeasement from the Muslim murderers. His ridiculously stupid political party STILL doesn't know why all of their people got thrown out of office, and the media continues to cover up the truth of how IN DA SHITTAH the economy has gotten.

Oh, and there are some really lyingly dumb websites that crop up daily to try to keep the general public misinformed about the way things really are. Yes, the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that when the government jobs are removed from the mix, Obama has LOST more jobs in his two years than have been lost since 1984. In TOTAL. SO, as usual, Libtards have no clue what they are talking about.

Oh what the Hell, y'all know all this anyway...

In closing, here is the ATYPICAL Obamabot. DO turn the sound off, it is useless.

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Anonymous said...

I managed to watch that Beyonce video / ad for about 10 seconds.
er, thanks.

I hope that girl (the OTHER girl) runs for 2012... we know she's testing the waters.

So, what Pelosi & Obama have done for healthcare, now they're going to do it to food. Nothing to worry about here folks...

I want to bring to your attention what's happened in the European Union regarding what defines a cucumber. Minimum length, maximum length, maximum crook / curvature in its form... (it isn't a cuke if it bends more than 1 cm in any length of 10 cm), this bill affects everyone that eats. Do you eat? I guess, if you ONLY eat cukes grown by Monsanto, you're safe...

Paul Mitchell said...

Marc, I told you to turn the sound off. Geez.

And I like Palin. Unless she has me completely fooled, she actually understands making ends meet and how to balance family with work.

And there Republicans are in on the food grab, too! Same with the internet censorship bill. I can honestly say that I do like cucumbers, but when I eat them, I taste them for the next three damned days, so I do not eat them often.

If there could be only one thing that I could keep the government from touching, Marc, it would be EVERYTHING.

Skunkfeathers said...

Libtards don't view cucumbers as food; it's a regulatable sex toy.

Paul Mitchell said...


Boogie said...

Not Mitt. Anybody but Mitt. TheGirlfriend's family is Mormon (she's not...long story). Anyway, they love Mitt. Think he's the best thing since sliced bread and Copenhagen snuff. Me, I'm agnostic at best on him. Smartish guy, yeah, but not who I want to be president. He lacks...hell, I don't know what it is.

Is it to early to run a Rubio/West ticket?

Paul Mitchell said...

Boogie, it dumbfounds me. Romney comes in fourth at best. But, the entire world will say that he is the ONLY electable Republican.

Full Metal Patriot said...

"...Michelle Obama wants to keep on digging."

Funny, I posted about that very thing today. Check the photo and caption away!