Thursday, November 18, 2010

Daily News Update - Plus Site Update News, Too!

Well, I FINALLY got that crazy-ass sidebar to nest right. Scroll down and check it out, yo! I had to make an entirely new sidebar setting, get the danged thing where I wanted it, and then back it out to reduce the amount of html here. If you want on the Olde Timey Blogroll, lemme know. If you do not suck at blogging more than I suck blogging, chances are good you are in!

I also added another Teh Google Custom Search bar. It is loading kinda slow, too. Dunno why, either. The one that has the "Search mean ol' meany" is about five years old and the code was written in pencil, so at some point I am afraid it will no longer work. Redundancy is GOOD.

I am also going to start going through every Blogger feature that I can find to see what increases traffic and repeat visitors. Check out the sidebar right below the subscription links and you shall find a "Subscribe to Our Newsletter" link. Right now I have no plans for producing a newsletter, but sign up anyway. Maybe we can start a MoM bowling league or something. Admit it, FF4500 would be a kicking bowling shirt color.

One more add going on, too. We are now APPROVED iTunes and iAppstore peddlers. I hooked up with that because I am planning a podcast and some subscription videos and need a content management system for distribution. If you need some tunes or some label making programs for your iPhone, hit those links. If we do well enough, maybe we'll fly all of you to Castro Street, Kentucky for a crawfish boil. It'll have to be after footbaw season, though. UK plays every damned game at home. If I didn't know better, I'd think that Burr Bryant was back corching up here.

On to the BLOGSHOW!!!

While I was researching the difficulties of producing my own template for Blogger, I got sidetracked in the history of Firefox. Check out the back story to Mozilla. From everything that I can actually tell, it must have something to do with Scientology, but I might be wrong on that.

Now, MORE good economic news.

The collapse of Europe is in full swing. A comparison of the Euro with the Lira. Good Lord, help us all.

If Glenn Beck is right, George Soros is to blame. Set aside some time to watch these videos, they are incredibly interesting. This makes a total of about four or five hours of Beck that I have watched and I have yet to see anything crazy. Why does the Left simply have to tell everyone that the Right is crazy-dumb?

ObamaCare waivers have been in the news all week long
. Did anyone really think that Barry was going to harm Unions?

I mean, DAMN, Barry gave money to General Electric to buy twenty brazillian Chevy Volts from GM to prop them up. The Fed is pretty shady as far as using credit cards to pay off credit cards, but dude, this is insane.

Couple that good news above with the FACT that new housing starts plummeted 11.7% and you have the Obamanomics recipe for disaster. Not only that, but if you do not believe that inflation is SOARING, you are not paying attention.

Prediction? Certainly. The market is going to slowly start retracting again because the fed has dumped all the money that they can print on the bankers. The bankers, since that is free money, will still keep placing that money in the market propping it up artificially. When 2012 rolls around and we get rid of the rest of the buffoons in the Democrat Party, that is when the final collapse will happen. Hopefully, Republicans are not stupid enough to keep placing worthless money into the market.

Here is a textbook example of why Democrat policies are freaking stupid. I am certain there is some math in there that can be figured out, amiright?

Barry Obama has made it very clear that he is totally all for raising taxes on the people that produce jobs. Please keep telling yourself, "Smartest President in History." At some point if you say it enough, it must come true...

Hide and watch the stupidity ooze out of DC in this lame duck session. Aren't we smart enough to know what Democrats are going to do before they even do it? Study a problem, figure out the worst possible thing that you could do to address the problem, then implement it. That is the Democrat Way!

And when everything goes the way that normal people know it will, it is all "Jake in the tunnel" from the Democrats.

Remember, these Democrats are people that think that the Earth can change its climate from one extreme to another in a short ten years. They are not crazy, really, they are just really, really dumb.

I think that I have voiced that FACT before, though.

Of course, the Democrats in the Barrystream Media kinda blame the Republicans. Yeah, it's the Republicans that have refused to meet with President Douchebrain McMoronblouse.

As long as you have your wallet out, help out a fellow blogger to feed his newborn. Times is tuff, you know?

In case you are wondering, YES! There are videos of Larissa Riquelme NUDE. (well, I know where you'll be for the rest of the day. See ya!!!

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Editor said...

to increase traffic, keep up the good work!!

Paul Mitchell said...

Matthew, we strive for mediocrity around these parts. Usually we reach our goal.

Andy said...

I'm a pretty damn good bowler, but I ain't wearing Vol Urnge...count me out!

Andy said...

I'm a pretty damn good bowler, but I ain't wearing Vol Urnge...count me out!