Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Newest Oregon State Fan in the World

As we come to the end of the college footbaw season, I find myself compelled to become a HUGE HUGE HUGE Oregon State fan. GO BEAVERS!!!

We kinda need this one, y'all Beaver folks. Get your jersey ON!!!

By the way, the College Footbaw National Championship Game shall be held this coming Saturday, December 4, 2010 in Atlanta. The Championship Conference West Champions, the The Barn WarPlainEagTigs will take on the Championship Conference East Champions, the 'Cocks of the Palmetto State. Since I am a Westerner, I shall be pulling for The Barn. I simply cannot keep those jerseys in stock, though. What is up with that?

Here is the THIRD The Barn jersey that I have posted. It's Cam Newton's, too!!!

Here is the MoM SEC jersey store, go get one for the entire family, including THE DAWG!


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Basil said...

Mmmm. Beavers.

innominatus said...

My Beavs looked pretty good beating USC last week, but totally $^&*($@ stunk up the joint yesterday. I just need the "good" Beavs to show up and play some ball. If the stinkbeavs that showed up against WSU, UCLA and Stanford take the field, the Ducks could literally beat us 72-0.

And I'm sure you're thrilled that the Gheym Day boys are gonna be here in Corvallis.

Paul Mitchell said...

Yeah, Inno, I would have never expected them to show up at THE FREAKING SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!

I hope State beats Oregon by a billion points. We need Auburn v. TCU as the BCS Game.