Sunday, November 28, 2010

Subtotal on the BCS


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While I am normally against a team dropping on a BYE, it doesn't bother me with Oregon because there is NO METRIC that would place them in first over Auburn anyway. The BCS was wrong last weekend on that.

Anyhoo, this graphic is stolen from the Four Letter's Standings Page and cobbled together to show all of the teams in the Top 25 along with the bowl eligible teams in their respective conferences. Of course, the PAC-10 is still not finished, so I guess that they could ALL actually win, because I do not think that the PAC-10 plays by actual rules, it is just what F-E-E-L-S good to those morons out there. Hell, they might even award THREE wins per team next weekend.

Here are Week 13 (14 according to BCS) Rankings

1 Auburn                          (SEC)
2 Oregon                         (PAC-10)
3 TCU                              (MW)
4 Stanford                       (PAC-10)
5 Wisconsin                    (Big 10{11}{12})
6 Ohio State                   (Big 10{11}{12})
7 Arkansas                     (SEC)
8 Michigan State            (Big 10{11}{12})
9 Oklahoma                    (Big 12)
10 LSU                            (SEC)
11 Boise State               (W-A-C)
12 Missouri                     (Big 12)
13 Nebraska                   (Big 12)
14 Oklahoma State        (Big 12)
15 Virginia Tech             (ACC)
16 Alabama                    (SEC)
17 Nevada                      (W-A-C)
18 Texas A&M               (Big 12)
19 South Carolina          (SEC)
20 Utah                            (MW)
21 Florida State             (ACC)
22 Mississippi State     (SEC)
23 Arizona                      (PAC-10)
24 West Virginia           (How the Hell did a Big Least team get in?)
25 Northern Illinois        (How the Hell did a Mid-American team get in?)

In case you do not notice,  there are six SEC teams, three PAC-10 teams, two from Mountain West, three from the Big 10(11)(12), five from the Big 12 (three of those from the South), two from the WAC, two from the ACC, with a Big Least and a Mid-American team thrown in just to PISS ME OFF.

At this stage of the season, this doesn't look TOO bad, other than the Top 12 not being just straight SEC, but we have to let the lesser conferences get some play, too.

Now, if Auburn can just finish the REAL season out by beating 'Cocks, and the Beavers can finish off the Orbs, or whatever Oregon is, we can get a BCS Silly Game with TCU playing The Barn.  That is what we want, y'all.

Get your Beaver and The Barn jerseys.

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Basil said...

Once again, you beat me to it. There are as many SEC teams in bowls as there are bowls. Almost. SEC is in 10 of 35.

One of the additional angles I had: in addition to having the most bowl-eligible teams, the SEC also has the fewest not-bowl-eligible teams.

With 10 SEC teams qualifying, there's no way a conference with less than 10 teams could match that total. So, looking at the reverse (how many teams are not bowl-eligible) I find that only two conferences have only two teams that aren't bowl-eligible: SEC and Big Least.

UConn (league champ) lost to Michigan and Temple in non-conference games.

Co-leader Pittsburgh lost non-conference games to Utah, Miami, and Notre Dame.

Co-leader West Virginia's only non-conference loss was to LSU. Okay, that's not too bad. Those losses to Syracuse and UConn? Not so good.

The other angle was non-conference losses. SEC went 41-7 (.854).

Slack-10 has gone 21-10 (.677)

Middle-Size-12 went closest to the SEC, going 40-8 (.833), but 8-4 on bowl-eligibility.

Little-Ten/11 has gone 35-8 (.814)

ACC went 30-18 (.625)

I could go on. And have. But won't.

Basil said...

Okay, maybe I wrote my blog post after all. Just on your blog.

Paul Mitchell said...

Basil, if you want more fun running through this, check out the computer polls. ALL of them have Auburn at number one and most have TCU at number two. BUT! They have the PAC-10 with the highest SoS and the SEC at number two.

Really, check out the Billingsly computer poll, he must be using Microsoft Excel to put his together. It's hilarious.

OregonGuy said...


Paul Mitchell said...

Did you get your jersey, Oregon Guy? I am decked out in Beaver Black and Orange right this minute.


Andy said...

I did a little research, but won't have time for a full blog post...probably. Or, I'll wait until the Pac-10 gets finished.

But, LSU finishes 10-2 in the toughest division of the toughest conference, beating 9 bowl eligible teams.

Arkansas, same conference, same record, beating 8 bowl eligible teams.

TCU in a weak conference goes unbeaten, but only faced 7 bowl eligible teams.

Boise in a weaker conference than TCU goes 11-1, 5...count'em, 5 bowl eligible teams on their schedule (so far). That number could increase if Oregon State beats the Ducks, LA Tech beats Nevada, Idaho beats San Jose State, and Utah beats Utah State.

So, let's just go with that number of 5 will not likely change.

Oregon is undefeated, and will likely end the season that way. Their schedule included 4...count 'em 4 bowl eligible teams. That could change if Washington beats Washington State, or Oregon State beats THEM...but then the point would be moot. So, I'm just gonna figger 4 for the Ducks.

Rankings suck...

Paul Mitchell said...

There is more footbaw data in this comment thread than on the entire Four Letter website. y'all should get PAID and I should get paid for hosting the conversation.

Andy said...

Use my check to pay off part of my tab. I'm sure I still owe ya' sumpin. I think I will put together that post this week, and finish it off after the gay boys on the west coast wrap it up.

Paul Mitchell said...

Wait, hold up. Is it your argument that those are BOYS playing in the PAC-10? Hell, I always thought that was GIRLS Community College Powder Puff footbaw! Man, I am going to have to go back and add more harsh language about the PAC-10.

My bad...

Anonymous said...


Shouldn't you spend more energy on why D1-A doesn't have a playoff? I just read an article in SI on how the bowl system is rigged to get a few fat cat executives (Bowl executives) high six figure salaries for doing NOTHING!!

Why not talk about that? Every other sport in NCAA has a playoff except D1-A football....except Gymnastics. Is that what it has come down to...D1-A football is gymnastics, where "judges" (pollsters) decide who wins and who loses?? Nothing is ever decided one on one.

By the way Oregon rules, Auburn blows chunks and even if Auburn manages to slip by Oregon for the title it will be stripped within six months.


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, the play-off is never going to happen as long as the PAC-10 and the Big 10(11)(12) have a vote about it. Besides, Basil has already worked out the particulars on it. Nothing else needs to be said.

Here is how it would have played out last year:

Basil said...


Thanks for the mention about the playoff plan. I'm working on this year's what-should-be post, but there is too much in flux.

Depending on the outcome of the 5 conference title games, plus regular-season games by leaders in the Big East, there are potentially 15 teams vying for 6 conference spots! Really.

The 5 championship games means 10 teams. And the Big East could have a 5-way tie, if South Florida beats UConn, and if there are losses by West Virginia (vs Rutgers) and Pittsburgh (vs Cincinnati). And the Big East doesn't have a tie-breaking scenario for a 5-way tie!

The teams that lose in the 5 conference championship games will be left out entirely ... except possibly Auburn (unless they drop out of the top ten).

There is too much unknown to accurately (or even approximately) pick the seedings. I'll have something up on Sunday.

But, again, thanks.

Basil said...

Oh, and since Boise State still has a game, if they lose, Hawaii wins the WAC. So, it's actually 17 teams for 7 spots. My bad.

Paul Mitchell said...

Basil, what do you think of the TCU to the Big Least move? Does that throw the Mountain West into a tailspin of MORE suck than they currently possess?

17 for 7? I wonder how many PAC-10 and Big 10(11)(12) teams we can NOT watch through this Bowling?

Basil said...

Texas Christian to the Big Least is a huge blow to the Little-And-Getting-Smaller 12. The Mountain West was already teh suck. Now, I suppose, they are teh swalloe.

But the LAGS 12 is the big loser. Maybe they'll pick up Boys State.

Aurelius said...

Sigh...freaking Boise!

Paul Mitchell said...

Was the Big 12 looking to add TCU? If they pick up Boy State, I hope they'll be in the North.

Aurelius, are you a fan of Boise?

Basil said...

I don't know if they were looking at TCU. It would be a natural fit. Instead of a third-tier conference, TCU would be in a second-tier conference. Just like they did with the Big East move.

Just seems to me that TCU in the Big 12 makes more sense than Big East.

Big East should sell off all its football teams to the ACC, Big 12, and Big 10 and become a basketball-only conference. Or drop down to Division 1-AA, where they belong.