Monday, December 13, 2010

Drive-by Blogging - Monday Links

Yeah, I have nothing to say really about the Wikileaks thing, yet. But, what a flouncy little twerp that Julian Assange is, huh?

And wonder why the offices of Wikileaks is in a Cold War bunker? Weird, huh?

Just a bunch of links that you should read. Not kidding.

The mandatory purchase insurance thingy in ObamaCare? Unconstitutional

Obama says that Republicans wanted to raise taxes on the Middle Class. Has anyone caught Obama telling the TRUTH about something yet?

Bank of America looking to dump one BILLION in mortgage paper. Yes, the Obamanomic Recovery is in full-swing, y'all.

And more on the Obamanomics and Wall Street skeet-fest.

Al Gore's Climate Shakedown Racket is grinding to a halt.

Democrat voter fraud continues to increase. This is not shocking.

Full Metal Patriot has "Unintended Consequences." Three minute MUST-SEE video.

Left Coast Rebel has a post on how bad the US kicks everyone's ass at science. And a great post on economics.

Debunking the "Progressives'" theory of over-population.

America: The Story of Us.

I ran across this somewhere and forgot to link the source, stand up for yourself and stop my stealing!!! The Founders on Christianity.

Let's go to commercial!

Jeffrey Dahmer's sister does Michael Jackson's "Beat It."

Annnnnnd, we're back! Let's check in on the Rule 5 stuff going on this past weekend, shall we?

It is obvious that Smitty needs to get his ass back to The Other McCain, because Stacy just doesn't get this Rule 5 thing, even though he wrote the DAMNED RULE!!! Janeane Garofalo? Holy crap!

To get the creepy grossness outta your system, here's HOT CHICKS!!!

And more HOT CHICKS!!!

And finally, the only good thing to ever come outta Boise State other than I-84, Tera Patrick!!!

And back to the news, folks. Andrea Mitchell, no relation, has difficulty defining the word "PERSON."

A brief history of Democrat ideology, Detroit, and death and destruction. I do believe that I just set the world record for most redundant sentence ever written.

A&P? Bankrupt. (Folks, I seriously thought that A&P went out of business DECADES ago. I had no clue they were still around.)

By the way, with the unconstitutional thingy on ObamaCare, maybe all of these doctors won't quit, no?

Since I did not link that much stuff, go check out Left Coast Rebel's links from this morning. There is one FINE FINE blog linked...

Now, please excuse me for about twelve hours, I have to go dig the car outta a heaping helpin' of Man-made Global Warming. I need to get an oil change and do stuff in the morning in preparation for a quick drive somewhat further South of the freaking SNOWBELT on Saturday.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Barry can't tell the truth; his ideology would implode.

About danged time that everyone outside of libtards finally grasp the fraud of AlGore's AGW nonsense.

Warn me when you're going to go with a Janeane Garofalo NUDE post; I'll avoid it with the same vehemence I avoided Andy's Helen Thomas's either that, or a serious brain & eye scrub is required to purge the image.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, somewhere on this blog I have a post that states for the record that I can make Janeane doable.

Staci said...

America: The Story of Us is outstanding; I even went so far as to buy the DVD/Book set. Definitely worth a watchin'.

Staci said...

Does Assange have on an Evil Knievel jumpsuit in that photo? Heh.

Paul Mitchell said...

Staci, you did not know that Assange IS Evel Knievel?