Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Teh Google and Webbynet Links

As always, at the end of the year, Teh Google starts rolling out a bunch of stuff to give us for Christmas. Of course, they call it the Winter Solstice Holiday.

Obviously, the biggest news to me is that Teh Google Chrome browser is now Enterprise ready. I installed Chrome on my Cray 38000 about two years ago and like it muchly. It's fast, it is stable, and I like Firefox better. Soooooo....

And as far as the Chrome OS is concerned, some hardware is in test mode right now, with the first wave of retail equipment hitting mid-2011. I applied for a BETA Chrome laptop, I hope I get it to test.

And if you use Chrome, here are the must have add-ons for SEO.

Speaking of SEO, Teh Google also shows reading levels for Search. I do not see "Illiterate Imbecilic Douchebags" as a reading level, so obviously "Progressive" sites cannot rank in Teh Google Search.

I am really looking forward to the full blown roll-out of Teach Parents Tech, Teh Google's attempt at getting your mom off my junk back. They have been hyping this since late last week and have fifty videos currently uploaded. They need to make one on how to turn the computer ON for my ma.

In G-Mail news, there is a bunch of stuff that released since last week. How about "Restore Your Contacts?" Or using G-Mail for Microsoft Exchange? More on the Exchange dealio. Maybe you have decided to create a group e-mail account and let everyone share info through that account? How about even more improved G-Mail for Android?

In case you are a HUGE internet marketing guru (like me), you probably want to block those pesky nekkid girl sites. AdSense is making blocking undesirable ads even better. I blocked the DNC and Barry Obama's agitprop sites. Dude, they are blowing through our tax money on those things like crazy. Plus, no one clicks on them, either!

Oh, you might be a little late on your Christmas Winter Solstice Holiday optimizing. I hear that there is a new thing called an iPod that all the stupid people want. From what I understand, it does about one fifth of what the music function of a Droid X does. That sounds a little HIGH to me, though. A MacApple product that can offer 1/5 of a feature of a legitimate electronic product? Laughable!

In Teh Google Docs news, again, here are some more things that we have influenced with our incessant whining. I want them to add a feature called "Bring Me a Latte, Right This Minute!"

You can also import WMFs into Teh Google Docs Drawings now. I had no idea that anyone still used WMF. Granted, WMFs allowed you to stretch the image and it never pixelated, but dude, them damned files wuz HUGE!

You can also build organizational charts in Drawings. I put together an NCAA Helmet Chart and used it to organize the BCS Silly Season.

In Teh Blarqer-Land, Teh Google is telling us to "Take Control of Your Site Feed." I read pretty much the entire internet every day on my Teh Google Reader. I recommend that after you get some subscribers, back out the full feed to force them to come to your blog. That way you get hits out the YANG and you can monetize those visitors to death. IYKWIMAITYD.

Also, here are eight ways to get more readers. Really, you should just subscribe to Copyblogger.

What is the best time to publish blarq posts if you want a bunch of readers to Tweet your content? Just before 3PM on a Friday. Also, all the major Search Engines admit that Tweets and FAILbook shares COUNT.

Here are some tips to help you get your content shared. Just hit the Pay Pal if you appreciate these tips. NO MINE!!! Not Copybloggers!

In the new post editor in Blarqer, they have added a You Tube search and add feature. Imma try it below to see what I can find.

HEY! It works! And now you know how to upload an audio file to S3, too!

Also, at You Tube, the new menu has some added features. Link to a timestamp? No clue why I would do that, BUT I CAN.

Also, the You Tube annotations are getting more interactive. (Think monetize, BABY!)

And while we are making money, here are some Holiday Tools to help you make your millions.

Remember W-A-Y back at the top of this post when I linked to the Teach Your Folks to Webbynet?" You can also send them this link to show them how to upload photos of Christmas, then you can just stay at home with a bottle and just look at the holiday photos that Pops and Moms uploaded. You do miss the meal this way, but you know that the turkey was dry anyway. At least you missed your great uncle Donald getting nekkid and hitting on his SISTER!!! Dang, that is creepy.

Hotpot, Search, Rate, Discover. Since I have a Droid X, I am using this more and more. No, I am not actually going to any of the places that I find, but at least I know that they are there!

Where to get reading material for the Kindle that your Aunt Marge gave you for Christmas. God bless, Aunt Marge, she gives the bestest gifts. Too bad about Uncle Harold, though. Hopefully he is happy with his new college cheerleader girlfriend, fake tits and all.

Should Wordpress bloggers use Teh Google's Blogger as a back-up? There are numerous ways to back-up Wordpress blogs, but is backing them up all you need to do? Personally, I think that you should have your content posted in at least two places. Get a Tumblr for sure, or maybe a Posterous site to back up your main blarq. I have not used Posterous, but I am planning to after January 1, if Obama is able to keep the lights on in the United States of America.

You can even back up your Tumblr back up, too.

Whew, boy! That was a butt-load of helpful links, you should give me some money or at least link to this post. Speaking of backlinks, another H-U-G-E internet marketing guru has a post up about just that topic today.

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