Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Teh Google, Blogging, Traffic, and Whatnot (UPDATED!!!)

UPDATE: I signed up for this allegedly incredible list building thingy and I have to get three people to sign up within the first three days to E-X-P-L-O-D-E my list. Go sign up here, and confirm your membership. I'll let you know how it works, in a couple of days. (No, I do not get paid for that, either.)

Man, at year's end, Teh Google starts blasting out some stuff and then NOTHING for a week, but ignore that, first things first...

Wordpress has some critical issues going on. Of course, I do not technically self-host all of my Wordpress blorgs, so my hosting company done got me fixed up.

Just checking, but did you run over to my business site and sign up for the e-letziner on blogging, traffic, making oo-koodles of money and stuff? If not, click through and sign-up on the little pop-up thingy. No, it is not spammy at all. It is one of the first tricks that I finally figured out. I am almost certain that I can do it on this blarq too, but I have never tried. Should I?

In case you are not reading my Online Marketing Blerk, here is a post that we did on basic BEFORE the traffic stuff. Check it out, link the post, share the post, subscribe to the blauk, and send me money! And as long as you are dying to send me money, check out that shiny new "recommended" thingy on the top of the sidebar.

Now...on to Teh Google SHOW!!!

Blogger has really upped their game this year. I have been using this platform for almost six years now and it has never been better. Here are the upgrades to Blogger from 2010.

In case you are trying to put some rudimentary SEO in place on your Blogger blork, SEO starts in the post title. Watch...

As long as we are talking about blogging and getting traffic, please always keep in mind that CONTENT IS KING.

By the way, the old Keyword Tool is being taken down. Of course, here is the new keyword tool, but use the old one for as long as you can because I think that it is a little better.

SEOmoz likes to use You Tube for keywords as well. This makes assloads of sense, too, since You Tube and FAILbook are the main sites on the 'net right now.

SEOmoz also has six news SEO tools for us to play with. Honestly, I have not used any of them, but I have never been lead awry by SEOmoz, ever.

SEOmoz also dips into our Teh Google pool and reviews some of Teh Google's SEO stuff. I have started my Teh Google Wonder Wheel video and if you will go sign-up to get my SPAMMY news-ezine-email thingy, you will get first blush on my take on the Wonder Wheel.

While we are yapping about traffic and SEO, why don't you go ahead and add your Teh Google Analytics to your Teh iGoogle page?

As long as we have ANALytics (heh) on the brain, why not check out this video about AddThis's ANALytics (heh)?

If you recall, I just said that FAILbook and You Tube were getting all the traffic, I forgot to add Twittah, Linked In, and StumbleUpon. If you want all my data, hit up my QR Code on the sidebar.

Speaking of FAILbook, do you want to do that profile photo hack thingy? Mashable has yet another way to handle that. (Isn't that Kim Jong-il further down the page? His profile photo is BANGING!!!)

Teh Official Google Blog has a post of the latest from Teh Google Labs. Most of these things are stuff that we have already covered here, but you cannot expect Teh Google to be MORE up to date on Teh Google than I am...

Do you use Teh Chrome browser? Got some of them links, too!

Lovely Charts for Teh Chrome.

Here is a file sharing extension for Teh Chrome called Seriously, Rapidshare just got their nuts kicked in. Free pr0n for everybody!!!

I tried to get me one of those test Chrome laptops about a month ago. I just found out that I would be slamming the thing against the concrete if I get one. You cannot use a jump-drive on it without an act of Congress. Of course, that makes total sense if everything you are doing is in the cloud. But, how are we going to get our stuff IN THE CLOUD to begin with?

Maybe if everyone else is using a desktop and we are all connected on Salesforce Chatter, all will be well?

I was looking back at Tech 2010 and ran across these start-up logos. Really? Foursquare started in 2010? Seems like it has been around since I was BORN!!!

Since I am getting ready to launch thousands of e-books this next year, I found a great e-book cover tutorial. If you want me to make yours, e-mail me and we'll work something out.

And you know that I'll be nekkid when I am making that e-book cover, too. Mainly because I learned from the Mistress of Working Nekkid.

Before we sign off, what would Wednesday be without a Rule 5 or Humpday Hottie post?

Just so you know, I am going to pump out some good e-book content in 2011, so get you something to gnaw on those books with!!!

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