Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Drive-by Blogging - All the Barry News That's Fit to Link!

*Here is Barry checking out his biggest fan*

Listening to the news this morning, I ran across Chris Matthews berating the shit outta a GOP Proud dude on the radio, and then that ridiculous story was followed up with more insanity.

Let's be honest, yet again. If you are a "Progressive," you are dumber than a barrel of hair. Granted, your ideology might be based on "caring" about stuff, but the results of your feelings based actions are detrimental to the world.


To help you break that viscous cycle of stupidity, starting filling your head with KNOWLEDGE, instead of spreading your arms open with CARING. Shocker to end all shockers, at no point in history has the liberal ideology accomplished anything worthwhile. Just check the stats.

We have spent untold TRILLIONS in welfare, TRILLIONS in education, TRILLIONS in environmental protection, TRILLIONS in all sorts of programs to alleviate poverty, and NONE of this money has accomplished anything.

Check this crap out, the "Progressive" ACLU, the liberals' only way of getting their ideology enacted, is based solely on Stalinist policy. Who did not know this?

Conversely, "Conservative" ideology is based on actual results. Dr. Sowell explains more.

One of the Left's favorite "Conservative" Obama-Lovers tries to argue that Barry is NOT a big spending "Progressive" hack. Not only that, some of the dumbest people in the world think that Fox News is "Conservative."

The only way that Fox appears remotely "Conservative" is when you compare the network to the shrill and dense moonbattery going on at all the other networks. For David Shuster to say ANYTHING, ANYTHING AT ALL, about ideology of a network, is beyond asinine.

Steve B expounds on the truisms that "Progressivism" never works.

What is so terribly UNFUNNY to me is that all one has to do to see the alarming FAILURE of every "Progressive" policy, is turn their gaze toward Detroit. You have every liberal policy for the last fifty years there and it is a total shithole.

By the way, Mississippi, the UAW is gunning for y'all, just like they did Detroit.

Chicago, face it, you cannot avoid Detroit's level of suck.

What the "Progressives" did to Detroit, they are DOING to the United States, too. Our national debt increased by 154 BILLION overnight. To put that in perspective, that is the total ECONOMY of over eighty countries on Earth.

Luckily, since the Dumbass Democrats got slaughtered in November, maybe we can seriously undo all the stupid shit that Barry and his idiotic party have put in place. Of course, Barry is "warning" the Republicans to play nice and all bi-partisan. Why does it seem that the most arrogant people on Earth are always the dumbest f**ks that we ever encounter?

And why does the national media have to continue to push lie after lie upon us? Krugman tries to argue that the federal government has grown in size because of the Census. FALSE. Of course, Krugman is also arguing that there is NO INFLATION!!!

You have to be a special kind of stupid to not recognize how much prices have exploded since the Democrats (with W. Bush's help) jacked minimum wage up to the stupid level. And by "stupid level," I mean greater than ZERO.

Oh, while we are yakking about wages, Morgan Warstler at Big Government has an interesting proposal.

Face it, folks, if you want to see idiocy in action, just watch President Obama daily. Hey, you know what will really help matters of security or economics? Taking a shitload of property out of circulation. The only thing missing when I see any new proposal from Barry, is a mean-ass Vietnamese dude slapping my face, screaming "MOAW*!!!" (* or whatever the Hell that dude was screeching in The Deerhunter.)

Speaking of The Deerhunter, that Meryl Streep is one ugly broad. You know what kind of guys find her attractive? BLIND ONES.

The UN-fun part about the Obama land grab is that is is for some ridiculous moonbat "Save the Earth" bullshit. hey, but since everyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that "Progressives" have no clue about math, science, language, history, geography (57 states), we have to actually sit idly by and watch these dumbasses do stuff based on LIES. ONCE AGAIN, AGW IS NOT HAPPENING.

Since Al Gore flunked out of divinity school, he had to start his own religion. Luckily for Al, there are plenty of stupid people to give him money.

But, Al Gore's Bible, that he wrote, is about as true as the damned spaceship following the comet that the Heaven's Gate cult worshiped. Al needs to slip on his Nikes and eat some applesauce, and just go to sleep. But, please Al, do not forget your freaking towel.

You know how the left doesn't believe in G_d and had to sue Tenn to get the monkey thing taught? Here's my post on that crap. it took them fifty years after that Scopes thingy to get baby killing made legal, but they are patient. Evil always is.

While we are on the topic of how much "Progressives" need stupid people to survive, their school system sure is producing that stupid person supply. But, boy it is pricey.

Kinda like that ObamaCare is going to be. Boehner promises to repeal it, though.

That will NEVER happen, but maybe getting everyone ObamaCare waivers will. Next up, Social Security waivers.

But, having a Constitution Lesson with Justice Scalia simply cannot hurt anything for Congress. Well, other than a bunch of milquetoast nancies getting offended by having to listen to Scalia.

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Staci said...

I signed up for somethin' here a few minutes ago - from a post a couple of days ago. Is that Lightbox? Hell, I just signed up because you said to...... Is there a prize? Heh.

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OregonGuy said...

Wm. Briggs:

"This is crazy. The two things are unrelated logically. They have nothing to do with one another."


Melvin Udall: "I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability."

Paul Mitchell said...

OregonGuy, great post from Briggs. Wonder got the HuffPo nancy to e-mail him in particular for a list of names to a nonexistent group?

Staci said...

Alrighty, i'll look for the other one. In 2 days. I think I clicked it off today. :(

Paul Mitchell said...

Staci, you are a regular, it is not necessary. It is just for the search engine traffic people that only come here for the NUDE posts. I want to see if I can grab some folks' digits without offering them anything in return.

BUT! If you want to help me test the mails, have at it.

Staci said...

Alrighty, i'll look for the other one. In 2 days. I think I clicked it off today. :(