Wednesday, January 05, 2011

P0wning the Innerwebs - A Teh Google Tutorial

Obviously, the folks at Teh Google took the week off preceding Christmas, then they had to double up this past week. That is always a good thing for me, because I like reading their stuff.

I likes dee internut, bunches and muches. But dude, the past few posts, it is like I am writing War and Freaking Peace. Sorry, I promise I am going to tighten these up a bit AND soon.

HUGE news for You Tube today is that new Speaker of the House John Boehner, immediately upon being sworn in, started releasing stuff on You Tube. Teh Google has nothing but good stuff to say about that. Funny, we had four years of the criminal Democrat Party running the House like a Chicago gangland mafia, now the day that the Republicans take over again, TRANSPARENCY!!!

No more Democrat Fight Club. Of course, their Fight Club would be nothing but a bunch of limp-wristed slap fighting.

On my affiliates blog, I have some pretty good traffic tips this week, with a link to some really good PR building software. If you have not signed up for my e-mailings, you should do it over there. I am still working on the danged lightbox sign-up thingy. You can just hit the "X" at the top to close it.

Here is a quick traffic generating post for y'all, too. If you are like me, you blog for the conversation. Conversations are hard to have by yourself, you know?

When we went live over on the other blog, I started earnestly looking for How To sites. Oddly, I have never really done that. If you have a Blogger blog, here are some new templates from The Link Medic. There are quite a few really good technology sites on the web dealing with blogging. I think that you'll find this resource invaluable if you want to build your blog to bigger and better stuff.

Teh Google releases their top posts on their own blogs for 2010. I wonder how difficult it is to find your top posts if you are Teh Google and you have all the technology in the world?

Copyblogger has their Best of 2010.

Daily Blog Tips has their Best of 2010.

Ever since FAILbook a-sploded, everyone is keeping an eye out for the next HUGE thing. Mashable posts their Top Ten to watch in 2011. Mashable also had a post a while back on how to market your small business with ZERO MONEY. That is exactly what we want for our personal blogs, huh?

SEOmoz has Five SEO Tactics to Explore in 2011.

You know what is really stunning to me? Looking around to see the major payers that were HUGE two years ago that are not around anymore. Here are the Web 2.0 Awards 2008 Winners from SEOmoz. The Social Media mainstays numbers one and two kinda swapped places, plus number three Bebo will let you sign in with a FAILbook log in now.

But, on the Social News - The Big Guys division, was number one in 2008 and today Yahoo is debating whether or not to shut it down. This could be devastating to the information loops that have developed on From what I read, no where on Earth can we find a better search wheel tool. Better get those links off of the service soon, here's how.

In case you were wondering, yes Teh Google did give out some Christmas presents. Downloadable custom web analytics reports. You wanna know what your site is doing and why? Here ya go.

Google Operating System has their Teh Google predictions for 2011. If Teh Google does half of this stuff, they might make a bunch of money. Oh...wait...

Here is a Buzz debate on the future of Picasa this year. And also the first PLUS argument that I have seen for Internet Explorer in quite some time.

Weird that someone is hawking IE when Chrome just got Voice Search, huh?

Teh Google Docs Viewer just added spreadsheets. Good move.

Teh Google Mobile has a sneak peak at Honeycomb, Android 3.0
. Personally, I really have no use for a slate/tablet/chick magnet. I like my laptop with a Droid X just fine, thanks.

Google Operating System has some shots of Honeycomb in action. Okay, maybe my above comment was a tad too hasty, might have to walk that one back a bit.

Did y'all know that President Obama might have done something to crush the online marketing industry and we did not even hear about it? Click through Jeremy's link to the Joe Lilly article. Dude, I might be shutting down my business if we do not hurry up and get this buffoon out of the White House, soon. Can anyone point to anything the President has done that was NOT idiotic?

Get a fresh start this year with AdSense. Folks, even if you do not want to attempt to make a danged living with your website, the ads actually help those folks that DO. And you can check your earnings right from Firefox, too.

Here are the stats on folks buying digital products, by the way.

Why did I say that YOU putting AdSense on your site helping others? There are numerous reasons for doing it, but the main one is Capitalism. When you add those Leaderboards and ad blocks to your site, you are making a statement that I believe in to the utmost.


What it all boils down to is that we enjoy our little online family and the interaction that we have daily. If we notice those ads on our friends sites, we can take those few seconds to drop a few coins into their coffers by checking out the offers. It is not unlike window shopping with our buddies.

And now the fun part. We want MORE buddies, right? That means traffic, y'all.

We can apply the very same tactics to grab traffic as PepsiCo and BP, even though we are simply placing our lives on the webbynets. The very same methods that they use are the ones that we can use to get more buddies.

We have to BRAND our stuff. point in case, y'all come here to read my rants on how stupid Democrats are and what the Four Letter is NOT doing to keep me from the College Gameday top slot. i try to rank on Teh Google for certain keywords that will increase my traffic and grow the fambly. I use Teh Google Analytics to find out where those folks come from when they get here and to know where they go to when they leave. Teh Google Analytics links to a post on advanced Analytics Visitor Segments that tells us more than we can possibly know about the folks that came to our place.

Plus, we can use our social media profiles to drive even more people to our blogs. Here is a list of the TOP 101 Social Media Sites. Didn't know there were 101 social media sites in the world, didja?

There is another way to grab more traffic, too. Entireweb Search Engine.

I have been hitting and missing for the past six months on hooking up every single one of these start-ups. How's my traffic? 505,241 pages views right this minute, since July 4th 2010. Did my content change at all from before then? Not that I can tell other than throwing the NUDE posts in and starting the Teh Google stuff. Minor changes = explosion in traffic. Have I changed at all? Lord, I hope not just because traffic went crazy.

Anyhoo, I changed the look of the blog, cleaned things up a bit, made it MO' pretty and worked on the branding somewhat. I am still going to fix the pages menu at the top and add a Favicon to the headers. How about some ideas on the LOOK of the Favicon?

Next, I am going to work through these 125 tips for building a smoking brand! Does anyone object to more "Your MoM" branding? Do those jokes get old? Not for me, let me roll over and ask Your MoM. SEE?!?!?!?!

By the way, y'all, if y'all have any questions on stuff like these links, hit me up in the e-mail, I'll see if I can find an answer for y'all.


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Anonymous said...

More boobage please.

Dean L said...

Lots of good reading Paul! I like the longer posts. That's my 2,000,000,000,000 cents (that's hyperinflation for ya).

Paul Mitchell said...

Paul, I'll do my best.

Yeah, Dean, I saw some of that huge inflation just yesterday at the hamburger aisle. Dude, We are going to start having to eat turkey every day around these parts.