Sunday, January 09, 2011

Drive-By Blogging - It's Snowing Again (UPDATED: No longer snowing)

I never leave anything in the draft folder, so this has been sitting there since Thursday morning. Bad_pool_caller kept me from publishing this then, and since that time I have had to pay someone to recover my data, shovel the damned world clear of snow, reload all my software, beat a twelve year old unconscious, disintegrate into innumerable bouts of cussing, chuck a cat fully across the entire backyard, and read hundreds of blog posts about how Sarah Palin is to blame for some "Progressive" douchebag going batshit in Tucson.

Full Metal Patriot handles the "Progressive" douchebag topic pretty well, but allow me to add a few little tidbits to the argument.

Democrats, "Progressives", liberals, whatever you want to call these morons, are EIGHT TIMES MORE LIKELY to commit crimes than normal people, sane folks, Republicans, Conservatives, or whatever you want to call us. Yes, I did the math on this bullshit about four years ago, so please, if you are a betting person, when you hear about someone pulling a gun and killing folks, robbing liquor stores, slinging dope, or whatever the crime, if you say it was a Democrat, chances are that you shall be right. Vegas betting types would toss the whole farm into the pool on which political philosophy that criminals follow and they would pocket many, many farms betting against the Barrystream Media.

When the Republicans took the House floor the other day, they forced the vampires in the Moronic Democrat Party to listen to the Constitution being read. Of course, according to the dumbasses in the Democrat Party, the OLD OLD OLD Constitution is just too hard to understand. Dammit, I wish that the dead, old, white slaveowners that wrote the Constitution had the foresight to predict the entire Democrat Party being nothing but braindead imbeciles that hate freedom. It sure would have made things much easier if those guys would have put some kind of IQ disclaimer in that august document, then Democrats would not be allowed to hold public office.

They could have set the IQ threshold around 40 and we would never have to sit through another Democrat giving a speech on anything.

In case you slept through the latest economic news, here is the "accomplishment" of the Democrat Congress that has run DC since January 2007.

Folks, I am still uncertain if the Republicans can undo the stuff that Barry Obama and the Idiot Party have done to our country in their four years of running stuff.

Plus, it remains to be seen how much backbone the Republicans have, too. Boehner. Geez, who thought that guy was a good choice for Speaker and why are they allowed to open their mouth?

Brent Favre is retiring? Hol-ee crap, no one ever saw that coming.

Wonder if that guy can stay retired this time? Please, Brent, you are embarrassing the Great State of Mississippi. Stay gone this time.

And, Brent, if you are looking for a good product to endorse, this one has your name sprayed all over it.

Stay tuned, later this week on Your MoM, Jokes from the MiL returns!!!

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Skunkfeathers said...

Yeah, funny how libtards always blame violence on the Right, yet it is almost ALWAYS violence committed by the Left. Their "oh woe is me, I'm a victim and it's YOUR FAULT" methodumbassology works well with their undereducated sheeple.

Paul Mitchell said...

I am still curious to how exactly anyone has ever thought that "Progressives" are smarter than the average bear when every time those "Progressives" open their mouths, all I can think is that they are absolutely retarded?

Skunkfeathers said...

It's only naive, deluded, or staggeringly dishonest "progressives" who think that. Rational people know that progressives are doped up to the point of...being libtards.