Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NO! Michelle Obama was NOT Arrested for Child Molestation on February 18, 1991, Causing Her to Surrender Her Law License

Plus, there were not eight different waivers that had to be sought and procured before she could be in the same general area and take these photos, on the Barry White House lawn, with children, which she is NOT required to avoid.

There was never a child, named Arthur Garcia, that Michelle repeatedly sexually molested, either. There was no settlement PAID for her crimes that did not happen on the Southside of Chicago on innumerable occasions, either.

Simply put, there is no evidence, whatsoever, that Michelle Obama is a child molester.

She is hideously ugly, buffoonish, ungraceful, imbecilic, violently stupid, and married to President Turdy "Captain Failboat" McAssclown, but no child molester.

Do you see what happened right there? It is EXACTLY what the rapier stupidity of the Barrystream Media has been doing to Sarah Palin and other "Conservatives" since the "Progressive" Jared Loughner went on his killing mission last Saturday.

Here are the facts, Loughner is a far-left moonbat that is CRAZY. There is no amount of FEDERAL legislation that can rid us of CRAZY people, but there are plenty of things that the federal government can do to take away our freedoms when stupid people try to make policy and law without any regard for facts.

In a nutshell, if you want to limit terrorism, lock up Muslims for being Muslims. If you want to eliminate random acts of violence, lock up all Democrats because they are eight times more likely to commit crimes. Finally, if you want to stop the majority of corruption in government, abolish the Democrat Party and bar anyone in the Democrat Party for EVER having control over tax money.

You can try other methods of controlling these things, but they will be ineffective because they ignore the TRUE PROBLEMS.

How do we fight back against the Sixteenth Column of Liberals in the national media? I think that we do not have to because Barry Obama is the best argument against liberal policies that we have had in a while.

FDR had his generation of fail, JFK and LBJ had their generation of fail, Jimmuh Cartuh had his time of fail, Bill Clinton his, and Barry Obama has his. Why we continue to elect these idiots is beyond my comprehension, but I attempt to deal with what I am dealt.

Here are the limitless takedowns of the national media trying to make this attempted John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, and John Hinckley, Jr., Jared Loughner into some crazed rightwinger stupidly motivated by some insignificant graphic on Sarah Palin's FAILbook. Carve out hours upon hours to read these posts. You have simply got to understand how corrupt our media has become in this Age of Obama.

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Joe the Plumber at Big Government.

Darleen Click at Protein Wisdom.

Vodkapundit at PJTV. Steve Green take my idea on this whole thing to the perfect crazy level.

As a final word on this crazy dude that went all "POSTAL," if you want to stop craziness, then you need to prepare to be disappointed. Scientists are not focusing on real science anymore because there are not HUGE dollars to be made from that.

Until every idiotic mantra and divisive policy of the Moonbat Left is abolished, expect more of their creations to perpetrate these heinous crimes.

By the way, I blame Obama and his NOT child-molesting, Klingon-looking wife for all the crazy people in the world.

Speaking of the Moron President, Bill Whittle takes Barry the Dumb to the woodshed...

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Andy said...

Good post, TD. Well did!

Boogie said...

What Andy said.

Full Metal Patriot said...

Thanks for the links!

And thanks for letting us know that there is no evidence that First Lady Michelle Obama is a child molester. Good to know.

Great vid by Bill Whittle. Gotta swipe that one.

Paul Mitchell said...

Who the Hell is this unknown Andy person that commented?

Thanks Boogie for parroting this unknown Andy person.

FMP, not only did Michelle NOT get arrested for molestation, she did NOT fight seven police officers in an attempt to not get arrested for not molesting Arthur Garcia.

Andy said...

I'm still here. Buried under, but alive.

Paul Mitchell said...

You are buried in the size of that toque you were given at Christmas.

But, I know what buried feels like right now.

Andy said...

Yeah, y'all got smacked. We just got a little snow, and ice. Gonna be 18 tonight. Good thing is, I have to work, too.

Paul Mitchell said...

But, see, you working is good. You can flip the breaker on the heater at home when you leave and let the hospital pay for your warmth all night long. Free comfort!!!

Andy said...

No kidding, Dude! There are a lot of perks.

I got gas heat, so I just blow the pilot out on the way out the door.

Paul Mitchell said...

And that way, everyone in the house just goes to sleep for a little while, too. But, remember to crank it back up when you get home and whatever you do, do NOT light your bong until the house is cleared out pretty good and everyone is back awake.

Skunkfeathers said...

Superb column. AND..found two more idjit columnuts at the Denver Past (our version of the Cladipus Licker) who put all the blame for Arizona on Palin, Limbaugh, and all of the hate speech on the Right.

The moron quotient at altitude is hitting the libtards REAL hard. But Mike Littwin and Joanne Ostrow are libtards the Cladipus Licker would hire.