Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Traffic Coming Down

We have pretty much figured out how to rank on Teh Google for some of the biggest topics of the day. This blog is a PR5, so Teh Google actually gives us a little more weight than the average bear. Plus, some of the higher traffic sites, like HuffPo and their ilk, do not publish their stats or embed Teh Google Analytics.

We do, so Teh Google probably gives us leeway in the SERPs.

We are good with that, too.

But, dude, seriously, I have no clue what the Hell Bing does for their stuff. I cannot rank on Bing for some of the searches that I OWN at Teh Google, then for other things that we do not expect, we get way up in the rankings.

Throughout the next three months, I am going to be running some of the very keyword trials on Bing as I did for Teh Google last year. We'll see how that works out.

By the way, if you want to get a bunch of traffic from somewhere and never find out where you are linked, try The Blaze. I have been getting oo-koodles of traffic from their site over the past two days and I have no idea how. Any hints?

PLUS! THIS JUST IN: IT IS NOT SEPTEMBER and it shall not be September for about four whiles.

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Staci said...

Four whiles is an eee-tur-niddy.

Paul Mitchell said...

No lie. And it might even be FIVE!!!

Moogie P said...

I *dislike* Not September. Do you realize that this Saturday shall be the first Saturday of the year with no football whatsoever? Withdrawal is not a pretty thing.

Paul Mitchell said...

Moogie, all you have to do is go on You Tube and watch the highlights. Just pretend that it is really happening now. I do that all the time since baseball became so unbearable to watch.

Anonymous said...

My blog doesn't have nearly the traffic yours does, but for some strange reason, I got an instalanche of sorts yesterday and today. I checked and it seems I somehow got linked on I didn't sign up for it, but am getting a lot of hits, ( for me), from them. People are just looking, but no comments.

Mike, who got here from a link you posted in a comment at ToM

Gnutcase said...

The first answer that came to me seemed the most obvious. Since no one uses Bing for searches then every site is in first/last place with zero you're randomly tied with 500 million other websites.

If it's not that and people are searching with Bing (something you'll never convince me of) then their search engine must have an extra step before displaying results; perhaps it references one of their built-in event switches "isOnBingShitList" or "MightOffendPeopleWhoDisagree" to condition whether an entry is displayed.