Monday, January 17, 2011

Teh Google Post and Blogging Technique Stuff

This post has been in the works since Wednesday, better known around these parts as "TEH GOOGLE DAY." Since I started this post, bunches and muches of stuff has happened to open my eyes to some SEO stuff and y'all could get the monumental benefit of my knowledge.

You have to sign up for the information, though. If you have already signed up, it is all good, but I am making all the effort in the world to get more folks involved. Now, regulars here kinda think that there is no need to sign up with The Two Dogs Make Your Blog Awesome Like Glenn Reynolds Information School, but yes, it matters and I'll tell you why, too.

We'll just embarrass one of the most faithful commenters that we have, Cousin Andy. You see, Andy seems to think that his little blog is no big shakes, but I am here to tell you that it is HUGE in the scale of the interwebs.

Not to release too much of his business, but Andy's Place is currently, at this very moment, holding down the 4,754,663 spot at Alexa. Now, you'll think, "Poor Andy, he is sucking HARD!" but you would be dreadfully wrong. Granted, there are plenty of ranking ties involved there because the metrics are not exact enough to break those ties and we really do not need that, either. Andy is also holding down a PR4 at Teh Google. (By way of comparison, my business site is a big whopping ZERO.)

In case you are curious, the Blogger in Draft page that I am typing this on is ranked NUMBER SEVEN at Alexa.

There are currently 1.1 TRILLION indexed pages on the web. In case you are a "Progressive" and do not know what that means, that is 1,100,000,000,000. That means that Andy's Place is ranked in the TOP ONE PERCENT of all websites in the world. That's pretty solid if you ask me.

Yes, I realize that you are thinking, "What the Hell does this have to do with me?" Well, while we all say that we are blogging for ourselves, there is nothing that makes me feel better than a long comment thread with much discussion and that gives me a thrill. It makes me feel IMPORTANT and stuff. Same way as I feel when I flip over to check the traffic stats and see a huge surge coming from a bunch of different places.

So, go sign up. I have no idea what kind of response you shall get from the sign-up autoresponder, so if it is something weird, e-mail me. When I get a bunch of folks in place, I am going to give y'all my data from the Teh Google Traffic Studies that I have been doing to go from virtually zero traffic to around 2500 hits a day in Search Engine Traffic. And, TELL YOUR FRIENDS, TOO.

Not only that, but I am also going to give y'all the tricks to getting a HUGE number of backlinks if you are willing to do the work. I might even give y'all my spreadsheet where all you have to do is change one cell and start cutting and pasting.

Just curious, how would you like to have the NUMBER ONE blog in your area of expertise? We can do that easily, too.

Now, to the Internet BLOGSHOW!!!

In case you are wondering what won the Best Antivirus program of 2010, it is F-Secure, the suite that I have used since 2000 and Love Bug Virus. I am NOT an F-Secure affiliate and I still use their product exclusively. In the past eight years, I have only had one problem with any virus or spyware.

Firefox 4 Beta was released on last Friday. (Alexa Rank 65, HA!)

If your RSS Reader is getting chock full and you need to start smalling it up a bit, try TLDR.IT. Their service turns any page or .pdf into a summary. You can only imagine how many times I have used this to summarize SEO E-Books.

Basil has a Roku v. Apple Tee-Vee shootout. Wait, can I say "shootout" anymore without killing people and stuff?

If you are a big e-book reader, you should try the Kindle Lending Club. I have not used this service yet, but the description sounds pretty good.

I am checking out Quora right now and would like to know what y'all think about it. As I stated above, my business site is kicking back a cool ZERO in PR and I am trying anything to bring that up, now. The problem with my business site is that I set it up as a static page and now I do not want to have to jack it around and change it, but since there is NO content, I am afraid that I am going to have to do just that.

If you are a smartphone user, then you probably figured out how to use Teh Google Goggles, but did you know that all of your searches and stuff can be accessed by going to Well, now you do.

The Link Medic has a review of Klout. Using this service is certainly in my future.

With the SIXTH! birthday of this blog barreling down upon us, I wondered if longevity mattered and SEOmoz actually answered my question on White Board Friday. Short answer, NOPE.

If you are a Teh Google Enterprise user, good news. Teh Google promises ZERO DOWNTIME. That seems like a pretty good deal, huh?

Here are last week's Teh Google Apps Highlights.

G-Mail gets spell checker for search. It still cannot make a latte for me, though.

I am not sure, but I think that I have had Android 2.2.1 on my X since mid-December, but here are the Android 2.2.1 platform highlights, anyway. It appears they have addressed quite a few shortcomings recently, too.

Still MORE features of the new AdSense interface.

Oh, autogenerated content? Teh Google NO LIKEY.

I am about to embark on some testing with the Teh Google AdWords campaign-y thing driving traffic. This was mucho helpful, too.

In case you were wondering, here is Problogger's Definitive Guide to improving Advertisement Clickthrough.

AdWords, Keywords, Go Mobile, dang, this is getting complicated!

And monetize your exit pages, YOU!

And danged if the Teh Google didn't go and change the AdWord urls right when I was getting started, too!

Download the new AdWords Editor, here.

Teh Google Engage launches to help small businesses. If you are a web guy or IT guy, you need to sign up for this stuff. Remember, Teh Google owns the world.

Coming soon to Teh Google Tasks near you.

Check out all the new stuff at Picasa.

A Problogger's top five favorite Teh Google Analytics happies.

If you have not signed up and started using Hotpot, why are you ruining the world? You know that the Phonebook is useless these days. Start helping out.

Integrated Apps to help with tax season with Teh Google Enterprise. Dang, there is a bunch of stuff there!

I am going to have another post this week with Teh Google stuff and some Wordpress stuff, too. Hell, I might even mention stuff going on with RIM and others. Keep coming back, y'all.

Oh, and you need to get on my list, too. Here is my "p0wning the webbynets blog"s to give you an idea of what is coming. There is a sign-up form there, too.

Please take the time to comment.


Andy said...

Dude, thanks for reminding me of something. I haven't been faithful to remind my 13 readers that "I OWN THE GOOBLE" lately.

"In case you are curious, the Blogger in Draft page that I am typing this on is ranked NUMBER SEVEN at Alexa." Whooooooa!

Now, I don't understand what a PR4 is...well, not exactly...but my traffic has gone through the floor lately. I know why. It's because I dropped one particular phrase from my sidebar. Of course, I ain't crying about it, because I really did not relish being The Gooble's "go-to" site for all things nigger.

I still kill 'em with "male stripper images," and midget wrestling, though. And, even after all this time, "Is Eli Manning a Christian" still reels 'em in.

I like the long comment thread, too. Blogging really is about joking around, and discussing stuff with folks, for me at least. We've had some very long ones over the past 6 months or so. But, they're dropping off because I haven't had the time to tend to them, with my work load. But, I'mon make a purchase soon that should change that.

Good info as always, Paul. Thanks for summing up my mediocrity. Still in all, top 1% ain't nothing to sneeze at. I really had zero idea.

Anonymous said...

There was a whole lot of stuff in your article I don't know nothing about, being the computer illidiot I am. I checked out Andy's place...very humorous.Have to check back more often.

I think I figured out how I got the "instalanche" for that one day. It came from that site I mentioned in another comment. What I think happened is I posted a video about a Chinese woman taking off her pants and knocking a policeman unconscious. I think all my hits were coming from the linkback. And the reason I wasn't getting any comments is because they all were Chinese. Aint that a hoot?

Anyway, all that stuff was interesting even if I didn't understand what most of it did. Thanks for putting the info up.


Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, typically, there is a huge drop over the holidays that picks back up in January, but I know of one blog that did not experience that this year! And being in the top 1% is almost like being better than 99% of ALL websites! That is just crazy!

Mike, I did not understand anything about driving traffic at all until I started reading Google stuff about it. I did this in March of 2010 and have built daily page views to the stupid level for my product here.

It is pretty simple when you decide exactly what you want to do.