Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Face of the "New" Civility

Ever since the November elections, the Dumbass Party has been calling for "bipartisanship" and civility. It has reached a fever pitch since the "Progressive" went "postal" and killed a bunch of folks in Tucson.

What does this all mean to us? Actually nothing.

You see, more than half of the population of this country is stupid. We cannot get away from that FACT. We'll never be able to change that, nor should we even try to.

The world needs ditch diggers, too.

However, the Republicans engage is the exact same stupidity. What are they calling the "Repeal ObamaCare Act?" They are calling it, "Repealing The Job Killing Health Care Law Act."

Why would anyone ever care if something killed jobs at the federal level? Because, they are STILL trying to undermine freedom and individuality with this repeal.

Why are medical costs so high? BECAUSE of the federal government.

How do we bring costs down? By allowing the private sector to produce more and bring about innovation. This is certainly not facilitated by ANYTHING that Congress can do.

This morning I hear Nancy Pelosi say on national radio, "There are 120 million young people poised to lose their 'healthcare' if ObamaCare is repealed."

Nevermind that ObamaCare is technically only going to cover twelve million people. Ignore the fact that Pelosi says that fully ONE THIRD of the entire country is going to lose their medical services.

Forcing United States citizens to buy a product is PATENTLY unconstitutional.

Say it. Use your newfound civility to tell the freaking truth.

Folks, I am sick to death of these dumbasses in DC telling me what I can and cannot do. They need to freaking read the danged Constitution.

Oh, wait...

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Staci said...

I don't want to sound like a danged old Democrat, but I was going to sign up for something on here and it was supposed to come up every two days (am I making any sense? No? Well, whatever!) and it hasn't! I can't sign up! Did I miss the sign-up window of time or something?

Anonymous said...

You nailed this one spot on. Was just talking about this at lunch...

Right on the head as usual, Paul.

Paul Mitchell said...

Staci, I was trying out a sign-up form on here for a minute just to test click through. If you do want to sign up for my list, do not worry because you already did about three months ago!!!

Thanks, Paul, this tidbit was about to crawl out of my ears this morning.

Moogie P said...

"Reading the Constitution" does not necessarily equal "comprehending the Constitution," or even "abiding by the Constitution."

And now the Repubs have taken "jobs killing" out of the Bill's title because of recent violence against a Member. E-freakin'-gad.

I also see a new word added to my list of STOP USING THESE WORDS!!!! well before the end of the year: civility.

I wish they'd stop ruining perfectly good words.

Boogie said...

Speaking of the "new civility," did you hear about Rep Steve Cohen (Jackass-Memphis) calling conservatives Nazis in a speech on the House floor? This amazes me; isn't it the Democrats that push the policies that have allowed for the infanticide perpetrated in Philly recently by that abortionist?

I guess it's okay to talk about killing, as long as it's aimed at Republicans and innocent children.

Skunkfeathers said...

When libtards like Krugman, Olbermann, Matthews, Moore, the idiots at the Daily Kos and, start practicing the kind of speech that they demand of us, I'll give it some reciprocal consideration.

Paul Mitchell said...

Moogie, don't you know that the word civility will be bastardized and used as a cudgel against us? We'll just have to muddle through, regardless.

Boogie, isn't it Democrats that have always been in lockstep with the Nazis?

Skunks, they cannot let up, it is their bread and butter.

Anonymous said...


The gov't can force you to buy into something.

They make you "buy" into social security every year. Is that constitutional?? Why can't I opt out of social security??? Am I not a "free" man???

How about assassinating US citizens outside of US borders?? Or RICO laws, where your association with other individuals make you equally guilty to any crimes committed by others??

See, the constitution is a piece of says what the gov't says it says, if I am wrong then why aren't the stuff I listed been declared unconstitutional????

Lets not even consider such things as eminent domain, Dred Scott, Plessy v. Ferguson, Chinese Exclusionary act of 1882, internment of Japanese Americans during WWII, etc...that constitution is such a sacred document...yeah right.


Andy said...

Roderick makes some good points. BTW, there are some folks that can opt out of SS.

He's right. The Constitution says what "Judges" say it says.

Our problem is not a flawed document, or a flawed system. It is bad leadership, and a lazy populace.

Skunkfeathers said...

I'm not as prepared to write off the Constitution as Roderick seems to, and the libtards desperately WANT to; but I do agree that it's the leadership that we, the voters, have settled for, who have played us false. 2010 needs to happen at the polls again and again, and it only can when voters get off the laziness that's allowed Bela Pelosi et al the power they grotesquely abused.

Anonymous said...


I am not writing off the constitution but I am just testifying to the fact that our gov't willing disregards when it sees fit.

It's a great document, a monumental achievement especially in the listing of "negative" rights (what the gov't cannot do to you), if it were actually adhered to.


Andy said...

Roderick makes some good points. BTW, there are some folks that can opt out of SS.

He's right. The Constitution says what "Judges" say it says.

Our problem is not a flawed document, or a flawed system. It is bad leadership, and a lazy populace.