Saturday, January 22, 2011

Drive-By Blogging - Weekly Newz

Bad news first, this idiot is STILL President. Yes, I am amazed at that, too.

Just so you know, I have been under the weather almost all week long. It seems that the boy brought some kind of flash-eating virus home from school last week. The whole family is ailing, too. On the plus side of that, I have gotten no fewer than one thousand hours of sleep since Monday. But, I have made Alka Seltzer Cold Plus some major money this week.

On to the BLOGSHOW!!!

Tax breaks help small business. Wow, tell us something that we do NOT know.

More unemployed. That Obama recovery sure is painful, amirite?

The Mayor has more on the Obama Unemployment Explosion.

That 1099 thingy in ObamaCare is going to hit hard in 2012. I bet businesses cut vendors by the dozens to keep that paperwork to a minimum.

More and more Moonbats realize that Obama is an idiot. Wow, that took long enough.

Maine's Governor doesn't like black folks. Or, something like that, anyway, according to the Barrystream Media.

Obama brings the energy FAIL. Seriously, he's retarded, right?

Pundit Press is increasing their POWAH. And they want more contributors, too.

Michael Reagan delivers a beatdown to Ron Reagan.

Obama's Pep Rally at Tucson was a rebranded affair. And ghoulish.

Good thing that Obama told his minions when to clap at their Tucson Pep Rally.

Big Al wields the Cluebat on Accountability. Why is it that we have to keep writing posts like this? Why can everyone not see these things?

Understanding "Progressivism" in one photograph. That chick needs to be locked up, y'all.

If you are NOT reading Green Shoots & Leaves, then you are not informed. More Green Shoots.

Basil has more on the HATE SPEECH of Crosshairs. CNN needs to just get their purse and go sit in the truck.

Full Metal Patriot has the Paul Ryan take down of ObamaCare. This dude is going places.

The story of the week was the Philly Baby Slaughtering "doctor." Do not read this on a full stomach.

Roland has a "Progressive" opinion on the baby slaughter.

Finally, Great Moments in Liberal History.

That wore me out, y'all. I am headed back to bed. Be kind to each other.

Please take the time to comment.


Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better, Paulie. Thanks for the reading this morning...needed my mind on something else anyway.

Anonymous said...

Are you still mixing the Alka Selzer Cold + with water? Are you new?

It seems a pleasant enough round-up of what ales the world here today, welcome back to the real plugged in world Paul. I read through the first 50 pages of the indictment / grand jury / whatever it was at AceWorldHeadquarters, of the Philly abortion house Dr. It was as though Poe still lived or something, but it was real. Like many others, my words cannot begin to describe the revulsion.

Go Steelers.

Paul Mitchell said...

Yep, mixing the Alka Seltzer with water. Should I try whiskey instead?

That abortion mill is not atypical, either. They are pretty much all like that.

Andy said...

Dude, sorry you're still under. It'll pass.

That abortion mill is not the only one. Most are not quite so hideous. Regardless, the results are the same.

Get better.

Marc, what are "Steelers?"

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, it is getting better, but it shall be another two days before I am back to my typical 80%.

By the way, the "Steelers" are a Senior Tour footbaw team.

Andy said...

Oh...Does Betty White play wide out?

Paul Mitchell said...

I am not sure anymore. They do have a big boy that plays quarterback that is dumb as a stump, though.

Andy said...

Oh yeah! Now I remember.


The Mayor said...

If you're going to come in contact with someone who has the flu, make sure it's your fist coming in contact with their face.

Other than that, I have no advice for you.

Gewt well.

Paul Mitchell said...

Mayor, this is the truth. The only problem is that outweigh the boy by about 100 pounds. When he is bigger, fist to the face for this.

Moogie P said...

It must have been a terrible blow when you fought your way back to consciousness from your Alka Seltzer-induced semi-coma only to come face-to-face with the sad reality that the Big O is still hanging around the White House for a couple more years. My advice is to go back under until late 2012 when it's time to vote.

Feel better soon! And, be kind to the boy. He's then one who'll probably choose your "Death Panel" accommodations.

Geaux Saints! Who Dat!!! (Okay -- I'm just having trouble letting go. So shoot me. No! Not really! I didn't really mean that violent rhetoric!!)

Paul Mitchell said...

Moogie, how did that moron get elected ANYTHING? Geez, what a dolt.

I have been sleeping an awful lot, but I do not think that I shall be able to make it until 2012, but I am going to try.

Andy said...

Did the Saints lose, or sumpin'?

Paul Mitchell said...

Who are the "Saints?"

Andy said...

I started to axe the same question, but I goobled it instead.

They are either the holy ones, righteously redeemed by the blood of Jesus, or a football squad that play home games at Edwin Edwards Field.

I figured Moogie was speaking of the later.

Paul Mitchell said...

Didn't Edwards just get outta the joint last week? Do you think that he will retire now that he is out, just like his buddy Carlos Marcello did when he got out?

Andy said...

Dude, Fast Eddie will retire when he goes toes up.

Justin Case you missed it, Edwin was released to home detention to serve out the last couple of years of his ten year sentence.

Upon his release, Claude "Buddy" Leach, the current Chairman of the Louisiana Democrat Party (who was once my own Congressman...who got busted by Fed Election Officials for vote buying...yep, a pack of smokes, a five dollar bill, and a ride to the polls kind of thing down around Leesville) actually HIRED Edwards as a "consultant" to the LA Dimocrap Party.


These people have no shame.

Paul Mitchell said...

You do remember that those guys were all for Nixon against Kennedy, though, right?

In my research trying to figure out who killed Kennedy, I found that that crowd paid Hoffa of the Teamsters to front a bunch of money to Nixon.

Of course, then they killed Kennedy when they lost, too.

Andy said...

Dude, my Mom's best friend growing up in Mooringsport, LA was (Name Redacted)

She married a Gambino. Mom is mum about a lot of what her best life-long friend shared with her over the years...but, I'll just say that...

Crud. I'm takin' it off blog.

Anonymous said...

What about the debt ceiling??

Any outrage on this betrayal?


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, until they address the minimum wage, nothing is going to be any different. It all hinges on that.

Anonymous said...

How does the minimum wage relate to Congress raising the limit on how much the gov't can borrow??

I don't see a relation. I am talking about the whole Tea Party phenomenon with the very same people allowing the gov't to borrow more money.


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, when the Democrats passed the minimum wage bill and Bush signed it is when the economy went to Hell. The reason? Because everyone stopped spending money. All of the cities and states lost HUGE amounts of revenue and the federal government stepped in to waste that money to pay the public school teachers and the state government shortfall. Spending exploded, revenues stayed stagnant and then collapsed. All because of the false raise, that did NOTHING for minimum wage earners, yet crippled everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Your avoiding my question. The "Tea Party" won, they got a "conservative" gov't, in two out of the three branches now.

With this power isn't the fact they are going to raise the debt ceiling, which requires action on their part because it isn't automatic, an outrage???

The past is the past, let's deal with what we have now. The "Tea Party" has before it a decision to raise the debt ceiling, yes or no.

IF they don't raise the ceiling then all your talking about will collapse upon it self (good right??), therefore not raising the debt ceiling will fix this but if they don't then will you then be outraged??? No debt ceiling raising, no more money to prop up the states and municipalities since the limit puts priorities on gov't spending/borrowing.


Skunkfeathers said...

Where is this Tea Party "conservative" government in two out of three branches?

Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, the Republicans control one part of one branch of government.

The debt ceiling is a non-issue really, for two solid years now, the US has been monetizing debt to cover up the crippled economy. If you do not know that inflation is through the roof, unemployment is around 20%, and entitlements are bankrupting the country, you are not paying attention.

The quick fix is to abolish minimum wage. Immediately, normal people will have more money to spend on more stuff. Holding this house of cards up for another little while until we can get rid of Bernanke and his boss.

Anonymous said...

The branches are legislative (Republicans can force anything they want) and judicial (four guaranteed votes). Not a clean cut overwhelming majority but enough to force issues.

Ok Paul,

So when do you expect the Republicans to abolish the fed?


Anonymous said...

So then you realize this never ends, it just gets worse then better and eventually back to worse again.


Paul Mitchell said...

Yeppers, as long as there are Democrats, nothing will ever change. They shall always try to return us to the state of slavery.

Andy said...

Oh...Does Betty White play wide out?