Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekly Update - Da Newz (or How Stupid can Obama Really Be?)

I am just NOT sure what this says, can someone use The Google to find that out for me?


Much has happened since we last visited, but to cover everything thoroughly would take 5000 words. Let's not do that, okay?

To the BLOGSHOW!!!

Chris Matthews proves that he is so dense that refrigerator magnets fly toward him as he walks through the kitchen. Seriously, since Keith is gone, Chris must have to double down on the stupidity. (Just so you know, it takes a special kind of ignoramus to work for both Jimmuh Cartuh AND Tip O'Neill.)

Amazon's in trouble? Boy, I never saw that coming.

Fannie and Freddie are sticking taxpayers with a bunch of bills, too? Yeah, never saw that coming either.

Detroit is Somalia. No, really.

That birth certificate that Barry (and every one of his leftist douchesicles) says he has published online? Yeah, didn't think so, Scooter.

ObamaCare is really helping out the kids that need medical services. Wait, scratch that and reverse it.

President I Hate Jobs and Wealth has caused oil drilling companies to abandon the Gulf of Mexico. I am sure that is not going to have any bearing on the cost of fuel, either.

Full Metal Patriot has been beating up on Time magazine this week for the Reagan-Barry cover. Luckily, he produced a better cover, too.

New Barry Press Secretary. I am really curious to know why we need to pay for this person when we have fully eight television stations and unlimited newspapers doing the job already?

In badder and worser news about Egypt, bad guys are breaking outta jail.

Meghan McCainiac proves that she is as dumb or dumber than her father.

Know whose SOTU address was dumber than W Bush's? The Obamessiah's.

While everyone is getting all upset about the stupid stuff that Barry said, normal people know that the President is an idiot and his ideology is moronic. Here is the rebuttal that I enjoyed. Whittle is on FIYAH.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Are we SURE that Meghan McCainiac is NOT the lovechild of Chris Matthews and Bela Pelosi, after an all-night meth party in Pelosi's office? I mean, dang, she sounds as stupid as the two of them put together....

Anonymous said...

Just off the top of my head, I cannot recall Bill Whittle saying anything I've disagreed with. I've only been listening / watching his youtube conversations since the approximate rise of the TEA Party movement... so I can't speak for his previous commentary. Good stuff.

So Paul, you survived your bout of ebola? Some people suggest burning all the clothing you wore during this match...

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, there is no telling who the real parents of MeggieMac are, but I am guessing that The McCainiac was certainly the sperm provider.

Marc, Whittle has been around since before the webbynet had a net. I think that he and Kathy Shaidle actually invented it. Check out