Sunday, January 30, 2011

What is in Store for 2011 and Beyond?

If you are not concerned about the state of the economy, maybe you should be. Below is a little over thirty minutes of Dr. Sowell explaining what is going on right this minute. Watch it and then continue reading below.

China is not really a threat to us simply because of their growing economy, but for some reason, them using Top Gun video to showcase their new aircraft disturbs me greatly.

If that is not enough to make you grab your shorts, here is Glenn Beck with more of what is going on with our currency and the oil prices in the Middle East.

And to add Islamic gasoline to the fire, Obama and his economic clusterfuck might have been complicit in the riots in Egypt.

Concerned yet? Thought so.

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disgruntled said...

Well that plus another foot and a half of Goreflakes here in Boston on Wednesday just shot my week all to hell. Time to put my Single Malt Scotch on an I.V. drip. Please post a good news story about one of these President Chimpy McEconomyFail assclowns suffering jail time to offset the evil. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

That video was bullshit, really I want my 30 minutes back.

Two key issues that were not even discussed (superficially but no depth at all):
1. The securitization of everything from homes to student loans. Does this make sense??? Should everything in our society be allowed to be a security, to be traded on open markets???

2. The gold standard. This is critical becuause this puts a hard limit on how much a gov't can spend.

That video was a joke, no details just fluff. Securitization and the gold standard...the two biggest elephants in the room and not a word about the legitimacy of either. "Oh that would be another discussion altogether"...well what the hell are you doing at that table??????


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, I am really unsure if gold IS actually needed to back our currency, too. But, having a limited supply of greenbacks is certainly important.

Student loans are idiotic as a basic premise, to discuss them is irrelevant to the nth degree. And yes, government intervention in home ownership is as dumb, if not dumber. The fact that the federal government continues to build government subsidized housing and also promote individual home ownership is contradictory at best and suicidal at the worst.