Saturday, February 19, 2011

Barry Obama's Race Wars are Blowing Up!!!

I have been saying for an awful long time that Barry Obama was going to start a race war and my predictions have come true. It is just weird that the races have dissolved into exactly what I said they would, too.

It is NOT black v. white or any other skin color, it is the Race of Ideology, which is what I have always said. Skin color means nothing in the larger scale. It is the way we believe that drives us, the intelligent conservatives, and them, the moronic, idiotic, dumb as a barrel of hair, "Progressives."

As usual, Barry is on the wrong side of the ideological debate, just as he has always been for the entire length of his very long life.

Throughout the month of Blackuary (and the whole year really), "Progressives" try to frame things to make their ideology look much more sensitive and caring, however, we intelligent people know that their "Progressive" ideology has brought about the death of around 100 million people in the last century. There is no way to dispute it, either, but the "Progressives" keep trying to rewrite history and they have a great start, too.

The "Progressives" OWN the public school system and the VAST majority of all the government bureaucrat positions. The reason for this is that "Progressives" are generally unable to produce anything for profit, so they have to go into fields that they can legislate more money to themselves without ever having to be successful at their jobs. Why do you think that the REPUBLICAN Congress jacked the President's salary up to 400k and Bill Clinton signed it? Because the President must always be the highest paid federal employee. Until the President got paid more, Congress could not get paid more.

The average salary of a member of Congress has gone from $60,662.50 in 1980 to $174,000 in 2009. Averaged, Congress got a four thousand dollar a year raise, EVERY YEAR FOR THE LAST THIRTY YEARS. Just so you know, the average length of service for a Representative is 10.3 years and for a Senator is 13.4 years. So, they basically double their salary in the time they serve. Weird coincidence, huh?


Wisconsin is simply the beginning of the major ideological battle. It has to spread everywhere and we cannot sit idly by and not call the "Progressives" out on their success-killing agenda.

It is impossible to point out all the ways that the "Progressives" are wrong with the staged, astroturfed, union, government employee, blackmailing, traitorous walkout in Wisconsin. Every last one of the government employees that walked out should be fired, POST HASTE. Pull a damned Reagan on their asses.

When Reagan fired all the air traffic controllers back in 1981, true, air travel got a little tedious for a week. Seven thousand flights were canceled. In two weeks time, it was as if it NEVER HAPPENED.

For some reason, I think that air traffic controllers are kinda more important than a bunch of public school teachers and administrators that have not produced a quality product in over thirty years. In fact, fire them and shut the fucking schools DOWN. Let parents provide for their own kids' education. Let's make it a supply and demand issue, instead of only PROPERTY OWNERS paying for the public schools. Well, except for that "Free Lunch" program, anyway. All taxpayers, regardless of property ownership, pay for that stupid shit.

If you want to actually educate yourself to what the Democrats, the Dumbass President, the corrupt teachers unions, and the self-absorbed GROTESQUELY overpaid teachers are doing, check out the links below. My favorite of all these? The ones that show those "Progressive" teachers comparing Governor Walker (Republican) to HITLER!!! and Hosni Mubarak. Um, what happened to that civil discourse that Pelosi and the Klan Party wanted? Good thing that those violent Tea Party people are staging a protest today, heads NEED to be busted.

Wanna know what they are protesting? Pay and benefits. Since they only make twice as much as the average family of four in Wisconsin.

Pundit Press has got the violent rhetoric from Daily Kos. I feel sorry for Markos, I bet he got his ass beat all the time as a child.

Same old, same old

Holy crap, you mean this is CLASS WAR, too?

Scott Stalin. there's a new one. Why would the "Progressives" belittle their hero Stalin by equating him with that HITLER WALKER?!?!?!

Oh, at least the teachers that are NOT teaching get some doctors' excuses. That way they can STILL GET PAID FOR DOING NOTHING, like everyday.

Maybe it IS a real RACE War, Jesse showed up. Shorter Jesse, "I. AM. RELEVANT. I. AM. REVERENT."

Nancy Pelosi calls it "AstroTurf." But, she was talking about the Tea Parties, not the union protests, organized by Organizing for America, Barry Obama's very own personal Klan. And Pelosi is PROUD of the Democrat legislators that took off to Chicago to keep the state house from having a quorum. Thank goodness that she is no longer Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, she is a sheer embarrassment.

Herman Cain and Andrew Breitbart are in Madison. We might win this one.

Jim Hoft and his crew are there, too. Gotta LURVE Gateway Pundit.

Tim Pawlenty chimes in.

More video.

The moonbats wilding in Wisconsin say that FOX LIES!!! Of course, they are just making up a new stupidity chant like they always do, but Rachel Maddow at MSNBC has been caught NUMEROUS times lying about this "Progressive" protest and its causes. Facts are some curious things, I wish "Progressives" understood just one fact.

Let's give Malkin the final word...

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Anonymous said...

Why is 'progress'' always defined by moonbats as the most medieval crap they can come up with? Where do they presume their 'vision' of progress will eventually land us? The bronze age? Shaking my head in disgust.

Anonymous said...

I've been fairly addicted to the talk radio/ Breitbart / Gateway Pundit coverage of this er... event. There is a good chance this'll spread in the next few months to other states staring into the debt abyss. Has anyone polled the neighboring Governors opinions?

Does this count as the change so many wanted? The Governor of Wisconsin sez there'll be no backing down. And the left knows that if they lose this fight they could fall like dominos.
Well with no football to watch, what's a man to do?

Paul Mitchell said...

Saint, I have no idea how "Progressive" has come to mean, "following an ideology that was proven to be useless in 1920," but it has.

Marc, there is a link from a Big Government blog post from Pawlenty of Minnesota, that is kinda close to Wisconsin, huh? Michigan's Snyder is Republican, too, so I am guessing about the same as Pawlenty, but I don't have any first hand knowledge of that. Illinois' governor is the idiot, Pat Quinn, so I assume he is all for the rioting teachers' unions, and Iowa's Branstad (R) just replaced Culver, the one term Democrat. Branstad was the old governor of Iowa from 1983-1999. But, Branstad is a Special Ed teacher, sooooooo.