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Blackuary Sies - 03 AB - Rebirth of the Coming Freedom

On Blackuary 6, 1911, the man to become the Fortieth President of the United States was born. By the standard that he set as President, all subsequent Presidents shall be judged. By intelligent people, anyway.

"Oh, come the Hell on, what the Hell does Ronald Reagan have to freaking do with Blackuary?"

Well, let's see. Maybe, his mother actually taught him right and the actions of a young Reagan tell the story of his integrity.

Ronald Reagan grew up during the rule of the racist Democrat Party and the resurgence of their militant wing, the Ku Klux Klan. Woodrow Wilson was the President of the United States when Reagan was a boy and it is well documented the attachments that Woodrow Wilson had to the Klan, going as far as showing the D.W. Griffith film, Birth of a Nation, as the first film ever shown in the White House.

That typical Democrat RAAAAACIST mentality did not touch Ronald Reagan. Even as a young boy, his mother operated a type of "half-way" house for paroled felons. Many of those men were black. Just imagine, white folks allowing a BLACK! person to sleep in their house! In the era of Woodrow Wilson and the Democrat rebirth of the Klan!

Furthermore, Ronald Reagan brought some black kids to spend the night at his folks' house. When those black basketball players were denied rooms anywhere in the town of Dixon, that was run by Democrats, Reagan brought two ball players home to stay with the Reagans. All his mother said was, "Come in, boys." This is not a big deal now, but back then during the terrifying Democrat controlled days, you could be killed if you were white and you even talked to a black person.

Since current "Progressive" ideology demands that gays are the new black, Reagan also addressed that debacle, too. The first reported case of GRID occurred on June 5, 1981, during Reagan's first term in office. Of course, the earliest known infection can be traced back to the Congo in 1959 or 1960, but we heard nothing about that until it was here.

Reagan's CDC was trying to determine a name for the new disease and originally settled on GRID because it was only found in the homosexual community, so Gay-Related Immune Deficiency. Then, the CDC changed the name to the "4H disease" because it only affected Haitians, homosexuals, hemophiliacs, and heroin users. Of course, since the homosexual community fought like rabid idiots calling it anything to do with gays, and screeched like banshees about being able to give blood (for money to buy heroin), the disease eventually got into the blood supply because of the "Progressive" political correctness. (Not to mention the fact that all Haitians were black, too!) Hey, thanks for that shit, "Progressives," y'all killed Arthur Ashe! We can all thank Henry Waxman (Dumbass-Dumbassafornia) for helping spread the disease outside of the confined four areas, too. His terrifyingly ugly mug was all about some killing of people with AIDS tainted blood.

Hey, it just dawned on me, Haiti must have sucked then, too! Has there ever been a time in history when any country followed the tenets of "Progressivism" and did not suck to the nth degree? Oddly, NO.

All that said, President Reagan's actions during his tenure as President resulted in a rebirth of the ideology that formed this country. An ideology that had been forgotten since probably the Civil War era and the freeing of the slaves. His push for economic freedom for all people, restoring our standing in the world that is always diminished every time that a Democrat is in office, and the reversal of the economic failure of the Jimmuh Cartuh years sets Reagan firmly atop the list of Presidents in my lifetime.

Plus, he took the time to shake the hand of a boy that came to hear him speak in Pearl, Mississippi.

On this day, the 100th anniversary of Ronald Wilson Reagan's birth, plenty of people will try to either degrade him for what he was, or to attempt to assign traits of this great man to the current President, Buffoonish Clowncar Obama.

Luckily people that do not adhere to the stupidity of "Progressive" history know better and they are posting in full force. Enjoy.

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Newsbusters has gone into hyper-drive on the Centennial covering the Barrystream Media's attempts to discredit Ronald Reagan or to try to attach some of the greatness on to the current presidential failure. For their efforts, I am grateful and link to four of their posts below.

NB: How the media has worked to distort Reagan's legacy. (Video)

NB: How the networks pulled out all the stops for FDR's 100th.

NB: Rewriting Reagan: Reagan and Race.

NB: Rewriting Reagan: Reagan and National Defense.

There shall be no end to the Reagan bashing from the "Progressive" blogs and sites today. They are correct in their actions, too, because if young people ever find out what a President can really be like and accomplish, "Progressivism" shall die a very quick death. Luckily, we have the poster child for "Progressivism" in the White House today and he is proving the actual devastation to be wrought by that idiotic ideology.

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Anonymous said...

Nice article. I remember Reagan as governor of California when I was a kid. California wasn't such a clusterfu@k as it is now.


Anonymous said...

Let's see.

Gave states rights speech in Philadelphia MS...check. (in his defense, he only went there once, and since he lost to Ford earlier for the nomination was probably desperate this time to win)

Was against civil rights and voting rights acts of '64 and '65...check. (was against his personal belief in liberty with regards to gov't intrusion and liberty of private property owners and businesses)

Was ok with housing discrimination....check. (was against his personal belief in liberty)

Supported South African apartheid regime...check. (typical devils bargain that has to made in is dirty business)

Was against MLK holiday....check. (why MLK when so many others are equally if not more worthy)

Said Jefferson Davis was a hero to him...check. (probably his strong belief in states rights...see 10th Amendment to constitution)

So tell me Paul how are black folks not going to think he is racists??

I can understand, because I understand the concept of liberty and the devils bargains politics can force you to make.

With what I just listed this man is tared and feathered in the black community, especially since intellectualism in not inculcated within the community. The black body is admired, the black mind....not so much. Our current level of society is only good at producing/developing asymmetrical black folks...all body, no mind. The black mind is something this society doesn't mind wasting year in year out.


Reaganite Independent said...


I don't know if anybody can ever fill the Gipper's shoes... but somebody better try, and quick

innominatus said...

What is it about Blackuary that makes so many great Presidents want to be born in that month?

Paul Mitchell said...

Mike, I am lucky to never have living in Cali. I am a simple Southern boy through and though.

Roderick, if anyone comes to Mississippi to campaign for anything, they speak at the Neshoba County Fair or not at all. Just because the black workers at the glove factory killed those agitators and buried them in the dam, doesn't mean that the politicians have to stop going to the fair. Reagan was not against Civil Rights at all, neither was Goldwater, they were against HUGE failing government programs that would destroy the black family and shoehorn poor folks into a life of poverty. Seems kinda like they were right in HINDSIGHT, huh? On housing, private property is private property. The government cannot tell me what I do with my own property. It is kinda obvious that what happened in South Africa was bad for everyone involved. And Nelson Mandela was and is a terrorist. Reagan signed into law the King holiday. Did someone put a gun to his head to do that? Jeff Davis was a hero. So were Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson and thousands of others that defended the South.

Blacks should learn to look at things the way they are, were, and shall be. Just because someone is black, that skin color doesn't mean that they have to be ignorant their entire lives. Focusing on things that did not even happen to them, their parents, or anyone in their family is kinda dumb. And if blacks do not think that they have it better in the United States, hop a fucking boat and go back to Chad, Congo, Somalia or Ethiopia. Most black folks cannot even tell you what country their ancestors are from and that is sad, too.

Now, to end your comment with what you know to be true just makes me want to try to motivate you to take on Little Wayne and try to get some black folks to realize that they are fans of a dumbass.

RR, there are millions of folks that can fill Reagan's shoes, but we are too busy trying to make a living for our families that we just can't find the time. Reagan gave us that motivation, too.

Innominatus, please, do NOT forget William Henry Harrison, either. Until Reagan was elected, he was the oldest president ever. Of course, he only served just over 30 days in office.

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

Very interesting - some stories I had not heard. Thanks much for including me here:-) Linked you back.

Paul Mitchell said...

Maggie, I really liked the photos on your post. They bring back fond memories.

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

Thanks Paul. I had fun with them.

Anonymous said...


Nelson Mandela showed restraint when let out of prison, he even supported the SA rugby team...the pride of the white Afrikaners. Why not just kill the whites?? It was nice he went the other way, did not take the white majorities wealth and give it to black people. Yes I know now they have stuff like affirmative action and quotas, but that is the fault of the whites for not developing the black population. Dividends of policies past.

Reagan signed the holiday law because it was passed with a veto proof majority, he would look bad if he vetoed it and was over ridden by congress. Signing that bill washed away his personal convictions, he gave someone he knew not be worthy a national holiday.

You take a people and strip them of their original culture and your surprised all they cling on to is their victim status. Why are you surprised by this, American slavery stripped the original African cultures from the population (had to be done to support a slave system, wonder why it was illegal to teach slaves how to read). No culture, no roadmap, no anchor to how you handle yourself or how you conduct yourself.

Compare black immigrants to African Americans, an intact culture or internally developed one is a big difference. African Americans could not have developed a new culture within the US since they were surrounded by and dependent upon whites.

Why should black folks leave, victim status is a pretty good racket. See this is what happens when you take a people and break their culture, no constraints, no anchor, no pride, no self respect. Do you understand now?? See the dividends from that policy, selfishness of the founders (couldn't keep indentured servitude, had to import a people and make them perpetual slaves).

Unless your ppl are willing to deport the former slave population, then you must deal with the dividends of policies past. Deal with it, your paying for it anyway...we didn't magically get here, things were done...and as with everything else there are consequences (like not allowing the former slave population to mix with the majority, so an intact "marked" population continued to exist).

For you not to know that the original Africa cultures were stripped away from the slave population, I find that surprising. Did you somehow think slave owners wanted their large slave populations to keep a language they did not understand??? What logic would support that argument?


Boogie said...

TD, I used some rough language in that last one, and if you feel like deleting it, I'll totally understand.

Paul Mitchell said...

Naw, Boogie, but you do need to read through Roderick's comment. He might be even more harsh than me.

Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, Mandela hung out with Muammar al-Gaddafi, I do not consider that showing restraint. Plus, they did not have time to kill all the whites, they fled when Nelson Mandela was elected to keep from getting killed.

And if Reagan did not want to sign the bill, it was probably because King was borderline Communist. There are too many past situations that bear Reagan out on the race issue.

Just so you know, your original culture should stay at its origin. I know that blacks sold their own families into slavery and that those slaves had it rough, but dammit, that ended just as soon as normal people started fighting back against the Democrats and the Klan.

AND. It begs the question, why if blacks have it so damned bad here did the majority NOT sign on to go to Liberia? Dude, we would send anyone back that wanted to go, too. Shit, I'll help send the whiners to Liberia right this damned minute, too.

Not only that, I wish that we could just find the actual descendants of the slaves and give them the forty acres and a freaking mule and be done with it. I am sick of all the fucking crying whiney racists on every side.

Hey, if you cannot make it in this country, the greatest on the face of the Earth, you cannot make it anywhere. Put a gun in your mouth and pull the damned trigger.

Know what I mean?

Anonymous said...


I guess your not one of the smart ones. You even seem unclear on the concept of how to read between the lines.

Hell I made it easy for you, I put the defense in PARENTHESES...DO...YOU....UNDERSTAND.

I am pointing out how impression not facts affect ones view of someone else. I hope you can tell the difference, but I guess you can't.

Oh well I guess every white man can't have a triple digit IQ.

FO yourselft dumbass. Fucking read next time before you type. (in your defense (see I am writing in parentheses again), if you lack depth of thought I am sorry I assumed you were capable of being on a specific level given that you read this blog.)


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, Boogie is from Meridian about 40 miles from Philadelphia. He prolly got snotty because of the Neshoba County Fair comment you made. He took it personal and that was wrong on his part.

Y'all play nice, okay? Both of y'all are good folks, remember? And got more in common than meets the eye.

Anonymous said...


I hear you but there is no where to go, I am about as African as you are. My thought processes/perspectives would alien in Africa, adopted culture ain't from there.

Who sold who is not important, the point is when on arrival here they lost the anchor that culture has on people. That is my point. The dysfunction, complicit support anti-social behavior, crying racism/low self esteem...all are symptomatic of a lack of culture.

It is easier to whine and complain, especially when it gets what you enforcement can't police you as aggressively, not held to account for fostering a counter productive sub culture....see these are the games that can't be played or tolerated in Liberia, only here can this racket happen. And a lucrative racket it is, just ask Jesse Jackson (nice shot of him in the owners box at last nights super bowl...what has he invented, business has he developed, or professional sport he has played to allow him to be there???)

About making it (be careful what you wish for) see Jesse Jackson made it (money and wealth), but I don't think that is the model your talking about.


Anonymous said...

Paul and Boogie,

I take back what I typed, I was the dumbass this time for not waiting and collecting my thoughts.

I was already slightly irritated before reading your message. Its like going grocery shopping when your hungry.


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, why would anyone make groceries when they weren't hungry? Dude, that is the only damned way you get home with the tube of peanut butter cookie dough.

And Jesse has not had a real job since he was the luggage/sammich boy for Dr. King and Ralph Abernathy.

On the "your original culture" comment that I made, I meant anyone, not you specifically. Just like the Mexicans coming here holding on to their "culture" and Mexico was not even a damned real country until 1917. Sure, there was some kind of culture where they're from, but it is a suck-ass culture. Exactly like Congo, Kenya, or any of the 50 other countries in Africa.

When you make a rational comparison, why would anyone want to claim Iraq, Denmark, China, or Sudan as their birthright after they had made it HERE? Dude, that is beyond ignorant.

Andy said...

Interesting comment thread. Enjoyable...and you're right Paul. Boogie and Roderick have a great deal in common. Having gotten to know them both (somewhat...and virtually), that's the God's truth.

Hey, I learned something I didn't know about RayGun. He gots coonass in his blood! His Ma & Pa hung "Moon" on his brother.

Good post TD.

Boogie said...

Re-reading, more slowly this time...and I apologize to Roderick (I don't do this often, so take note). Honestly, I do, and Paul is exactly right: I grew up right down the road from Philadelphia, MS, and when I casually read what I figured to be criticism of Reagan due to his speech at the NCF, I kinda came unglued. Again, I apologize...that's what you get when you read one line, don't look at context, and jump to conclusions. Mea culpa, mea culpa.

As for the entire subject is concerned, I started having this conversation about black culture last night with a acquaintance. I'm not sure I got through to him about personal responsibility, but it was worth a shot.

Again, my apologies Roderick.

Andy said...

This is too sappy.

Y'all gonna french each other now?

Andy said...


Anonymous said...


Apologies for my return comment, in my haste I stepped over the line with the vitriol....I spiked the ball alittle too hard there.


Boogie said...

Hell we all do that sometimes Roderick.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, they are gonna French. Bromance.