Thursday, February 03, 2011

Blackuary Tres - 03 AB - Black Men Voting is Guaranteed by Republicans, Democrats Begin Trying to Get it Back in Courts

Every year in the month of Blackuary, we again point out that on Blackuary 3, 1870, Republicans gave the newly freed MALE slaves a voice in their government with the ratification of the Fifteenth Amendment. Sadly, since the Democrats do not believe in a definitive Constitution (It's a living, breathing document!), they immediately started trying to figure out ways to cripple and re-enslave the black folks. Admittedly, as is ALWAYS the case when our elected leaders attempt to enact something, the language was TOO VAGUE for Democrats to understand. Intelligent Republicans ASSUMED that people would understand it. And, as is always the case, Democrats were too fucking stupid to understand.

Let's just check in on the verbiage of the Fifteenth Amendment really quick so we can ALL know what we are talking about. Democrats, do not shit your pants, it is ONLY two sentences long, so in just a second, you can get back to your raping and dumbing down of school children. (Mainly BLACK or Mexican school children.)

Amendment XV
Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

Section 2. The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Since we all KNOW what this was about and why it was passed, why then do Democrats immediately begin to try to get those Negroes right back on the plantation? It is because the mentality of the Democrat has always been (and will always be) to get something for nothing. Democrats do not want to work and earn what they need or desire, they want someone else to provide it for them FREE OF CHARGE.

Sadly, the people that get hurt in the process of Democrat legislation are always the weakest because Democrats are vultures that feed on the helpless and ignorant.

There's more, too. Here is our Blackuary 3, 2008 post to delve a little more into this Democrat racist hatred of Black folks.

The point that we are making throughout the entire month of Blackuary is this, only in the United States of America, the freest, most generous nation in the history of the world, is the issue of slavery and forced servitude EVER considered to be about RACE.

There is a reason for that, too.

There are always going to be people that feel guilt about being successful. Sorry, that is just human nature in a person that wants the best for everyone in the world. You know, those normal people that enjoy the highest standard of living, the best sources of food, medical care, and housing, and enjoy all of the benefits of freedom, want everyone on Earth to have all the great stuff that the citizens of the United States have.

That is because being free inspires charity towards those that are NOT FREE.

Are there problems in the black community? Of course there are and ONLY in the United States has anyone tried to do anything about it specifically. Do I actually believe that we should address problems in the black community? No, that is silly and RAAAAACIST.

You see, any problem that exists anywhere would be the same, given the same circumstances, no matter what race those in the community are. Sorry, I do not believe black folks to be inferior to other races like the Democrats do.

Even Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the last pseudo-intelligent Democrat, thought that black people were inferior and must be carried for the indefinite future. In the Moynihan Report in 1965, he warned against FORCING black families apart in order to distribute the moneys of the "War on Poverty." Still, Moynihan WAS a Democrat, so by default he was stupid and he actually reversed his ideology to go to work for Richard Nixon. Read more about the last Democrat that was almost not stupid.

Such is the very state of the Democrat Party that has always sought to enslave the black people of this country. And it has worked exceedingly well, too.

The minute we, as a country, get past the fact that skin color is simply skin color, then we can truly begin to undo the past injustices perpetrated on the black race by Democrats. But, as long as the black folks continue to protect and stick up for the man wielding the whip, nothing is going to CHANGE. There is no HOPE for them.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Minorities remain second class as long as they are wedded to the ideology that diminishes them. Clarence Thomas is indicative of the American Dream when the 'class warfare' socialist bullshit is dispensed with, and people go on to achieve based on their character.

Moogie P said...

It's very, very hard work, that "restraining the racist-pointing-finger" thing.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, the "protesters" said that Justice Thomas needs to be put back into the fields. Yes, they said that.

Moogie, trust me, others have wagged that finger plenty throughout the past months of Blackuary. Imma big boy, though.

Anonymous said...

Isn't "guilt" the problem. Instead of guilt wouldn't contempt be more useful.

There is a saying I heard recently..."sometimes you must be cruel to be kind." Do you agree with this?? (rid the weakest members of a group in order to help the group)

Do you really think the "achievement gap" will be closed with kindness or cruelty?? Or wealth gap, or every other gap between black folks and white folks without cruelty???

Example, lets say you go to an majority African American high school that is underachieving. You call an assembly with the entire student body, you call all those out who get Ds or Fs in their classes. You then shoot those that do in the head in front of the entire student body. What are the chances that there would be anymore students getting Ds or Fs in a course? (assuming no mental handicaps) Two birds with one stone: You rid the group of the "weakest" members and you instilled motivation in the remaining members by showing the results of what happens to the "weakest."

Am I being to provocative?


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, that would be somewhat harsh for doing poorly in school and I am not a believer that someone cannot motivate themselves to do better.

That said, if you want to stop the gangbangers, pulling a dope slingers out of the herd and filling their skull with lead might change something. Plus, send some users to prison for life and that might change some stuff, too.

I believe that we can motivate kids to do better by expecting more of them. Public schools are the destroyer of minds. But, it is simply NOT about skin color.

Anonymous said...


Can you give me a case where carrots actually worked?

Look what happened in Kansas City school system (google it...., they spent all kinds of money on the school system and test scores didn't improve. Because the attitude of the students attending the schools didn't change, duh.

This is not about skin color but group dynamics. To help a group, do you give them carrots or beat them with sticks? Based on what happened in Kansas City, those big fat carrots didn't work...not even close.

Think back to raising your son, or your parents raising you...what was more effective carrots (bribes) or the back of the hand (when necessary of course).


Paul Mitchell said...

Oh, positive reinforcement NEVER works. I have said that a billion times, but killing a student for failing is too harsh even for me.

Anonymous said...

That was an extreme example, how about just force the bad students to do manual labor. Or have them publicly flogged.

There seems to be no way to go in terms of the stick without bring up slave or prison imagery (public corporal punishment, forced hard labor, etc..), which would just elicit more guilt. Killing a student simply side steps that, it is harsh and cruel but it is effective. It is what you'd call a devils bargain, up front evil for long term good. Kind of like how during WWII England allowed cities to bombed (innocent ppl knowingly killed) so that they didn't tip off the Nazis that they had the ability to decode their military communications....short term bad for long term good. Or how our gov't employed former Nazis (Waffen SS Nazis[Werner Von Braun]...the worst of the worst) to get our space/rocket programs off the ground. Or allowing slavery to exist in the US at the signing of the Declaration of Indepedence, knowing that the very same document undercut the rational for slavery (and provided the foundation for its eventual dissolution) but support from the slave owners was critical.

It doesn't matter I guess, we'll just keep on keeping on. No change just keep moving in the same direction always asking questions like why groups differ and never doing anything concreted to converge the differing groups except through gov't programs that make it worse or never seem to somehow close the gap. But I guess that is the point of gov't to never complete or accomplish something just keep it going to justify a programs existance.

All the while the targeted group for all this "help" somehow stays at the bottom, which will only lead to questions of whether this is more than just cultural, and if it is not cultural then maybe it is something more fundamental...something that is built into the group, something that took a long time to be built into starts with g (a big G). That is the point where the hands and thrown up and a sigh of relief is released, nothing can be done to help these people...but there is but that would be too harsh to contemplate.

Up front evil for long term good. It worked for this country(the greatest on earth), defeat of the Nazis, and our space program (all are devils bargains that worked out great). Why not for helping a group that is perennially at the bottom since its founding? (even with abolishing of laws and institutions that kept them there, they still occupy the same position..the comparison is there with other groups that encountered harsh discrimination like European Jews where when Anti-Semitism relaxed the results were explosive where a small formerly hated and despised group has a huge impact on the world (no zion conspiracy, just a culture expressing itself through excellence in particular fields/subjects), where the argument is out there that maybe the harsh form of European anti-semitism resulted in the shifting of the European (or Ashkenazi) Jewish group to what we see today or have observed over the last 200-300 years. Another postulated argument for the good of harshness/cruelty for helping a group (helping the group was a unknowing/unintentional benefit).


Paul Mitchell said...

I do understand your point and I know too that pulling a failing or misbehaving kid from class and pumping a bullet through his or her head would work to motivate the other students. Of course, fear is a great motivator. It always has been, too.

But, Roderick, don't you think that we could start the corporal punishment back up in schools FIRST to try to get back some semblance of order? Of course, it is the parents that made that impossible, and to follow that back to the root, the "Progressive" ideology of Dr. Spock and the "New Left."

For those that are unaware, Dr. Spock was the dude that came out and said that it was BAD to get babies on feeding schedules, BAD to punish children, and BAD to try to demand performance from children. What is funny about Dr. Spock is that he was a Communist FIRST and FOREMOST. His writings on nuclear weapons were certainly evidence of that, as well as his activism throughout the Vietnam era.

My point is that we have allowed "Progressivism" to reduce every known standard in our lives and it has been to the detriment of our society and culture. Whenever you run into a cultural problem or a community problem, the root cause has ALWAYS been because of good intentions from government that ends poorly in practice.