Thursday, February 03, 2011

Drive-by Blogging - Da Daily Linkfest

Since Obama made the dummy speech last week, he has been jetting around the country trying to get people to believe his lies. Even the Democrats do not believe him anymore. Here he is at one of the myriad Democrat rallies for stupidity.

Nope, he is a complete and total failure. That is why Jimmuh Cartuh loves Barry so much, Cartuh is certain to be remembered as the SECOND worst president of all time after 2012.

Today's linkfest is simply that, a bunch of things that interest me a whole lot and they are delivered in no certain order.

The Morning Beat from Left Coast Rebel is a great place to start for the daily newsiest links.

One of the things that Democrats always do when they are in power is make it harder and more expensive to buy anything that is necessary for survival. In our global economy, the stupidity perpetrated by the Democrats is no longer confined to the United States.

And if we actually do slip in the tub, bump our heads, and become stupid, then maybe we'll eat the silly crap that the "Progressives" want us to eat. But, the human species will die out because even if the hippie chicks say that like that kinda crap, they still won't spawn with someone that eats it.

The latest meme that the Barrystream Media has cooked up to prop up the Failure President is that somehow, someway, the Obamoron is like Ronald Reagan. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH, UNLESS IT IS RON REAGAN JUNIOR.

The strange thing about the Barrystream Media imagining all of these new parallels between the Obamoron and Reagan, is that the media always HATED Reagan.

FMP has the parallels between Obama and the current number one worst president, Jimmuh Cartuh. And as expected, it has to do with Obama's bungling of every foreign policy situation since he has been in office. What the Hell, just go read his entire blog. You will not be disappointed.

The Mayor does a great job posting what I have struggled to articulate about the Egypt situation. In case folks forgot, the Muslim Brotherhood is a BAD CLUB.

Lisa G produced the PERFECT segue post to transition from Egypt to ObamaCare.

Even though the Democrats in the Senate voted down the ObamaCare repeal on strict party lines, a majority of the Senators dug their heads from their asses long enough to KILL the 1099 stupidity in ObamaCare.

As long as we are discussing government programs that cost a shitpot of money and perform no intended purpose, let's ONCE AGAIN point out that FULLY HALF of the country doesn't pay for anything. This is why it is almost impossible to slaughter the Democrat Party once and for all. All it takes is a very few liberals that had wealthy parents to push the Democrats over the 50% mark.

Something is not quite right with the GDP report. By this I mean, it is even more useless now that it used to be.

Did you hear about yet another "Progressive Science" group falsifying still more global warming data? Well, of course you didn't.

What about the latest "Progressive" group that yet again is supporting child prostitution? Yeppers, it was Planned Parenthood!

And did you also know that still more "Progressive" scientists has found a funny little clock in every living thing? Oh, and that they cannot figure out HOW or WHY it miraculously "evolved" there?

I would also like to tell y'all that currently I have 69 links in the Blogging Post that I normally do on Wednesdays. I am not going to post the whole thing here, so if you want to get all that massive data, you know where to find it.

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