Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Monica Crowley - Unable to Make Sammiches

In the wake of electing the very first idiot to the Presidency of our country, it has become increasingly fashionable for people of all walks of life to say increasingly stupid things. I guess they think it is cool now to sound like an utter imbecile because they think that the President is cool and he is a ginormous opposable-thumbless moron.

This morning, Monica Crowley set today's moron barre pretty danged high while talking about President Stompyfoot's bungling of every foreign policy debacle that he has undertaken. Folks, expecting someone, who turns to Joe FREAKING Biden for foreign policy advice, to be even marginally competent is breathtakingly stupid.

Crowley said, "The Obama Administration was caught flat-footed on the situation in Egypt, much like the Republican administration was when the fall of the Berlin Wall happened in 1988 or 1989."

Just so you know, the demolition of the Berlin Wall is considered to have started on November 9, 1989 and went on for many months. Crowley was BARELY right on the WHEN of her example.

But, to say that the collapse of Communism and the Red Terror was far from unexpected by the Reagan Administration is akin to saying "Obama is the smartest president this country has ever had." It is simply so stupid as to defy basic logic. Crowley must have forgotten President Reagan's call for "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

Not only that, but to equate an Islamic revolution in Egypt with the collapse of Communism in Europe and the Soviet Union is kinda like comparing total nuclear annihilation to winning a one billion dollar lottery. You see, one is decidedly BAD and the other is exceedingly GOOD.

As long as we continue to watch and listen to people speak that actually believe that this type of lunacy is good logic, we are going to continue to raise moronic, useless children.

By the way, Monica Crowley's sister is married to Alan Colmes, so stupidity runs D-E-E-P in that family.

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Andy said...

"Caught flat-footed?" Bahahahahahahahaha!

Okay, so I decided to give Blondie some grace, figerring she was just ignurnt...or blonde. Her Wiki page says she is 43 years old. I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, seeing as she is 8 years my junior, and may not have a good grasp of the events leading up to the fall of the Soviet bloc.

Then I see that she gradumauated from Colgate in poly-sci, and gots a Piled High & Deep from Columbia in "International Affairs." Of course she probably learnt that Reagan/Bush had no idea what was happening behind the iron curtain...that we had NO intelligence, no spies, weren't supporting the liberty movement.

Nope! Here we were, all sequestered over here in comfortable ignorance...and "Shazzzzaaaaammmm! Babs, you're never gonna believe what those wacky Germans are doing! They're vandalizing a brick wall!"

Sheesh...she's either a true idiot, or just let one slide without thinking.

Paul Mitchell said...

Crowley normally smacks Eleanor Clift around on The McLaughlin Group, but dude, when she chooses to step in it, it gets deep.

In case you haven't noticed, the meme lately has been to start comparing the fecklessness of the Obamoron with the competency of Reagan. But, not in a way that points out the exact extent of Obama's record-setting stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Is she seriously saying that a Republican administration was caught flat footed by the fall of the Berlin Wall?

Well after being told for years now that socialism is the answer, I suppose to hear that it collapsed on itself is a bit of a surprise.

Andy, "vandalizing a brick wall" yeah, that sort of thing happens all the time when there isn't enough basketball courts built for the young'uns.

I saw the Time magazine front cover, what balls!

disgruntled said...

Epic Douchbaggery on a grand scale. I guess those 6 years I was in the Navy from 83 to 89 were spent doing what? Obama and the rest of these asshats can get away with almost anything. Obama would have to eat a live puppy on tv before anything bad could be said about him.

Paul Mitchell said...

Marc, that is EXACTLY what she said. I almost drove off the road, too. DUMBASS.

Disgruntled, Obama is failing on a grand scale, why else would the leftist media be trying to align him with Reagan now? Oh, and why else would Ron Reagan Junior be making the talk show rounds like a douchebag? RR Junior, who used to have a show with...wait for it...MONICA CROWLEY!!!