Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Local "Progressive" Moron

(Yes, I know that "Progressive" moron is redundant.)

This past Wednesday, Kingfish at Jackson Jambalaya linked a post at Jackson Fool Press posted by DonnerK about why folks leave Jackson. I want to point out how fucking stupid you have to be to be "Progressive" using DonnerK's post for the LITERAL example.

Here is the post at the Fondren Bugle. Trust me, if you built a spreadsheet to tabulate the TOTAL CUMULATIVE IQ of the people that read and comment at the Jackson Free Press, your spreadsheet would only need single digits and use only addition. The posts there make Cynthia Tucker at the AJC appear to be a rocket scientist, because even though Tucker's arguments are ridiculously stupid, at least there is a recurring theme. RAAAAACISM!!!

The topic: Why do people leave Jackson?

DonnerK says,
1. Fear of crime.
2. Belief that public officials are inept, etc.
3. Too many black people.
4. Don't like city living (too many people, too noisy, etc.)
5. Belief that public schools are unsuitable.
6. Can't find a fulfilling job.
7. Can't find a job, or one that pays enough.

9. Too many potholes.
10. City residents not tolerant enough of ___________ (gays, Republicans, crazy artists).
11. Want to live in a more creative, artsy city with those opportunities.
12. City too liberal/Democratic.

15. Fear of flooding.
16. Going to school somewhere else.

Do we see the problem here? Lemme help. "Fear of crime" is not an issue. CRIME is an issue. "Progressives" never pay any attention to actual results or outcomes, they only focus on INTENT or the emotional aspects of stuff. You see, words actually mean something. The issue for DonnerK is FEAR. "Of crime" describes that fear.

Intelligent people do not leave Jackson because of fear, they leave because of the much higher crime rate.

Of course, if you are an idiot, maybe fear is your motivation. Also, I found out that there are children getting MUGGED waiting on the school bus in Jackson. Does the emotion FEAR enter into the equation? Certainly, but when a normal person talks about why they are moving from Jacktroit, they say "I am moving because the crime rates are continually going up." One is an emotional reaction and one is a logical reaction to a real world problem. Of course, Jackson is run by "Progressives" so it is going to "progress" just like those other "Progressive" cities. Into the shitter.

Number two is a "Belief that public officials are inept." No, those public officials ARE INEPT. That is kinda why y'all elected Frank over Harvey the last go around, because Harvey was an incompetent BOOB. Of course, the minute Frank was sworn in, The Bugle went all in trashing the shit out of him. So did Ronnie Agnew at the Clarion-Ledger, but that is beside the point. And now, since that was in The Ago and the "Progressive" mental Etch-A-Sketch was turned over and shaken, Harvey is right back where he was when y'all threw him out of office for his incompetence. Wow, same thing, but different results are expected? MORONS.

DonnerK's third point about the too many black folks well, that is simply stupid. The black folks are getting the Hell out, too!!! Because of the CRIME!

On number four, if Jackson's population continues to elect the morons that they have for the past thirty years, the number of people is not going to be an issue because everyone is fleeing! Therefore the noise is going to plummet. That problem is solved by continuing to elect "Progressives."

Here's five: "Belief that public schools are unsuitable." Again, it is not a matter of a "belief," it is a matter of HOLY SHIT!!! the schools in Jacktroit are terrible. Maybe it is because of our "belief that public officials are inept?"

NO. It is because those dumbasses ARE inept.

Six and seven are the EXACT same thing. Blah, blah, could be that there are no jobs in Jackson because the tax rates are much higher than surrounding areas? Maybe?

Fifteen, same thing. FEAR of flooding. Well, actual flooding could devalue your property and stuff, but that FEAR!!!

As a disclaimer, I have never met DonnerK and probably never will because I am forty-six years old and she only hangs out with college students. So, I cannot make a definitive statement about her INTENT, but I can say that she is a dumbass because she admits that she is a "Progressive."

Stereotypes become stereotypes for a reason, you know? "Progressives" become stereotyped as morons because "Progressive" ideology is so freaking stupid.

Sidebar: QB posted a few of his/her LEGITIMATE reasons for leaving Jackson. The word FEAR did not occur once in the list. Remember my comment above about what intelligent people say?
44. City will not cut back overgrowth around city-owned creek/ditch near house.
45. City will not clear storm drains on street, causing water to pool and cause erosion.
46. Streetlights do not work.
47. Car burglarized 3 times while parked in carport.
48. Wife's car burglarized while parked in carport.
49. Advised by police officer to not walk dog past 9:00 PM.
50. JPD officer refused to take fingerprints on 3 out of 4 auto burglaries.
51. Water bill increased dramatically.
52. Insurance rates are higher in Jackson zip code.
53. Having to pay for private security patrol just to provide minimum protection.
54. Kenneth Stokes.
55. Economic growth being choked by the levee board.
56. Aggressive panhandlers downtown.
57. Stabbing at King Edward bar.

The very next comment was from an obvious "Progressive" because it was so stupid, "is #50 hearsay?"

Yeah, dumbass, it is hearsay when I state plainly and definitively that my cars have been broken into on four occasions and the JPD refused to take fingerprints on three of those occasions. How is it even possible that "Progressives" have not been naturally selected OUT of the gene pool?

Please take the time to comment.


Roderick said...


If Jackson is a majority black city, run and controlled by African Americans, then why are African Americans leaving?

"You steal the black man from his home, make him a slave. Tell him he's inferior, treat him like an animal. Then wonder why he acts like one?"- Sir John Cool (no one famous, just off a yahoo commentator...but very pithy and apt...don't agree with the steal part since he was bought from other Africans slavers but the main point is valid: What do you do when a people who were told in the past they were inferior then internalize the inferiority propaganda, so when they are no longer told they're inferior it doesn't matter because now they "know" they are?)

Do you see an inferiority complex working? African Americans running away from African American leadership and control?

If group cohesion was present wouldn't all the problems of Jackson be solvable? Citizen patrols?? Civic engagement?? Volunteering in targeted after school programs?? BTW-the inferiority complex kills group cohesion since you think your "people" can't do certain things., going out of your way to seek help (medical, financial, educational, etc..) from "others."


Roderick said...

Let me clarify, so you get the broader view of where I am going.

A few months ago there was an email I got from my father, it spread widely because my boss brought this up to, that contrasted Detroit with Hiroshima (Japan). It was talking how we bombed the hell out of Japan and they rebuilt beautiful cities and look at one of our former great cities (Detroit). Well I had to point out to my father and my boss that since Japan has little land to build on the local population didn't have a choice to just move away from problems. See when it is "expensive" to leave problems behind it forces people to solve problems head on. Since you can't run away as easily as you can in the US, this forced Japanese people to kick any libtards they had in their nation in the teeth. In the US people just move away.

But moving away has problems too. See the state still taxes you to fund the broken schools and house the results of those broken schools/communities left behind in prisons. All that is a cost you pay, we paid because in the past it wasn't expensive for anyone on this country to just move away from problems.

With the financial crisis (graduated income taxes put tax revenue dependent on those that make the most money, so when their money fluctuates the gov't suddenly has funding problems...shock, shock) this is not so easy. See in the past with the walking away from the weaker members of our society the economy hid the real cost of that, well not any more. Prison guards, police officers, and gov't administrators to oversee all the programs.....think high salaries driven up by overtime and pensions.

You're kind of engaging in that. But in the end you pay anyway, even if you leave the state you still have to pay for federal prisons (and the pensions of the prison guards, administrators, federal prosecutors, etc...) in addition to the local prisons which house the same population in that state.

Bottom line, the country can no longer afford the game you're playing. (debt and demographics guarantee that) ppl (those that work there) will have to move back into Jackson and solve the problems.


Cousin_Andy said...

TD, Jacktroit is just ahead of Shrevetroit. Y'all's neck of the woods is always ahead of us...kinda like how everything moves from both coasts, and finally infects us. Funny that it don't work that way in the opposite. Must be the SuperMoon or something that causes the tides to wave their crud out way.

SHV was once a fine city. Really, a fabulous place to live, raise a family, etc. My little hamlet of Bossier City is just across the Red River, and was looked down upon as a place where "River Rats" lived. things have changed. The River Rats took care of business, didn't tolerate lazy-assed foolishness, had some foresight to elect an ex-commander at BAFB as Mayor (a man with a spine, and a plan) back in the 70's, kept our schools under strict discipline (our Supt. in those days is a great man, a family friend, and an ex-NBA player with The Lakers...The Minneapolis Lakers...) that didn't put up with ANYTHING that wasn't the right way.

Guess what happened. Heck, you don't have to guess. White flight. Everybody with new, or old money that gave a damn about themselves, or their children jumped the bridge and became one of us. Now SHV is trying...and their black Mayor, Big Cedric Glover, is doing his damndest to clean out the crud in the sewer pipe, while doing the political balancing act of trying not to offend his own peoples. I really feel bad for the guy. He will fail.

SHV will continue to chase Jacktroit down the staircase to hell.

paul_mitchell said...

Roderick, a tag for new car is twice as much in Jackson as it is in Rankin County, same with property taxes, and schools are awful. No one is going to open a grocery store there because of crime. Let the Democrats have the city. They'll burn it to the ground soon enough. Problem solved.

Boogie said...

I went and read some of what the JFP had to offer, and found it rather amusing. The stupid, it's very strong over there, both in the writing and the commenting. Obviously Donna Ladd sees herself as the God-sent savior of all that is Black Mississippi. Nevermind the fact that they don't need her or want her, she's there! According to my sources, she ought to be more concerned with, er, domestic matters, as it were.

I found it amusing that Ms. Ladd refers to things like high crime, poor economy, etc., as "symptoms" (I would go back and find specific quote, but reading Madame de Ladd's spills for long periods of time make my head hurt, and I doubt I'll run across it again). What exactly are they symptoms of? Ms. Ladd seems to imply they're symptoms of the rampant racism (of course) in Mississippi.

Um, yeah...

I can't help but point and laugh at these folks. Jackson is dying, and it'd be best if they'd just put it out of its misery. I'm not sure how to do that, short of a good firebombing, but it should be done.

Boogie said...

Oh, by the way, I have a "friend" that has frequently retweeted Kaze and DonnerK lately, mostly concerning Fondren...screw Fondren. I'm not risking my girlfriend getting drug behind a vehicle when some animals try to steal her purse so I can be f*&king trendy. I'll stick with Ridgeland and Madison, with occasional forays down to Byram. One day I'm gonna get out of here and go live in the country again.

No love lost between me and the city of Jackson.

paul_mitchell said...

Boogie, just hang loose for a little longer. With the elected officials in Jackmahlia and the folks that are trying to "revitalize" the city, it will not be but a couple more years when wolves, coyotes, and bears have started to roam the streets again.

Hunting season downtown ought to be prime. By the way, how many trains stop in Jacktroit now?

paul_mitchell said...

I have memories of downtown Jackson with the retail hustling and restaurants on every corner. Of course, that was over thirty years ago, too.

Boogie Woogie159 said...

They still got trains that stop there?

People back home ask me all the time "how do you like living in Jackson?" I tell them I stay the devil out of Jackson as much as possible. I don't even like going downtown for meetings. Civilized folks meet in the 'burbs, or at least at the Hilton on County Line Road.

But they obviously know how to take care of store intruders in Pearl, MS...

paul_mitchell said...

Man, I sure hope trains still stop in Jackson, because they spent a gazillion dollars revamping the depot downtown not too long in the past.

marc in calgary said...


paul_mitchell said...

Not OK.

marc in calgary said...

well, I didn't read anything I could disagree with, so all I said was "ok".

and after years, yEaRs, YEARS, of searching for the perfect avatar, I found one that suits me, and Disqus doesn't support it. So, it was kind of a personal test of my avatar, which failed. complete fail.

Speaking of fail, and I'm not much of a basketball fan, but are ALL of B. Hussien's picks out this year? I'm guessing folks are starting to hope he doesn't pick "their team" (fill in any team's name here).

paul_mitchell said...

That was a great avatar, Marc. Too bad.