Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Comcast Update - An Ongoing Series (UPDATED!!!)

UPDATE: This post is the first item on the second page of Google Blog Search immediately upon publication. Wow!

Well, just to fill y'all in on the ongoing wunnerFAIL service being delivered from Comcast...

And a...Part 1, and a...Part 2, and a...Part 3...

In case you don't get this picture, I originally placed an order for "highspeed" wireless internet access with Comcast on March 2, 2011. The modem was installed on March 4, 2011. Today is March 26, 2011 and I still do not actually have internet service at my home.

BUT!!! I received the SECOND bill for service today. Not the FIRST, mind you, the SECOND. I have received TWO bills in 24 days since I signed up for service. Ignore the fact that I paid them seventy dollars ($70.00) CASH when they installed the modem, allegedly for my first month and the installation charge.

After I received the first bill, I gave Comcast a call and let them have what minute part of my mind that I could spare. They finally assured me (after talking to five people over two days) that I would not receive a bill until I had the router that is required to complete my connection.

They LIED.

I opened today's received bill on my short walk from the mailbox and when I saw that it was indeed a bill, I deposited it in the trash receptacle on my carport. The fun part? Even if I never pay the bill and service is "disconnected," I would never know because I do not have the router necessary to use their service yet.

In the defense of Comcast, however, they did tell me that the routers were on backorder until after the first of April. So, I am not sweating it. But, if I receive the router, go to plug it in and my service STILL doesn't work, I am going to LOSE. MY. SHIT.

Yes,I have dealt with large communications corporations in my lifetime. Yes, I have had problems with those corporations in my lifetime. But, NO, I have never experienced anything that remotely compares with this, not even trying to get Verizon to credit me the 700 bucks text overage charges that went on for a solid year. (Verizon doesn't know the difference between 0.007 CENTS v. 0.007 DOLLARS)

Anyhoo, still no internet, YO.

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innominatus said...

Oh, you just had to mention Verizon. I had about a six-month go around with them. After all that I tried life without cell phone and I suits me just fine.

paul_mitchell said...

Inno, I do not remember if I actually posted about my run-in with Verizon math, but I told the story to my literal friends one million times. I have only been a Verizon customer since June of 2009, when the switch-over from their purchase of Alltel was complete.

Briefly, according to my contract, I used to pay 0.007 CENTS for overage on text messaging, Verizon charged me 0.007 DOLLARS for that overage. Here is what the counter person told me, "Oh, that is just the way that we do it, because it is the same thing." To her seven one thousandths of a penny was the very same thing as seven one thousandths of a dollar. I never did get them to understand the actual math mistake, they simply credited me the 700 bucks and changed my plan to unlimited text messaging. DAMMIT!!!

Moogiep said...

E. Gad. Pepper would've stroked out by now. Or taken to the tower nearest to the Comcast building with a rocket launcher.

Still having to enter email to comment.

paul_mitchell said...

Well, I linked the post saying that Google log in was recognized and then did not have the smartie smarts to activate it here. You know, because I am an idiot.

Cousin_Andy said...

TD, I've already told you my private stories about the folks you're dealing with. But, I'm not sure if I've told you about the funniest couple hours of radio I ever heard. And, it was on the Glenn Beck radio show, too.

Beck had moved to Philly, and needed cable & net. Comcast was his chosen provider. I can not recount the two hours word for word, but Dean and I listened as we were working on something, and we both had to quit because our guts got so sore that we became oxygen deprived.

The jist of the two hours was "Comcast Sucks!" That had to have been about 7 years ago.

Some things never change.

paul_mitchell said...

The modem sure does have pretty green lights on it, though. And it LOOKS fast.