Friday, March 25, 2011

Interwebs, Teh Google, and Tech Stuff

Would y'all believe that it has been over a MONTH since I last posted on stuff going on around the webbynets? If you saw my link folder, you would believe it. Twice in the past year, I simply had to throw everything out and start over, but this past thirty days has been important. Get ready, set, GO!!!

Since we are all about some online jamming, I thought that we could check out how the browsers are doing for hacked. See if you can guess which ones were the easiest to hack and which ones were the toughest. Go ahead, pick the toughest to crack and the easiest. NO CHEATING!!!

Just so you know, Firefox 4 got a bunch more downloads that IE9 on the concomitant release day. Almost FOUR TIMES more. Of course, I still get hits from folks with IE6, so maybe, well, you know.

Here are the stats from the first 48 hours of Firefox 4's release. DANG.

By the way, Basil still has not released his review of RockMelt. And, he doesn't like phones, either.

Here are some freebie apps to help you with your internet and website experience. All free and all good, too. I am going to add some of these to my Web Resources page. And as long as we are dumping this kind of info, I never really found a way to describe this JavaScript Source page.

Since the main thing that we do here is blog, getting more readers engaged with our published work is always a huge goal. Google suggests that you add the new "Follow by Email" widget. I have not tried this yet, but it uses the very same Feedburner technology that the RSS Feed uses.

Here are some of the upcoming features for Blogger. I am already using the mobile template and it looks pretty good on my Droid X, too.

Here are some more features to be released.

One of the main things that I tweak on this blog is junk that produces better page load times. Google has add-ons for Firefox and Chrome to help you in that endeavor.

I have been keeping a really close eye on things since installing Disqus. I know that some people have said that they have to log in every time they visit, but I have not experienced that problem. Plus, Disqus has added log in with your Google Profile, so that makes it easier, hopefully.

I know that I told y'all about the increased internal linking with Disqus, but did you know that most people are saying adding Facebook comments is HURTING your SEO?

A sure fire way to grab all the traffic you want and more is to develop a good lining system. And those links? They need to have a good diversity in order to build Page Ranking and SERP ranking.

One of things that I use to reduce the number of people leaving this site is Linkwithin. The Link Medic has some steps to change the look of that widget. Why change it if it works? Some stuff could work better.

Gmail has added even more services to import into your Gmail. I wish they had done this about five years ago, that sure would have made my life easier.

Xobni has released their sidebar magic into Gmail, too. Xobni adds rich profiles for your contacts. Get Xobni here.

Rapportive is another rich contact insert for Gmail.

More on Google Docs discussions. And more.

Docs has new ways to filter your data in spreadsheets, too.

New stuff in Drawings in Docs.

The Link Medic has a post on Picnik resizing of photos for Picasa. I have Photoshop, Gimp, and on my computer, and still I use this method. Strange, huh? No, because it is easier and quicker to change forty different photos at one fell swoop when I am uploading to the Paul Mitchell Design Architecture Tumblr.

You Tube has added the ability to embed Xtranormal and other services to your You Tube videos. No video camera needed!

More NEW! You Tube features.

AdSense has a new homepage. They are rolling out new features for AdSense every Wednesday. Usually, it is a buttload of stuff, too.

Yahoo is trying to actually compete with Google now. Yahoo has added Search Direct. They are offering Real-Time Answers with it, too.

Even Adobe is getting into the traffic game with analytics on their stuff, now.

My next post like this is going to be own transforming FAILbook profiles to pages. Keep coming back.

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Cousin_Andy said...

I upgraded to FF 4.0 two days ago. Bitchin'...

Had a little angst, because Screengrab was not compatible. But, found a bitchin' plug-in that has a good grabber with something like Paint built in.

Mozilla has retained a fan.

paul_mitchell said...

Screengrab is pretty much a must have for me, too. What is the one that you found?

marc_in_calgary said...

good to see that Disqus has made it easy to register. I don't know why I had to type an e-address in each time I "took the time to comment"

I like your P. Mitchell Arch. Tumbir .. I'm a big fan of Dwell magazine for the masses, although their political bent leaves me grappling for an ice pick.

AaronKay said...

Hi Paul!
Disqus is working great here it seems. I actually just recently installed it o my blog too. I tried Intense Debate before and their install process was probably the worst thing I've ever encountered. Disqus has really stepped up their game I love it. Also, three links? You sir rock! You also have an excellent choice of stock images for these posts *grin*

paul_mitchell said...

Marc, I deal with those architect types every day, they are pretty much all far-left goobers that have no clue on anything other than making pretty pictures. But, most of those buildings I link on the Tumblr are really, really cool looking to me.

paul_mitchell said...

Aaron, I have no clue how I did without reading The Link Medic for so long. You run a great shop with boatloads of information.

By the way, I linked four of your posts on this post. You are quickly becoming my number one go-to resource for traffic and link techniques. I have another five or so posts of yours that I am going to link over on my Wordpress blog, too.

Cousin_Andy said...

Fireshot. Search for screengrabs for 4.0. I like it.

paul_mitchell said...

I don't think that you can type that word on the interweb, Andy. It sounds like incivility and it might scare someone. What, with you being WHITE and all.

Cousin_Andy said...

Well, I just searched for "screengrab for FF 4.0," and found it. So, I didn't actually type FireShot. But, because you are a minority, you can get away with it.