Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Reactionary Left and the Morons that Join the "Cause"

It is totally impossible to archive the stupidity of "Progressives." It would take a team of researchers five million strong at least twenty hours a day to chronicle all the stupidity from the left in the United States alone. You would think that at some point, "Progressives" would get the idea that they look foolish whenever and wherever they do their wilding.

But, Hells to the NAWS!!!

You see, "Progressives" have to display their FEELINGS first. They rarely, if ever, resort to actually thinking through things, they just immediately react from the standpoint of the victim. Oddly, most of these "Progressives" are some of the most silver-spoon-fed morons that you have ever encountered. Think Robert Kennedy Junior or Charlie Sheen. It doesn't get much more spoon-fed than that, huh?

More on Charlie Sheen, because watching him meltdown is terrible, but expected because he is a "Progressive." History does have a tendency to repeat itself, you know?

Let's attack the Charlie Sheen flip-out thingy, okay? Just keep in mind, I do not care what happens to Sheen. It is sad to see anyone display their "Progressivism" on such a huge platform, but just think about all of the morons that have done it in the past. John Kerry, John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, Barry Obama, Joe FREAKING Biden, and just about everyone that is front and center in the Democrat Party.

OH! You mean that those are not Hollywood people, so they are not like Charlie Sheen? Oh, okay, how about George Clooney, Susan Sarandon, Ed Asner, Ed Begley, Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn, Rosie O'Donnell, Bill Maher, Barbra Streisand, and the list goes on and on. I almost started to add Danny Glover, but without Mel Gibson, where would Danny be?

Seriously, it is impossible to take "Progressives" seriously because never in history have their intentions ever led to good policy. Let's check out what Bill Whittle has to say in this less than ten minute video.

With that in mind, yesterday, a story ran about builders at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic site finding the remains of a slave distribution site. Since slavery is a wholly "Progressive" idea and they are all about enslaving people, what would be the proper "Progressive" reaction to the find? Of course, flip the Hell out, totally, and start demanding that white citizens of the United States start shelling out some big money!

No. That reaction does not make sense to normal people, but it is perfectly sane to the "Progressive."

How about the Orpah Network stinking up the airwaves? The proper "Progressive" reaction is FREAKING OUT because of racism. It will never occur to them that Orpah is the one that ditched soap opera television to start her own network and it is failing miserably. She thought that she was much more important than she actually is.

And finally, on HuffPo this past week, they were all up in arms about some town in Pennsylvania, that no one ever heard of, changing its name from "Intercourse" to something else. Of course, the story's lede was all about Christians and how stupid they are. Of course, HuffPo obviously has the Wiki blocked at their new AOL offices, because a cursory glance over the web finds ZERO stories about this even happening. Well, except for people linking to and quoting HuffPo.

I did a little checking on our fair town of Intercourse. Here's the Wiki.

Intercourse is a bedroom community of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where the number one employer is the hospital there. See where this is going? RR Donnelley is the second largest employer in the area and they are a PRINT SHOP thingy, a dying industry. The printing business employs less than one third of the people that work at the hospital, though.

Now, if I were a JOURNALIST and this renaming story was TRUE, I would not immediately jump to the conclusion that it was the Christians wanting to change the name, I would think that it was the citizens that NEED JOBS in the Obamanomic induced DEPRESSION.

Then, I would look at the surrounding area and see what would lead businesses to relocate to my area since I am experiencing an eleven percent unemployment rate and if my people are not working, they are going to have to go where the jobs are. Plus, if my little town was built on the Amish historical sites surrounding my little town, and I was shelling out nearly one million dollars a year, in a town of barely 1500 people, to continually replace TWO CITY SIGNS, I could certainly see how renaming my town would be beneficial. That is even IF this name change is even being discussed.

But, the "Progressive" mentality is to immediately HATE G_d and all Christians. Weird, huh?

I have heard it said many times in the past that "Progressivism" is a mental disorder. I have come to the conclusion that it is a CANCER that must be eradicated from the planet in order for sane people to continue to exist.

But, enjoy your Saturday before the "Progressives" force you to "volunteer" to help the homeless on this day every week.

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