Monday, March 07, 2011

Drive-By Blogging - Obama FAILboat

While everything the world over is going to Hell in a handbasket, President Milquetoast has decided to shift even FURTHER to the left in an all-out attempt to completely degrade and destroy the reputation of our country that George W. Bush rebuilt after having Bill Clinton screw things up.

Yes, we knew that Homobama was going to be a terrible President, there was never any doubt. But, did you think that there was ANYONE on Earth that could exceed Bush's 2007 deficit in the short month of February 2011?

Homobama did. Want even more, with graphics?

While Homobama and the Democrats in Congress work overtime to ruin the wealth of the planet, luckily the Religion of Peace continues to be incompetent.

And in a strange twist of events, Homobama backtracks on his military trials of Religion of Peacers. I struggled all morning long to find a single thing that Barry had as a campaign issue upon which he has delivered. Yes, the ObamaCare thingy passed, but has been declared unconstitutional. Anyone?

Do you remember why we were trying those Religion of Peacers in military trials? Yes, it was because the Muslims declared WAR on the United States.

Do you recall why we have Captain Moron as President in the first place? Yes, it is because the Party of Adults ran the McCainiac.

Iowahawk has two great posts describing the situation of public schools in Wisconsin. Post one. Post two. Take plenty of notes, math IS on the test.

After that, we need some meditation.


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