Thursday, March 10, 2011

Drive-by Blogging - Google Links and a Site Update (More Comcast FAIL)

Just so y'all know, Comcast STILL has not delivered the wireless thingy, so I am still having to tether on my Droid X or lay down on the hardwood floor to plug in. Trust me when I say that I have yet to lay down on the floor. AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN. It has been eight days since the order was placed for wireless internet and tomorrow will be a whole week since the modem was installed. Still no router.


But, whatever. Anyhoo, this has given me ample time to watch traffic shift and to gauge what is going on with the Disqus commenting system and here's what I got on dat!

This is a screengrab of the address line of a click-through from Google Reader. The bottom line shows what the URL looks like when you get to the Feedburner link. The blue "C" button means "Canonical." If you click on that button, you go to the actual page of the post that you clicked through to read rather than the feed page. This is important for linking purposes, so the site or page you link gets the full amount of link juice that you can spray on it.

Therein lies the problem with Disqus. In case you do not notice, on any page that has Disqus comments, there are added characters (#axzz1GF7nn2Vq on the post below this one to recognize my user settings, yours will be different) that link to the Disqus comments that are not hosted on the blog on which they are installed.

So, Disqus adds to the canonical address of the page in order to link the place for comments.

This is notoriously BAD for link juice purposes. So, either you, as a blogger, must request that the site linking to you uses the canonical page or you lose the traffic that comes with NOT having that canonical page linked. Conundrum? Hells to the YEA-UH!!!

The saving grace to that problem is that if you FEED your blog posts to Twittah or FAILbook, with Disqus, you automatically get the links shown as a "Reaction." This is delicious for ranking. Every time you post, you automatically get two links (or more) if you are sharing that feed with your social media sites.

Plus, I love the fact that you can respond directly to each individual comment. WIN!

Not only that, but Disqus allows you to link to images in your comments with a preview. Double WIN! More link juice for everyone!

On to the stuff!!!

Google has now developed a Delicious import tool. With Yahoo running Delicious now, that might become VERY important. Enjoy.

Google also has One Pass for purchases and sales. Anything that makes buying online easier and more secure is a good thing in my book.

A couple of changes happened in Gmail this past week, too. "Smart Labels" were added. I have tried this and threw it out quickly. I get a lot of forwards and Notifications and I just do not like having those sent to different folders. You might want that if your mother is one of those folks that sends BULK e-mails to everyone. Then, you can go into the Bulk E-mail folder once a week or so and grab all of those, read through them quickly, and discard them.

The other Gmail add that IS a fine, fine addition is "Hide Read Labels." This allows you to set the folders that have unread e-mails to SHOW on the navigation bar and those that have no unread e-mails to HIDE. Good job, Google, I have been needing this since I have around 100 labels now.

Google Apps has added smart contacts. I am really looking forward to when our Profiles have all of the different sites under that one umbrella. I wish that You Tube would go ahead and let us change our user names to the same as our Profile name. Yes, new users get that option, but us "Invited" G-Mailers did not get that option once Google bought You Tube. That is why my You Tube user name is something like architect39042 or some other such nonsense.

Picasa has some pretty cool updates
, too. Again, let's roll all these things under one umbrella, Google. I want my Blogger blog and Picasa to get even more cozy than they are already.

While we are talking about Blogger, here are some brand new templates that you can peruse. Yes, FREE.

At least we can now add multiple profile photos.

On the You Tube front, THEY. BE. HIRING.

Google is also claiming that Chrome is now faster, more stable, and simpler. I find that hard to believe, but what the Hell do I know? I am a Firefox Fanboi.

Alternate directions for Google Maps on Android. But, sadly, still no "Avoid Ghetto" option.

And while you are stuck in the ghetto, you have more editing options in Docs for your phone. I have never used Docs on my phone, except to open and read, but I am certain that we shall ALL be using it.

Load time problems with Digg and Facebook plug-ins? You better correct that shit or lose readers and money, yo.

Forty-Five new social media resources from Mashable. That will probably be the last time that I link Mashable unless something really big breaks over there. I just cannot deal with their Libtard philosophy anymore. Their batshit craziness over the Wisconsin stupidity sent me packing. I deleted their feed from my Reader and "Unliked" them on FAILbook. When they quit being dumbasses, maybe I'll join back up.

By the way, eighty percent (80%) of my traffic in the past week has come through image search. Think that MEANS something? Maybe that tells you that you had better put some photos on your blogs and sites?

More to come soon. Hopefully, I'll get my router TOMORROW, Comcast!!! If y'all think that I am going to pay for a week of internet that y'all did not deliver, you be dreaming, playa.

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