Monday, March 14, 2011

An Update of the Failure of Comcast to Offer Even BASIC Internet Access (UPDATED!!!)

Update at bottom of post...

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Here is the ultimate on FAIL to deliver even a MINOR service.

On March 2, 2011, I called Comcast Cable to have wireless internet installed in my home. WIRELESS internet. Get it, Comcast, WIRELESS.

On Friday, March 4, 2011, the Comcast technicians came to my home, ran a cable to the house, drilled through my brick and interior wall finish, added a junction box on the outside of my home, and installed a cable modem. These guys had their shit in one sock, did not make a mess, were super friendly, and fast.

ONE PROBLEM, COMCAST. They did not have a router to provide the WIRELESS INTERNET. That router was supposed to be shipped to my home within five to seven business days.

Today, my dear friends, is March 14, 2011. Still no router, but guess what showed up?

YEPPERS, THE BILL for a month of internet. Of course, I have already paid Comcast seventy dollars for the installation and the first month of access.

So, I called Comcast. After about half an hour of trying to get through the menu to talk to someone, a very nice customer service representative informed me that since the modem was installed, my internet was working.


So, since the routers are backordered, and they cannot give me a definitive date for the delivery of said router, the customer service SUPERVISOR said that the only way that I could NOT have to pay for the month of March would be for me to return the modem and they would credit my money. A thirty day refund or some other kinda idiocy.

So, I informed the customer service supervisor that they were going to have to repair my brick and my interior wall where they installed the modem. THAT MORON TOLD ME THAT SHE WOULD HAVE THEM DO THAT.

Holy crap!!! And I believe her!!!

Now, to add insult to injury, they also informed me that for another ONE HUNDRED FORTY-NINE DOLLARS, I could have a technician come out and hook up a wireless router. A router that I have already PAID for I might add.

Look here, Comcast, this is WIRELESS INTERNET. That means that there are NO WIRES to the computers, get it? No, I will not use a network card to hook up to your modem, no I will not pay for something that I did not receive, and YES, I will tell everyone that will listen, how idiotic this scam is.

For twenty-nine dollars ninety-nine cents ($29.99) a month, you can get NOTHING from Comcast. But, they will come out and drill through your house to install something that is useless, require you to call THROUGH quite possibly the most difficult menu ever devised, and STILL not offer you any satisfaction.

My attorney is headed out here right now to photograph and document the damage done to my house for the installation of NOTHING. Yes, I know that all you had to do was send out the stupid router, which was already on the technician's truck, but you must have wanted to repair some brick and gypsum board instead.

Great business model, Comcast, I am sure that y'all will do very well with that.

So, I guess it is back to AT&T, again. And court to get my brick fixed, too.


UPDATE: I sent an e-mail to the address that the last Comcast person left on THIS BLOG POST.

Here's what I sent at 5:08 PM:

I paid seventy dollars for wireless internet on March 4, 2011. I still do not have this service, because I have yet to receive a router. But, I got another bill, today. With no satisfaction from customer service to have a wireless router delivered, I was told that Comcast would have to uninstall the modem just for me to get credited for the month of March on internet service.

I have requested that if that is the case, a technician should repair my brick and interior wall where the installation was performed. I was told this would happen on Thursday, March 17, 2011. Seriously, this is the dumbest thing that I have ever heard. That supervisor should be fired, because she is basically too stupid to be employed outside of the food service industry.

Simply send me the router and credit me for service not delivered during the month of March.

I wrote more at my blog which receives about eighty thousand hits a month HERE. (Link to this post)

I shall remove this post if Comcast offers to correct this problem by sending me the router and crediting the month of March. Otherwise, I fully expect my home to be restored to the condition before the technicians performed the install.

Paul Mitchell

One of Comcast's people responded at 5:30 PM and said:


Thank you for reaching out to us and making us aware of your matter. We will review your experience with area leadership and see your concerns are addressed. You can expect a call tomorrow.

Kind Regards,
Person that is NOT a moron working at Comcast...

They actually signed with their name and iPhone number, so, we'll see what happens...

(At the time of the update, there have been over seventy hits on this blog from COMCAST. I hope they think that I am funny...)

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