Friday, March 18, 2011

Things that NEED to be Said - A Never-Ending Series

Dr. Thomas Sowell has a series of articles that he publishes called, "Random Thoughts on a Passing Scene." I guess this post is kinda like that without the smartiness awesome!

* The powers that be at CNN do not understand science, mathematics, history, language, or anything else for that matter.

* There is a right and a wrong in every situation.

* Abortion is WRONG. There is no way to make it right. AT ALL.

* Taking money from people that earn it and giving it to people that do NOTHING to earn ANY money is WRONG. And it is certainly NOT Biblical teaching.

* Barry Obama has set the Being President Barre so low that John Kruk could do a better job.

* Or, G_d forbid, even Hillary Clinton. (She's almost as smart as Krukkie, right?

* It just dawned on me the way to tell if something is right or wrong is to find out what "Progressives" believe and do the exact opposite. They have never been right on a single issue.

* When a "Progressive" makes a declarative statement, just point and laugh.

* Comcast has a tendency to Peter Principle people into supervisory roles.

* Firing dumbasses is better than promoting them out of producing areas of your company. Just saying.

* If you are wondering why the DJIA is UP at this particular point in time, find out how much tax money that has been given to the Wall Street guys by their buddy, Barry Obama.

* Posting really has nothing to do with how much traffic a blog gets. Especially when the blog in question ranks as number one or two on Teh Google for a bunch of different chicks NUDE.

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