Saturday, March 19, 2011

Slumdog Millionaire - A Movie Review

Well, I heard so much about this movie that when it happened to catch my eye at the library yesterday, I grabbed it. Coupled with the TEN! Academy Award nominations and eight wins, I thought that it would rival any of my favorites.

It was a freaking romantic comedy, y'all. Yes, it was watchable, but it was the kind of movie that you would expect Julia Roberts as the female lead. This was the BEST picture in 2009? Sorry, but I just do not remember, did 2009 really, really suck for movies? Let's see.

(By the way, Freida Pinto was the kinda lead female and she is hot. Freida Pinto NUDE!!!)

OH YEAH. Other Best Picture nominees were Milk, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Frost/Nixon, and The Reader. I have seen NONE of these, but they cannot be worse than Slumdog, huh? 2009 was also the year of The Dark Knight, which was awful, and Hellboy II. Dammit, they made another Hellboy? Wasn't the first Hellboy bad enough?

Oh, wait, the 2009 Oscar season was also the year of Ironman!!! So, I have now seen a total of three of the movies nominated by the Academy for awards that year. Obviously, Ironman was the best of the three and was pretty damned boring.

If you want to burn a couple of hours watching a movie that is not Southland Tales bad, Slumdog is doable.

Make no mistake, the ONLY reason that Slumdog Millionaire won Best Picture is because at least four times in the movie, it is pointed out that the main male character is MUSLIM.

That makes at least fourteen years in a row where being the nominees for Academy Awards means NOTHING. I guess that I'll get a movie from 2010 next time. The Hurt Locker won Best Picture, any comments on that?

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Anonymous said...

the dark knight, hellboy 2, an iron man all sucked? Do you think your being a bit contrarian there, paul?

Boogie said...

After spending an inordinate portion of one summer reading King's Dark Tower series, then getting to the end, where he phoned it in, I was livid. Given the opportunity, I would have beaten him to death with an extra large hardback copy of "It." That was my introduction to Stephen King, and after that I washed my hands of him. Anybody who cannot writ an ending to his story doesn't deserve the title of "author."

As for Val Kilmer in the role of Batman...well, there's no accounting for taste. He should have stuck to Doc Holliday.

Oh, and "Superman Returns" sucked. I hope they do a good reboot on the Superman franchise, because Supes is the greatest friggin' superhero ever, and the character deserves it.

paul_mitchell said...

Boogie, I read The Gunslinger the year I graduated high school (1982) and read the rest as they came out. 23 years to get to the end. Do you think that your disappointment could rival mine? Yes, I will buy the next one, too, to see if he redeems himself. Phoned it in? Not harsh enough.


Basil said...

The Hurt Locker? Yeah, I saw it. Only because I decided to watch all of the Oscar Best Picture winners. The Hurt Locker isn't the worst Best Picture. It's Slumdog good. And The Hurt Locker has some things in common with Patton. Both were movies, for instance.

Paul Mitchell said...

Basil, I was trying to watch Avatar last night. Who in the world thought THAT was a good movie? Even the CG stuff looks like nothing but animated jellyfish and dinosaurs. What a POS.

And I think that The Hurt Locker has some helmets in it, too. Another like Patton thingy.