Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Two Dogs Take on Barry's War Against Libya

It is time to face facts, NOW. The idiot in the Barry White House is brain deficient. His whole cabinet, his staff, his family, and his supporters share in his stupidity, too. There is simply NO avoiding this issue any longer. Barry Obama is a moron.

Sure, it is right to bomb Muslim countries because Muslims endanger the whole world. Yes, it is all good to firmly fight back against the Islamic political death machine. Yes, it is right to attack the people that terrorize innocent people that are just going about their daily lives. BUT, it is beyond ignorantly stupid to tell those Muslim enemies that there will be no ground support in this endeavor. What kind of special stupidity must someone possess to actually give military information to the other side? Seriously, how fucking moronic does someone have to be to do that?

By the way, Dennis Kucinich, "Islam is a religion based on PEACE." No, there is no such thing as an intelligent Democrat.

Plus, trouble in public school Paradise. They be shutting down Barry Obama (BAH!) Elementary School. In case you do not know the BAH! Check it.

Well, I have been saying that Barry Obama is that kind of special moron since way back in 2005. WOW! Six years that I have been telling anyone that would listen that Barry Obama is a collectivist, water-carrying Libtard. And it is very hard to keep posting more and more of the idiotic policy stuff that he spews. Dammit, I am utterly sick of it.

There is only one reason that Barry Obama has decided to stick it to Libya and that is to prop up his plummeting poll numbers. And, if Barry fails with this tactic to kick off his reelection campaign, men and women in our military DIE. Already, one F-15 has gone down in Libya.

Look, it is not just his fecklessness on the military action against Islamic Libya, but Barry actually said that Nancy Pelosi would go down as one of the BEST Speakers of the House in history. Dude, I have suggested that Barry's IQ hovers around 40 or 45, but to actually say aloud that Pelosi was anything other than a complete failure at everything she has ever attempted and is embarrassingly stupid, has made me think about recalculating his numbers. There is little possibility that his IQ could exceed maybe four or five. The fact that so far I have not seen any video of him eating the heat rocks that Bo drops on the Barry White House lawn STUNS ME and keeps me from making that single digit call right now.

By the way, if you really, really want to see exactly how stupid Nancy Pelosi really is, watch the video that I have linked here. Simply put, she is dumb.

Now, while Barry is partying his wife's HUGH JASS off in South America, he is asking to get him a Czar Czar. To point out that Barry is simply like every other Democrat brain-dead idiot, I offer the Von Anderson Form a Committee to Develop a Committee to Work on a Problem Committee to Determine a Problem Initiative.

Czar Czar.

More Democrats head to the slammer.

More Democrats get unelected because of their love for FASCISM.

Still more correlation of minimum wage and unemployment. I am so glad that this is finally getting some print and airplay.

Iowahawk has figured out how to budget to a mere ten billion a day

Another Democrat from back in the day admits his faults. In related news, Joseph McCarthy continues to be correct in all his undeniable truths. Odd, with all the Communists in Wisconsin wilding lately, huh?

Oh, coveting is the ideological direction of the Democrat Party.

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Cousin_Andy said...

Okay, got it. It does not suck now.

paul_mitchell said...

I think that leaving him alone is the best strategy. Let the whole party crash and burn.

paul_mitchell said...

But, you forgot to leave a comment about the post, dude.

One problem I am seeing with the comments is that I am receiving TWO e-mails per comment. Luckily I am not receiving an e-mail on my comments now, though.

Cousin_Andy said...

My comment was in the complaint e-mail I sent. I ain't writing it again.

Skunkfeathers said...

In '07, Barry said that the president had no right to take military action without the consent of Congress; the same action he's taking now. *TOING*

Some of his libtard chums are calling for him to be impeached? His re-election mode uses funny ways to prop up his base. Then again, libtards never mean anything they say in public.

marc in calgary said...

I'm starting to think the B. Hussien show is something I want to see to its natural end, that is, the end of the first term. For the same reason/s as having Brown as Democrat Governor of Calif. finish the job all the Democrats / Rino started in Calif. Why have him replaced while the ship hasn't hit bottom yet?
Admittedly I don't want to see the economic situation in the US worsen, but the Democrats own this wreck, they need to see it through.

paul_mitchell said...

And Marc, it is becoming increasingly evident that I am not going to make any money any time soon, anyway. Let's keep on keeping on, the longer it continues, the more apt people will be to never vote Democrat ever again.