Thursday, March 24, 2011

Drive-By Blogging - What's Up, Dude?

Well, not much going on with me, still without full internet service and it will be after April first before I get the router. Way to go, Comcast!!!

On to the BLOG SHOW!!!

Barry Obama gets head stuck between the balusters of the White House grand stair!

Those folks in the UK have decided that Barry Obama's best traits are that he is so stupid that he cannot be evil.

But, at least he knows how to spend the money!

Has the Nobel clusterf*ck ever taken away their Heisman?

The Obama Stimulus only cost seven million jobs. That is the closest to a success President Shit-Eater has ever had.

And luckily gas is not going to cost more than five bucks a gallon. In case you forgot, national average was $1.799 a gallon when W. Bush left office.

Two Dogs does evolution, AGAIN.

Ann Coulter likes "Progressive" science.

I am currently working on the latest issue of Playing With Your Google and will post quite a few architecture links to the Tumblr today. Hit me up over there, I am doing some testing and I need your help.

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Skunkfeathers said...

And he got himself locked out of the White House, too...this administration is on course to make more 'stupid first' records than the collective preceeding 43.

paul_mitchell said...

You didn't click the link, huh, Skunks?