Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update of the Webbynets and Stuff (Dammit! It's Cold!!!)

Since I have been back in The 'Sip, I have been trying to get caught up on the stuff that I have ignored for the past eight months in The 'Tuck. It is going, but it ain't going well. Making contacts all over again, lining up work that PAYS MONEY, getting back into the swing of things, it all just takes time. Yes, my posting has gone to Hell in a handbasket and my primary focus has been on things that are not really blog related.

But, dammit, it is cold here. I am wearing long pants and socks, a danged fleece jacket, and just turned the heat on. On the last day of MARCH!!! I blame Al Gore.

Anyhoo, since I have never done this ever before FAH REALS, there is a Pay Pal link on the right sidebar that needs for you to use it. It is in the very top widget. If you have one million dollars laying around gathering dust, I know someone that can put that to good use. Trust me. I blame Obama for that, too. This is what is going on in my industry right now. Seriously, do it, I'm not kidding.

Now for the webbynet news.

We added Disqus comments to our business Tumblr. Go check our stuff out and now you can comment, too!

Today is a HUGE HUGE HUGE day at Blogger, too! They have added some SUH-WEET template upgrades that are going to change the appearance of blogs. If you want to see what Your MoM looks like with these new breast implants and sexy clothing, CHECK HER ASS OUT! Dude, she is SMOKING HAWT! (Yes, it just keeps going and going as you scroll down, too. I went all the way back to September of last year that I can tell.)

Check out the new +1 feature on Google Social Search. At some point in the future, we will not even speak to our friends anymore. We'll just click one button and they'll know everything that is going on in our lives and will know where we are. That future day is NOW.

This week in Teh Google Search. Oh, look, they have a new iPhone app, too! That is good for iPhone users because you cannot CALL anybody.

Oh, LOOK! Chrome Bookmarks integrate with Google Search, now.

Here are the Google Apps highlights from last week. That discussion thingy seems like it will be the next Wave. Online collaboration might have a future, I just do not know how soon that will occur, though.

Speaking of online collaboration and other stuff, here is a Google apology for sharing failures with Buzz.

Google Docs is testing a pagination feature. The thing that gets to me about Docs is that "Home" shows all files. Even when you move those files into a "Folder," they still show up on "Home." I kinda like things cleaner than that, personally.

Flickr has added a Share feature that allows you to integrate with FAILbook, Twittah, Blogger, and Wordpress. The only hiccup? You have to have a Yahoo account. Yuck.

And from PMD Affiliates, "How to do Email Marketing Right." These posts are going to be compiled into a traffic e-book that I am putting together. I think that I am going to sell it for nine bucks or so. Any thoughts on that?

Try to remember to hits that Pay Pal and maybe click some ads. Deddy needs some cheese, please.

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Boogie Woogie159 said...

It's supposed to be back up to 80 tomorrow, so just hang on until then.

paul_mitchell said...

Dude, I hope so. I'm freezing and I am the most hot-natured person I know.