Friday, April 22, 2011

Free Pizza and a Cutting Board Thingy - A Contest from Your MoM

I currently have, in my grubby little dickbeaters, not one, BUT TWO Freschetta pizza cutting boards from which to choose, PLUS! One free Freschetta "Simply Inspired" pizza. Yes, I am GIVING them away. GIVING!!! You can also go to Freschetta's FAILbook page and get a two buck coupon for a "Like."


Alls you has to duh is to sign up for my mailing list at the top right of my webbynet traffic blog. Those of you that have signed up since Wednesday, April 20th, 2011, do not need to sign up again. But, remember, I closed my last mailing list because I let it get away from me and I did not want to clear up my mess. Sign up if you want a free pizza and a cutting board. You can also e-mail me and I'll sign you up for the mailing list myself, like I do not have enough to do already. You are so lazy.

The contest begins TODAY, Friday April 22, 2011 and runs through the entire month of May. Then I'll get really, really drunk and pick the person with the funniest REAL name as the winnah!!! Or not. Maybe y'all should suggest how we pick the winnah?

But, anyhoo, dude, this pizza looks damned good and the Freschetta people just decided to give a few away and we all get the windfall from that.

Sign up for the mailing list and the free pizza thingy at the top right at the awesome traffic blog.

Disclaimer: If I ever spam you in any way, I'll get the biggest dude that I know to kick me in the nuts on You Tube. Promise.

Please take the time to comment.


Cousin_Andy said...

Dude, Disqus sucks. It takes forty-five minutes to load up when I want to post a comment. I watched the end of Butch & Sundance, smoked a Benson & Hedges, took a whiz, and repaired my washing machine while it was loading.

Okay, I reckon I need to sign up again in order to win. So, I will. But I'm not sure if I need to, because I get an e-mail notification of all your stellar posts. But, I needs me that prize, so I will. Again.

Truth is, I don't really want that Fagshetta deal, so when I win, could you substitute it with this?

Okay, my REAL name is Harold. Really. So, I automatically win.

I think you've got my address.

paul_mitchell said...

Disqus said that this comment was moderated for content. I'm guessing that they do not like to be harshed on. You are whitelisted FOREVAH. Go to go and sorry.

paul_mitchell said...

Oh, and of now, you have yet to sign up for the contest because you did not mailing list, dude.

Cousin_Andy said...

Yeah, well it don't hurt my feelings not one bit. I know "suck" when I encounter it, and The Disgust commenting tool is just that.

Hey man, it might be because of the link to a commercial product (which is what I expect to receive for winning). They mighta thunk it was spam.

paul_mitchell said...

Oh, that's RIGHT! I did check moderate on links. Imma dummy.

Disqus has provded me with analytics to track my comment stats, too. I see the old post data better than with Blokker.

paul_mitchell said...

Oh, and I don't get notifications when I comment, either. YAY!!!

Cousin_Andy said...

Well, I'm glad you're happy with it. If it suits you, then it thrills me to
death. Hey man, I'm gonna go ahead and e-mail you my shipping address so
you can get that prize on out to me when the contest is over. But, it's
over already. H.A.R.O.L.D.