Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yet Again, I Do NOT Care Anything About the Poor

The meme that has always come from the STUPID side of the political debate is that there are people that are LESS FORTUNATE than me and my peers. There could not be anything further from the truth. There are an untold number of anecdotes about a person born into poverty that has risen above their lot in life to achieve great things.

(Before we get all upside down on that, NO, Barry Obama is NOT one of them. Barry was NEVER on Food Stamps and was never poor. His WHITE grandMOTHER, that supported him for his entire life, was a bank vice-president. No, his WHITE grandFATHER was a deadbeat that never hit a lick at a snake.)

But, Dr. Thomas Sowell comes to mind, first and foremost.

Granted, the VAST majority of the folks born into poverty in this country stay in those conditions FOREVER. The reason for this is simple and was best expressed by Democrat Lyndon Johnson when figuring out how to cripple the black community. "When you take away the will of a man to work, you kill the will of the man."

The Biblical teachings on WORK are so very extensive that it is dumbfounding that instead of trying to promote a work ethic in idle folks, instead the "Progressive" tries to talk us into taking care of those "less fortunate." Simply Google to find those Biblical verses on 'gotta work to eat,' they are innumerable.

Why then have we gotten to the point of the "Progressives" wanting us to support over HALF THE DAMNED COUNTRY?

Plain and simple, theirs is the ideology of group identity, NOT individuality. They want everyone to be "equal," yet actually realize that we can never all be equally rich, we all have to be equally poor. Sorry, "Progressive" folks, I am never going to allow myself to be dragged down to your level. I AM BETTER THAN YOU.

The other motivating factor of the "Progressive" ideology is FEAR. Those idiots know that they can never be as good as the inventor, the discoverer, the trailblazer, and the pioneer, because "Progressives" do not possess the intelligence or ambition to be that kind of person. So NOBODY else can, either.

Daily we hear about some new government program designed to take OUR hard-earned money and give it to people that come from four generations of deadbeats. I'm done with that shit. Over and done. I am tired of reading stuff that tells me that the only profession that is adding jobs are federal government agencies. I am tired of reading about giving out more in entitlements than we take in in revenue. I am tired of seeing twenty year old morons actually talking about TAXING THE RICH and then turning around and asking where the jobs are. I am sick to death with the federal government raising minimum wage knowing full well that will explode unemployment and kick inflation into hyperdrive.

Minimum wage, food stamps, and a freaking Cadillac Escalade. That is what the poor are about in the United States. Holy shit.

And I am about to vomit knowing that at the end of June, the Fed will start QE3 just to keep the four big banks from going bankrupt.

Not only that, FUCK YOU MITT ROMNEY.

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The Mayor said...


There are plenty of service jobs out there, but it's beneath many poor folk to take them. Therefore, F them.

innominatus said...

Yea Verily!

There is another brand of poor people: Those like my stepdaughter's boyfriend. His dad is a successful engineer and his mom, not sure, I think a teacher. Anyway, the brat kid thinks he's Superman X Einstein and deserves a corner office. Unfortunately he can't tie his own shoes without spraining his dick. He's USELESS. So he bounces around from menial job to menial job with plenty of unemployed time in between. He's convinced that all of his managers are dumbasses and can't see that HE is the source of his own problems.

He's pretty much Obama without the supporting cast of buttkissers, and among 20-somethings his type is very common.

paul_mitchell said...

Innominatus, I know plenty of folks exactly like your future SSiL. Talk the girl out of being with him or you shall support him for the rest of his natural life.

paul_mitchell said...

Mayor, you know what I'm talking about.

Ajwaldrip said...

The Entitlement Generation. Brought to you by Union run schools, Dumbassocrats, Millions of failures in parenting brought to you by selfish 'me monkey, yuppie bastards' too busy getting the latest iPhone to worry that little Brendon or Muffy might be learning that they don't have to work for it, momsey and dadsie will cover it.

I see so many kids that need summers in a road crew digging ditches, instead of fat camp. But the PresBo's Klingon wife, M'Shel, wants to tell me what to feed my crumb cruncher.

This rant brought to you by Highland Park 12 year old single malt Scotch.

paul_mitchell said...

Ajwaldrip, there is not a single kid in this entire country that would not benefit from a turn on the roadcrew with a nice fat slingblade in their hands. A couple of weeks in South Mississippi should be a good enough lesson for them to achieve a 4.0 in college physics.

David Basil said...

Ah, Dr. Sowell. A Marxist early on, but was smart enough to see what he had gotten into, and promptly got the heck out.

Why can't we have more smart people who can learn from mistakes? Instead, we get mistakes that are passed off as smart people. The the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And her husband.

paul_mitchell said...

Ah yes, Mrs. Inarticulate and Dirty, not to mention her husband, Teefs.

Moogiep said...

My husband is another one of those guys who worked his butt off to rise above. All of our kids had part time jobs in school and college, and were expected to excel in academics and sports. They did. We're a pretty good crew, but nothing particularly exceptional, gene-pool-wise. That means anyone can succeed and produce if he sets his mind to it. Even those who subscribe to the "work to live, don't live to work" theory produce enough to support themselves, for crying out loud!

Love the modern-day panhandlers!

Cousin_Andy said...

Inno: "Unfortunately he can't tie his own shoes without spraining his dick" made me guffaw.

TD, I hope enough of us are fed up with this shit to REALLY do something about it. Every friggin' day, at the grocery store...every friggin' day at the hospital...seriously, monstrous men and women (of all races), waddling in to the ER with no insurance, no money, and sometimes with no medicaid to be treated for colds, cuts, and toothaches...seriously, toothaches!

Then, waddling back out to the handicapped parking area to get in their friggin' Escalade and head to the casinos. MAKES. ME. SCREAM.

Dunno, man...don't know if we've got the political will to stop this shit. It might just take a taxpayer strike, or a nationwide work stoppage, or maybe even something more radical.

paul_mitchell said...

Moogie, I am one of those "Live to Work" folks. I enjoy it, muchly. However, President Densehead has kinda ruined that for me.

paul_mitchell said...

Andy, they are certainly on their way to the casinA. And their welfare cards are accepted at the buffet and the slots, too.

Moogiep said...

I think I can get behind the Bill proposed to withold casino winnings from deadbeat parents. I think. Maybe I'd rather the Legislature just go fishing instead of going into session. Oh, heck. Now I'm all conflicted.

Cousin_Andy said...

Moogie, we're screwed. The Republicans are in charge of everything now.
And, as you know, the majority of Louisiana Republicans don't even rise to
the level of RINO. Fishing would be a good idea for our legislature...or at
least a long walk on a short pier.