Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Obamanomics: Up is Down, Cats are Dogs, PAC-10 is Footbaw

Or, "How to destroy the wealth of everyone on the planet..."

Ever since this idiotic assclown was tooling around on the tricycle that his grandmother bought for him, Barry Obama has proven beyond any doubt that "Progressives" are to be pitied for their utter stupidity.

Here's a brief history of the dumbest man to ever set foot in the White House.

I can find nothing definitive about him at all until around 1995. No school records, no birth certificate, just family yarns about how awesome he was and what he did. No one remembers him from college, the "friends" that he has written about dispute all he said, and there are no writings that he SHOULD have penned as President of the Harvard law Review. Nothing.

Then in 1995, he "wrote" a book and announced that he was running for a Senate seat in the Illinois State House. He announced that in the very same hotel that Harold Washington, a total dipshit, announced his bid for Mayor of Chicago. He was actually hand-picked for that seat by Alice Palmer, too. In case you are curious to what a stellar intellect Alice Palmer possesses, she lost the House race, that she quit her Illinois Senate job to attempt, to Jesse Jackson Jr. She makes Jerry Brown look smart and picked Obama, go figger.

The job that Obama held at this time was as Chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which was obviously a non-profit formed to make public schools in Chicago suck and HARD. He was swimmingly successful at that job. As an aside, terrorist Bill Ayers was the main writer of the winning grant proposal for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

Moving on, the only way Obama won this State Senate seat was to get all the challengers removed from the ballot by various underhanded means. He had kissed enough ass by this point to have that leverage, too.

Obama went on to win an election to United States Senator in 2004 against Alan Keyes who was only in the race because Jack Ryan had to drop out. In case you are wondering, Jack Ryan would have slaughtered the dumbass Obama and we would never have heard from Barry again. But, NO.

Obama served in the US Senate from January 2005 to November 2008 and was ranked "The Most Liberal Senator" by the National Journal every year. In other words, "The Dumbest Senator" of the 100.

But, Barry somehow, some way won the Presidency, despite the fact that he was the DUMBEST Senator during his tenure.

But anyhoo, the Democrats were sworn in as the majority of the Congress in January 2007. The Party of Perpetual Stupidity has been running the show in DC since then. As you can see, since Barry has been President in January 2009, the DJIA is up a whopping 50.21%. But, since the Democrats took over DC in January 2007, with Barry in the Senate, the DJIA is perfectly 0.33%. A third of ONE percent. So nothing.

Same thing with the S&P, too. Since Barry has been President, the S&P is kicking ass around 56.57% and since the Democrats ran the show, -5.58%. So nothing.

What in the Hell is up with that, y'all? I'm going to tell you.

The very first thing that the Democrats did when they took control was jack up minimum wage. That doesn't do a damned thing for those people that are actually making minimum wage, because costs go up to cover that artificial increase in labor costs. But, it devastates the income of all other people that make more than minimum wage because EVERYTHING costs more. In case you are not math-y or anything, the Democrats increased the wages of the lowest paid people in the country by a WHOPPING FORTY PERCENT!!!

Oh, and Old Folks on Social Security, no COLA increases because that is tied to INFLATION. Yeah, the dairy farmer is having to pay an additional forty percent for his labor, so the cost of milk has to go up forty percent, but NO! There is no inflation at all!!! Sorry, Gramma, you gotta eat the Alpo!

Also, after Barry became President, some stuff that was normal in economic circles got turned on its head. Just yesterday, the S&P downgraded the United States from "Stable" to "Negative." And of course, President Dumbshit McStupidhead tried to talk them out of it, despite the fact that he is Hellbent on ruining our economy.

Crude oil is over one hundred ten dollars a barrel and Saudi just announced they were reducing production because there is a GLUT of oil on the market. Premium unleaded just broke the FIVE DOLLAR MARK in some areas. And oddly enough, crude is now higher than when Goldman, who has benefited wildly from Obamanomics, downgraded crude.

These hikes in oil prices could be exacerbated because Obama has bungled the drilling problems in the Gulf of Mexico. That makes his failure rate, so far, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT ON EVERYTHING since he was inaugurated.

Now, Barry is attacking the coal industry, too.

That brings to mind this.

And remember, the dumbass that hand-picked Obama to take her place in the Illinois State Senate, lost her United States Representative race to this idiot. Palmer, who hand-picked Obama to replace her, was dumber than Jesse Jackson Jr. Amazing.

Now, you may wonder how it is possible, with all the horrendous decisions that Barry Obama has made on the economy, that the stock market is still rattling on where it is.

If you will notice from the charts above, there were certain times that the market appeared to start scaling back, only to surge again. Those times were called QE, QELite, and QE2. These were targeted at banks "Too Big To Fail." In a very strange coincidence, those very banks donated money to Barry Obama's presidential campaign at rates higher than ever reached in the history of our country.

Those banks BOUGHT Barry Obama. The four banks involved in this payoff are JP Morgan, BoA, Citi, and Goldman. They are also who Barry rails on on a daily basis. They gave him permission. They OWN him.

What is QE, QELite, and QE2? It is the Federal Reserve Bank pumping untold TRILLIONS into the banks that own Barry Obama to keep them kicking the market can down the road. QE was 30 BILLION a month. QE2 was 200 BILLION a month or a little more than 30 BILLION a week. What happens when that money is cut off?

HUGE MARKET CRASH. Total depression. No way around it.

Now, QE2 ends in June. Obama is going to ram through QE3. There is no way around it.

Just as there is no way around the complete economic meltdown that HAS to come at some point in the future.

Final passing thought. The unfunded liability of Social Security is right around FIFTY-FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS. That money doesn't exist, the Democrats spent it years ago.

But, check in on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, The New York Times, HuffPo or CNN and the Obama Magic Economy is rebounding. ALL. IS. WELL.

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Dean L said...

Your post labels for this post are hilarious! Also very astute.

paul_mitchell said...

Dean, there is only one way to move these imbeciles out of our way. Call them what they are. You see how the media simply calling Barry Obama "The Smartest President in History" worked so well? We have to point out how freaking stupid they are at every turn, get more and more people to listen, and keep hammering it home. Continually.

Moogiep said...

Great rant.

I'm especially with you on the no-writings-available from Harvard Law Journal. That just doesn't happen.

paul_mitchell said...

Moogie, the fact that our national media is complicit in covering up for this idiot should scare everyone.