Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Early Tech Links for the Week

Since I have jacking around with autoresponders, squeeze pages, blog templates, and an endless list of stuff today, I dug into the tech blogs to find some stuff and hit upon a treasure trove of smart things that everyone needs to know.

I cannot count the number of times that I have looked for webbyblog information in the past and found an obscure blog that is chunking out the hacks and tricks that made things so easy for me. Basil has been invaluable with help, too.

Sidebar: If you ever need to know how to watch a specific show on television, on a specific night, e-mail Basil. He knows how to get to it. Don't believe me, just check this out.

Anyhoo, the traffic studies that I have been doing in my downtime have been a wild success. I am almost back up to the point that we were back in August. Traffic is a little off, but well within the margin of error. I am producing a white paper to tell what I did and how I did it. If you want that white paper, you gotta sign up with me to get it. By the way, those of you that have already signed up, you need to sign up again because I am so stupid that I changed e-mail services without grabbing my danged list, sooooooo, go HERE to do it. Top right, yo.

On to the Tech Stuff....

Big news this last week was an e-mail from Google to all legacy Blogspot blog owners that those accounts are shutting down if they are inactive or have not been upgraded. I have a couple of friends that stand to lose everything if they do not upgrade their blogs or at least freaking post.

I wondered why Google had decided to do this until I saw this post from them today on the re-re-redesign of the Blogger in Draft. Being someone that immediately embraces changes in technology, to the point of madness, I switched to Blogger in Draft right when they launched it. I am pretty much like that with everything, too. (Except for the blogroll on the sidebar.)

In Google Mobile News, here is a list of the Android phones getting Gingerbread.

Docs has released a pagination feature. More at the Google Docs blog.

Google Calendar celebrates five years. Yes, I started using it way back then, too. But, with an Android phone, Calendar becomes ten times more useful. And the Favicon changes every day.

Analytics has added a new Help Center. I have yet to use this service because Analytics is so damned easy to use that I can't comprehend needing to use F1.

Goo.gl has also added some new features, like removing stuff from your dashboard. Just so you know, I do not use any other shortening service and I am kinda uneasy about doing that. Focusing all my online direction toward Google is akin to taking my eggs and placing them all in the same basket. (Yes, I just made that line up. You can use it if'n you wanna.)

Gmail rolls new stuff out every week now. They have a list of stuff that they have corrected. I really like the Windows-type, "Are you sure you want to trash this?" message.

You can also add new custom background images in Gmail. I am very sure that this will come in handy if you have (or are) a vagina.

How about Gmail's new UNDO mobile feature? Kinda clunky, but some folks do not ever check their e-mail on their computer at all. I like to call these folks, "MOH-RONS."

Google Toolbar has been updated. Who didn't know about Alt-G, though?

Check out the new Mapmaker thingy. You can add stuff to the Google Maps and complete addresses and stuff in your 'Hood. I added the address, phone number, and e-mail of Kingfish, including the time of day that you can find him at certain places around Jackmalia.

In case you were wondering, Google Search added "Reading Levels" on the sidebar so our President can find stuff to read and stutter about. Solely for his Crackberry, Google added a https: setting especially for Barry Obama that allows the reading level, "Wetbrain."

Here's an update on Google's long awaited OS. The review is less than glowing. If you base your opinions on what I write, just know that Google did NOT let me in the test group for the tablets, so there is THAT.

I have a content post at Paul Mitchell Affiliates called Four Keys to Killer Articles. Check it out when you go over there to register for the Two Dogs Killah Traffic Getting White Paper.

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The Mayor said...

Great links as usual. Singed up for everything I could possibly sign up for. Can't wait for a barrage of coolness to fill my inbox.

paul_mitchell said...

Mayor, I am going to follow through this time. I am wrapping up my white paper. I think you'll approve. Think I could get a grant from Mitchieville to keep up my good artistic endeavors?

The Mayor said...

A grant? Are you a bi-sexual minority with a limp and a stutter?

paul_mitchell said...

No, not now, but I would be willing to learn. Is there a federal jobs program in Mitchieville that teaches that?