Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Nation and Two Dogs Discuss the Policies of Obamanomics

Jeff G posted a link to a Democrat Fuzzy Math post that reminded me of a conversation that I had with The Nation a few days ago. Please keep in mind that The Nation is a mutual fund wholesaler with a degree in Finance from The Barn.

The Democrat economic policy goes something like this...

A stranger comes into town and heads directly to the hotel to check in for the night. He pays for his room with a crisp new one hundred dollar bill and heads to his room.

Immediately after the stranger leaves the room, the hotelier takes the C-Note and runs to the laundry across the street to pay his cleaning bill. His account is paid.

The cleaner immediately takes that $100 and runs across the street to pay his outstanding bill at the appliance repair shop for services performed.

The repairman in turn takes the Benjamin and heads to the banker to pay his debt for tools purchased.

The banker skips over to the redlight district to pay his whore for services rendered.

The prostitute in turn goes to the hotel to settle up her debt for hourly usage of rooms.

Just after the streetwalker leaves the hotel, the original stranger comes back to the lobby and demands his $100 back because obviously the hotel is used for prostitution and his sheets are NASTY.

Even though the original hundred returned directly to the beginning point, all debts in the town were paid and no one actually made a profit.

Such is the nature of "Progressive" ideology. Create no wealth for anyone and everyone is equally destitute until someone they do not know pays all their bills.

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CaptiousNut said...

I don't think that's their policy. I think it's just *take from who has it* and *redistribute to whomever they can expect to vote for them*.

paul_mitchell said...

I don't either, it was just an opportunity to bash Jackson, MS, because that is EXACTLY what they do.