Monday, April 18, 2011

Today in Obamanomics News and the Overwhelming Stupidity of All Things "Progressive"

Since our national media has claimed that Barry Obama is the Smartest President in History, we have to assume that everyone that has taken a very basic mathematics course is completely stupid. Or, we have to assume that our media was complicit in electing the dumbest dumbass ever foisted upon the world. Pick one, they cannot both be right.

Anyhoo, the problem with our media is that they are truly believers in the "Progressive" ideology and will go to no limits to make sure their side is shown in the best possible light. Such is the case with Special Ed on MSNBC when he points out that Democrats allegedly took control of DC in January 2009. Actually, Democrats took control of DC in January 2007, and then promptly jacked up the minimum wage, plunging us into this economic abyss. Granted, W. Bush signed that stupidity into LAW, but only because he could not win that debate over why minimum wage is a terrible idea.

Now, what exactly is the fallout from that hideous mistake? Let's take a quick look-see.

Because they jacked up the lowest wage earner's pay, and by default, made everyone other than those lowest wage earners salaries worth much less, the housing market immediately took a nose-dive because normal people's salaries were slashed by having to pay increasingly more for stuff. Of course, the moron media thinks that things somehow, someway, have been getting better. They actually claim the housing market MIGHT experience a "double-dip." They believe this despite the FACT that in order to have a double-dip, prices must have had to move back upward in the past. They have NOT.

The national media goes so far as to promote the policies of the LOSER Vice President under Jimmuh Cartuh. And to forward the idea that the Tea party folks are radicals.

And not only that, jobless claims continue to explode, even though more and more people are falling from the rolls of the unemployed because they have exhausted their unemployment. Coupled with rising inflation, this is a recipe for disaster. Just like it HAS ALWAYS BEEN IN THE PAST. But, Barry Obama's backers are not old enough or smart enough to actually remember or know this.

Of course, when this very same economic plan was put into place in the 1970s under Jimmy Carter, the EXACT SAME THINGS HAPPENED. When Obama was elected, running on the same tired, worn out "Progressive" ideology, the smart people immediately ran to gold investing. JUST LIKE WHEN CARTER WAS PRESIDENT. When "Progressive" ideology is implemented, the rich get massively richer, and everyone else goes broke.

Jeff offers his take on the S&P downgrade like only he can. But, I'm still pissed with the lack of Billy Jack over there lately.

Of course, the University of Tejas is in Austin. Austin is the most liberal city in Tejas, too. Shocker there.

Also, the national media, after electing President Dumbshit McDouchebag, starts asking for more and more taxes on the job-producing folks.

Funny though, the little pissant Emo libtards do not want to be "Progressive" with their college grades. I actually hate to tell them this, but everyone else in your Womens Studies 402 class has a 4.0, too. If they were in Cal IV, the grades might be a little different, but "Progressives" do not take classes that matter.

But, why would we ask the rich to pay still more? Because unicorn farts come from soaking the rich.

Hey! I have a great idea! Since the United States is rapidly approaching bankruptcy, how about we bail out some of those FAILING Obamunist countries across Europe?

Did y'all see the debate raging a couple of weeks ago with the Party of Perpetual Stupidity and the Republicans over the 2010 budget that the Imbecile Party never got around to passing? The Dumbassacrats refused to agree to anything if it did not include baby slaughter. Full Metal Patriot asks the obvious questions about the Party of Ghoulish Killahs. The only question that he missed was, "Are your heads so freaking dense that refrigerator magnets fly off and stick to them when you walk through the kitchen?"

On Obama's financial/economy speech. I wonder if Stanley Ann Dunham had any kids that were NOT born braindead?

Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) tees off on Barry's stupid economy speech. Ryan ought not make fun of the mentally challenged.

But, here is Ryan making Barry look like the assclown that he is.

Pundit Press shows Ryan solving the Medicare/Medicaid shortfall. No unicorns and rainbows were even used!!!

Speaking of the economy and the crushing federal debt, Iowahawk chimes in.

Malkin brings up Food Stamps. The fun part of this is that to Democrats, public schools are successful only when every student is on the free lunch program.

The future effects of Obamanomics.

Dan Mitchell (no relation) brings up the failure of the Internal Revenue Service. Can anyone tell me of any government successes in recent history? How about in the last 150 years?

To end this on a high note, these are the people and actions that President Douchey McImbecile hates. Old white folks that love the military. Thanks for your service in youth and in old age, guys. Y'all are the Bees Knees.

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Image stolen, hook, line, and sinker, from The Conservative Monster.


innominatus said...

Every few years Mondale comes out with his "I coulda been a contender" crap. Then I laugh and raise a middle finger in the general direction of Minnesota.

paul_mitchell said...

Inno, shouldn't that fucktarded MOH-RON be dead by now? He should go and take Jimmuh with him, too.

CaptiousNut said...

Buffet makes my blood boil.

paul_mitchell said...

You gotta admit that he is quite thrifty, though.