Friday, May 27, 2011

And then Two Dogs said to The Nation...

There are a couple of folks that immediately shot me an e-mail about the post just below this one. "Dude, are you okay? What the Hell happened?"

When things are good, I'm okay and when things get bad, I'm okay, too.

Just this morning, on my usual coffee call with The Nation, he said something about our economic times that set me the Hell off. It makes no difference what he said, but I certainly responded with a five minute solid diatribe about "Progressive" philosophy and ideology that is destroying our world.

Think about things for a second. Instead of taking graduation rates to determine the quality of education meted out by our public schools, they actually determine the percentage of kids on the "free lunch program" and then add in that qualifier to determine success rate. For instance, if a school has 50% of their kids getting the lunch that other folks pay for, and only have a 50% graduation rate, they are considered EQUAL to the school that has 0% deadbeat kids and a 100% graduation rate. This is comparing apples to interplanetary space travel.

Check it, this photo is of Pripyat, in the Ukraine. It is startlingly similar to Detroit. The city was FOUNDED in 1970 and by 1986 it was uninhabitable because of the failures of Communism and "Progressive" ideology. Oh, plus the screw-ups of the "Progressives" at Chernobyl. Chernobyl, Detroit, same thing. "Progressive" ideology ALWAYS causes cancer. Look at the photos of what the left's ideology has wrought.

It only took sixteen years for "Progressivism" to totally render unlivable the entire area around Pripyat. It took a little longer for Detroit.

Now, even professional bloggers that are "Progressives," are having to change their entire business model because of the ideology that they actually follow. You see, it poisons everything that it touches and those of us that refuse to even consider that the ideology is rotting the world are DOOMED to keep repeating the very same actions.

Even Michelle Malkin uses the word "sacrifice" in the way that "Progressives" do. Again, sacrifice is NOT trading something of value for an equal value, it is giving something of value for something that is worthless. United States military personnel do NOT sacrifice. They give their lives and their PROFITS for values that are much, much greater than their lives. They buy our freedom and liberty with their very blood.

"I am so satisfied with the cause in which I have engaged that my only regret is that I have not more lives than one to offer in its service." Nathan Hale
We currently have an established government that thinks NOTHING of taking the profit from your labor and handing that profit to someone that has NEVER hit a lick at a snake. That, my friends, is EVIL.

The government lies to you about the jobs situation.

The financiers lie to you about what is going to happen when we cut up the credit cards

The Moonbat President tells you that it is 2008, RIGHT NOW.

The national media told you that President Dipshit is the smartest man ever to occupy the White House.

And finally, everyone tells you that the Great Depression is over because of the tactics put in place by the government that is smarter than you.

Yeah, we all know better.

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Disgruntled said...

Dude, as always you are spot on. It seems, however, the 'Progressive' bullshit will continue mostly due to branding and marketing. 'Progressive' sounds so much better than 'Liberal' on many levels. It's going to take a failure that we, as Americans, can point to that the media cannot ignore. The machine that protects   President DouchNozzle ProtocolFail can't possibly continue to fail and not at some point get called on it. 

Of course I have a better chance of winning an NBA MVP award for the best power forward in the NBA. 

Shame, I'm a 46 year old white guy with more than my share of beer and steak tips under (and over) my belt. 

At this point Barry could skin a live puppy in front of a toddler on live TV and he'd still get a free pass from the Douchbag Media. 

Angry, drunk and more angry. 

paul_mitchell said...

Disgruntled, since most people are not paying close attention to the economy, the end of June market crash will wake them up.  Then we will not be the only drunk, angry, and drunk people around.

Skunkfeathers said...

Oh, the Barry Media hasn't begun to 'bury' Barry's negatives in the way they'll ramp up to make him re-electable to undereducated voters in '12.  I just hope the Republicans don't follow Newt on the road to implosion, and hand Barry an easy victory.

paul_mitchell said...

Yeah, Newt is suicide.  So is Mitt.