Saturday, May 07, 2011

How I See Things From Last Week

A political opinion column by Paul Mitchell.

I've posted a bunch of links on FAILbook from the past week or so that kinda give my ever-changing opinion on the political circumstances that have arisen in that time. Let's touch on them briefly before we move ahead.

Last Wednesday morning, President Assclown came out and released what he said was his FINAL Birth Certificate. Of course, it was the very same one that he had released earlier and offered no new stuff at all. Why would he release something new anyway after spending MILLIONS trying to keep it covered up? Well, of course, that false action was to keep the eyes on him, and his "transparent" awesomesauce, while Ben Bernanke was holding the very first (IN HISTORY!) Federal Reserve Press Conference later on Wednesday afternoon.

Yes, the only reason Barry did that was to shield his administration from the spotlight on their horrendous failures with the economy that continue to get worse and even worser. Of course, the national media willingly complied and there was little said about the Federal Reserve presser. Once again, freedom of the press comes with monumental responsibilities. They HAVE to expose the corruption within our government or they are refusing to perform the duties necessary that come with every right we have in this country. Our national media is unwilling to fulfill those obligations when a Marxist occupies the White House, but they are very willing to publish FALSE documents when a non-Marxist lives in the same place. Google "Dan Rather" and you'll see what I mean.

Then, on Friday, England's royal family held a little gathering for some of their kids to get married. In the grand scheme of things, the wedding means nothing, but President Obama was very publicly NOT INVITED. This was a blow to the "Progressives" because they worship their masters at all levels of the caste system. Way back when, the "Progressives," known then as "loyalists to the King," were adamantly opposed to the revolution against tyranny. It seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same. "Progressives" are always looking for another person to shoulder the responsibility for the very lives of those "Progressives" because those very "Progressives" do not possess the stones to do that for themselves. Think FOOD STAMPS, PUBLIC HOUSING, WELFARE, PUBLIC SCHOOL, SOCIAL SECURITY, et al.

Sidebar: President Obama is half-black so the royal family, better known as the "Progressives in Charge of the Movement," could not very well have someone at the wedding that was from a race that those "Progressives" deem to be on a lower rung of the race ladder. White "Progressives" do not mingle with the black folks, except for keeping those black "Progressives" on the "Progressive" plantation with gifts taken from normal people. Placate the slaves, yo. (See the last sentence of the previous paragraph.)

So, to get back at his "Progressive" masters for not inviting him and his wide-load-assed hideous wife, President Thin-Skin allegedly gave the go ahead to take down Osama bin Laden. (I say allegedly because we have yet to find out who really gave the green light to the mission.) Most folks would not know that we have known where Osama was since last August. Yes, we have known that he was in that compound since at least August of 2010 and have known about the compound since its construction began in 2005. As a matter of fact, we have had CIA operatives living next door to the compound for quite some time and Osama's child bride admits they have been living there for about five years without ever leaving their bedroom. Does that behavior kinda remind you of the last IMPEACHED President of the United States? Osama and Bill Clinton have much in common.

Wonder why we had this kinda timing with the Osama kill mission? You damned skippy, to throw the royal wedding off the front page of the newspapers.

Now, with the rest of the story coming out, after the Obama Administration has hemmed and hawed for months, is that Pock-ii-stahn has either been helping us to track down terrorists or has been hiding Osama. Osama was either heavily armed and fought back or he didn't. Osama used his child-bride as a human shield or he didn't. The idiot cabinet either watched the whole raid from their "War Room" or they didn't.

Get it?

So, that brings us to The Two Dogs Spy School and Terrorist Killing Education Center lessons.

Number one lesson, never tell the enemy what is going on. Certainly do not come out and very publicly say that the kill mission EVEN HAPPENED, much less that you recovered a "treasure trove" of intel. That is just fucking STUPID. You know, fucking stupid like the rest of everything else done by the president that "Progressives" call "The Smartest President in History?"

Think back to the last president guy that the "Progressives" thought was really smart. A married, most powerful guy in the entire world, got a 21 year old, fat intern to come into the freaking bathroom off the Oval Office and proceeded to shove a cigar up her twat. Those are the actions of a SMART GUY to the left. To normal people, those are the actions of a depraved idiot. The first thing to go in a "Progressive" society is LANGUAGE. We cannot ever cal something what it is, there must be a narrative that forwards the "Progressive" cause.

Number two, do NOT use highly classified equipment in a very limited situation where it is likely to be seen or discovered. For instance, like using a Stealth helicopter on a mission into Muslim countries where there is a slight possibility where you will have to dump that very TOP SECRET equipment. You know, kinda SIT on that kinda stuff.

Number three, never try to satisfy your FREAKING ENEMY. As a very good example, after killing a high value Muslim target that you have STUPIDLY spoken about on the Evening News, you better immediately string that bastard up on a pig gutting hook and rub bacon all over that dead carcass, then feed that carcass to the pigs at hand. Show your FREAKING ENEMY that you have utterly no respect for their slaughtering ways, dictated by their evil "religion" and scare the absolute shit outta them.

Finally, last, but certainly not least, do not be as ridiculously stupid as Barry Obama. I realize that this is not a very difficult task, but from this point forward, do NOT ever do anything that he has done in his miserable failure of a life. You can continue to let the "Progressives" tell you that Barry Obama is an intelligent person, but it is simply NOT TRUE and never accept the narrative given by the "Progressives," they are ALWAYS WRONG.

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Skunkfeathers said...

The only progressives that are EVER right about ANYTHING, are those like David Horowitz who finally saw the light, and grew a working brain. Most of them are incapable of this.

paul_mitchell said...

No doubt, Skunkfeathers, but at least they keep giving us so much evidence of that very fact that eventually EVERYONE can see the truth of the "Progressives" stupidity.

Basil said...

Have been reading the reports that Panetta and She-Clinton actually ran the mission, and told Bozo about it after it started. That's the 3rd one that started. Valerie J. stopped the first one before it started, then aborted the 2nd one after it began. That's when she went off the grid for a few days.

If those reports are correct ... and, yes, they do fit with the facts as known ... then there'll be a big shakeup soon. Either at the top or across the cabinet.

paul_mitchell said...

Do you think that the possibility starts arising where Barry will resign by the end of June? Because methinks this is exactly what is going to cause his downfall. MUTINY!!!

Jill Guidry said...

First thing Bush did when Hussein was captured was to broadcast pics of Hussein hiding in his spider hole. Fire up the bacon rocket launchers.

innominatus said...

Mutiny! Hillary ain't getting any younger (or prettier) so she better hurry up!

paul_mitchell said...

To go from Barry to Hillary would be like being on fire so you jump into the lake to put it out. Then drown.